Grand Hero Battle Revival: Berkut (Notification)

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Active: Dec 8, 2017 at 7:00 AM UTC to Dec 14, 2017 at 6:59 AM UTC

Grand Hero Berkut: Prideful Prince, is waiting to challenge you again in Special Maps!

Perhaps you couldn't meet him before. Maybe you weren't yet strong enough to defeat him in battle at the time. Now is your chance to make this Grand Hero into your ally!

For those who cleared this battle last time, rewards can be earned by clearing limited-time special quests!

Grand Hero Battle Details and Notes

Grand Hero Battles are special extremely challenging Hero Battles.

By clearing the map, you will gain the enemy Hero as your ally.

Reward for First Clear:

  • Normal: Grand Hero (2★)
  • Hard: Grand Hero (3★)
  • Lunatic: Grand Hero (4★)
  • Infernal: Grand Hero (4★), Hero Feathers Hero Feather.png x 2,000

As with other Hero Battles, if any of your allies fall in battle, it's game over, so proceed with caution. Grand Hero Battles also have a special rule: you cannot use a Light's Blessing Lights Blessing.png or an Orb Orb.png to continue a battle if you lose , so make your moves on the field very carefully!

Grand Hero Battle Notes:

  • The number of difficulties available for a map may vary by each Grand Hero Battle.
  • Although the same Grand Hero Battle may be released several times, rewards for each difficulty can be earned the first time the map is cleared.
  • If the battle is started prior to the end of the event, you may stop playing and then later resume the battle using bookmark data util two days after the event ends.
  • If the battle is started prior to the end of the event but not cleared until later than three days after the event ends, you will not get any of the rewards.

Learning Skills

  • You can help Heroes learn skills by going to Allies and then Learn Skills.
  • Some skills can only be learned after raising a Hero's ★ rating.
  • Heroes might have already learned some skills based on their ★ rating when they joined your team.

About Berkut: Prideful Prince

Hero banner Berkut Prideful Prince.png

Anna: Commander

"Be cautious of the cavalry unit's range of movement!"