Hero Battles (Guide)

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A guide explaining the basics of Hero Battles.

What Are Hero Battles?[edit | edit source]

Hero Battles are special maps available for a limited time featuring a specific Hero. You can find these battles in the Special Maps section of the Battle Screen.

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Why Are Hero Battles So Important[edit | edit source]

If you clear one of these battles, you'll get the featured Hero that you fought as your ally. So if you want that Hero, do whatever it takes to clear that map!

Special Rule for Hero Battles[edit | edit source]

Hero Battles have a special additional rule. All four members of your team must survive the battle. If even one of your allies falls in battle, it's game over. These battles don't make it easy to make allies of these Heroes, but it's worth the challenge.

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Battle Lots of Heroes[edit | edit source]

There are multiple difficulty levels in Hero Battles. For each difficulty level, you'll get that featured Hero as an ally when you clear the map. The version of the Hero you get is 1 ★ lower than the one you battle. Clear all of the difficulty modes to get lots of allies!

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The Hero Battle changes each day, so be sure to check who the new featured Hero is. This is the rotation order for these Heroes:

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Empty Space GHB.png
Sophia: Nabata Prophet
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Empty Space GHB.png
Virion: Elite Archer
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Empty Space GHB.png
Hana: Focused Samurai
Banner U0008.webp
Empty Space GHB.png
Subaki: Perfect Expert
Banner U0009.webp
Empty Space GHB.png
Donnel: Village Hero
Banner U0010.webp
Empty Space GHB.png
Lissa: Sprightly Cleric
Banner U0011.webp
Empty Space GHB.png
Gunter: Inveterate Soldier
Banner U0012.webp
Empty Space GHB.png
Cecilia: Etrurian General
Banner U0001.webp
Empty Space GHB.png
Felicia: Maid Mayhem
Banner U0002.webp
Empty Space GHB.png
Wrys: Kindly Priest
Banner U0003.webp
Empty Space GHB.png
Olivia: Blushing Beauty
Banner U0004.webp
Empty Space GHB.png
Stahl: Viridian Knight

After Stahl, the rotation continues at the top of the list with Sophia.

Take On Grand Heroes![edit | edit source]

See Grand Hero Battles (Guide) for more information about Grand Hero Battles.

At different times in Special Maps, Grand Heroes will appear!

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Like normal Hero Battles, all four allies must survive. Additionally, you can't use a Light's Blessing Lights Blessing.png. Grand Hero Battles are harder than normal Hero Battles, so make it a goal to improve your team so you can claim victory!

Important Information[edit | edit source]

  • Stamina is used to play Hero Battles.
  • Just as on normal maps, if you lose a battle, you can use a Light's Blessing Lights Blessing.png or an Orb Orb.png to continue.
  • If a map you've already cleared reappears later, you will not be able to get the Hero from it a second time-even if you clear it again.

Anna: Commander "These battles are tough, but there's so much to gain! I can't wait to get in there and fight!"