Introducing Byleth: Tested Professor (Notification)

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Introducing Byleth: Tested Professor
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Introducing Byleth: Tested Professor, the promotional gift that players who purchase the Fire Emblem: Three Houses game can receive on or after July 26!

Please visit the official Fire Emblem Heroes website for details on how to obtain Byleth: Tested Professor.

Note: Byleth: Tested Professor will appear in the Mythic Hero summoning event starting on (Note, however, that Byleth: Tested Professor himself is not a Mythic Hero.)

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Child of the former captain of the Knights of
Seiros, Jeralt. A stoic, capable professor at the
Officers Academy. Appears in Fire Emblem:
Three Houses.

Skills learnable at 5★:

News icon new skill.pngIcon Skill Weapon.pngCreator Sword
Mt: 16 Range: 1
Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1).
During combat, disables foe's skills that
guarantee foe's follow-up attack or prevent
unit's follow-up attack, and neutralizes skills
that grant "Special cooldown charge +X" to foe
or inflict "Special cooldown charge -X" on unit.
This skill can only be equipped by its original unit.

Icon Skill Special.pngRuptured Sky
Cooldown: 2
Boosts damage by 20% of foe's Atk. If in
combat against a dragon foe or beast foe,
boosts damage by 40% instead of 20%.
Cannot use: Icon Class Red Breath.pngIcon Class Red Beast.pngIcon Class Blue Breath.pngIcon Class Blue Beast.pngIcon Class Green Breath.pngIcon Class Green Beast.pngIcon Class Colorless Staff.pngIcon Class Colorless Breath.pngIcon Class Colorless Beast.png

Distant Counter.pngDistant Counter
Unit can counterattack regardless of foe's range.
Cannot use: Icon Class Red Bow.pngIcon Class Red Dagger.pngIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Class Blue Bow.pngIcon Class Blue Dagger.pngIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Class Green Bow.pngIcon Class Green Dagger.pngIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Class Colorless Bow.pngIcon Class Colorless Dagger.pngIcon Class Colorless Staff.png

Chill Spd 3.pngChill Spd 3
At start of turn, inflicts Spd-7 on foe on the
enemy team with the highest Spd through its
next action.

Odd Spd Wave 3.pngOdd Spd Wave 3
At start of odd-numbered turns, grants Spd+6
to unit and adjacent allies for 1 turn. (Bonus
granted to unit even if no allies are adjacent.)

"I sometimes feel I am grasping for a purpose in life. Perhaps someday I will know what it is."

・ Only those who have purchased Fire Emblem: Three Houses and have earned Gold Points* by June 29, 2020, will be able to receive the promotional gift.

・ A Nintendo Account is required to receive and redeem My Nintendo points. Terms apply.