Issue with A Sketchy Summer (Notification)

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Issue with A Sketchy Summer
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Thank you for playing the Fire Emblem Heroes game!

A summoning issue occurred for some players during the Special Heroes: A Sketchy Summer summoning event.

■ Issue Time Frame
Between and

■ Details
・ Players who had not yet updated to Ver. 2.7.0 and logged in using Ver. 2.6.1 were able to summon from the Special Heroes: A Sketchy Summer event (without the summoning banner being displayed).
・ Players using Ver. 2.6.1 who summoned 5★ Special Heroes from the A Sketchy Summer event did not receive them.
(Special Heroes summoned this way were displayed with an X mark and were not added to players' barracks.)

■ Cause
A mandatory update to Ver. 2.7.0 was not set for all players by

As of , the game cannot be played without updating to Ver. 2.7.0, so this issue no longer occurs.

We are currently investigating which players have been affected and plan to restore any Special Heroes that were summoned but not received.

We will also be sending all players some Orbs as a gift.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing Fire Emblem Heroes.