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Battles Joshua: Tempest King appears in

Availability[edit | edit source]

This unit is not in the general summoning pool.

Summoning event

  • This Hero has not appeared on any summoning events as a focus unit.

Heroic Grails

Tempest Trials

Bonus Hero history

Arena[edit source]

  • This Hero has not been featured in any Arena season.

Aether Raids[edit source]

  • Season 20:  –
  • Season 21:  –

Tempest Trials[edit source]

Event appearances

This Hero has not been featured in any events.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In one of Joshua's quotes on the character stats screen, he says, "Care to test your luck? Heads, I win... Tails, you lose." It can be taken that Joshua's gamble is rigged in such a way that the player has no chance of winning.

In other languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name
Japanese 風来王 ヨシュア
German Joshua: Sturmkönig
Spanish (Europe) Joshua: Rey de la Tormenta
Spanish (Latin America) Joshua: Rey Tormenta
French Joshua : Roi fougueux
Italian Joshua, Il re tempesta
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 飄忽不定 約書亞
Portuguese Joshua: Rei das tormentas

Gallery[edit | edit source]