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Welcome to the world of Fire Emblem Heroes! We've gathered some valuable info for people just starting their adventures.

Get Fjorm as an ally![edit | edit source]

The heroine of Book II, Fjorm, is a powerful Hero with the ability to counterattack from a distance.

Hero banner Fjorm Princess of Ice.png

You can get her early on in your journey by progressing through Book II in Story Maps, so make this a top priority!

Pick your 5★ Hero![edit | edit source]

All players have the option to pick one of four reliable Heroes: Ike, Lyn, Roy, or Lucina. The Hero you choose will join you as a 5★ Hero. Head to the Summon screen to make your selection.

CYL Top 4.png

Looking for a little advice on who top pick? We recommend Lyn for beginners. Her high mobility and ability to attack enemies from a distance make her versatile and easy to use.

Make more allies![edit | edit source]

For the first week after you start playing Fire Emblem Heroes, you can access a Hero Fest summoning event. The initial appearance rate for the 5★ Focus category containing the Heroes featured in the Hero Fest is higher than usual.

Banner Focus Hero Fest One-Year-Anniversary.png

Try summoning Heroes from the Summon screen after you've collected enough Orbs Orb.png from Log-In Bonuses and Story Maps.

In addition to Hero Fest, make sure you check out the new summoning event. The first Hero you summon during a summoning event doesn't require Orbs Orb.png!

Check out the Starter Support Pack![edit | edit source]

The Starter Support Pack is a special set you can purchase only once. It contains Orbs Orb.png at a special price as well as other bonuses, such as a 5★ Hero, Black Knight. This Hero has pretty high defense!

You can learn more about this pack from the Shop screen.

Starter Support Pack.png

Upgrade your castle![edit | edit source]

By upgrading your castle and changing its design, you can boost the EXP earned in battle. This is a great way to effectively strengthen your allies, so once you've saved up some Orbs Orb.png be sure to check it out.

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