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Summoning[edit | edit source]

I'm Leo, Prince of Nohr. And you pulled me off a tropical island. Do you expect me to fight in this outfit?

僕はレオン。暗夜王国の王子だよ。 どうして南国にいるときに呼ぶんだよ… まさかこのまま闘えっていうの?

Castle[edit | edit source]

Prince Alfonse loaned me a robe to ward off the sun. But I'm embarrassed to admit...
It took me the better part of a day to realize I had put it on inside out.

さっきアルフォンス王子が 日除け用の法衣を貸してくれたんだ。 でもうっかり、裏返しに着てしまってね…

I won a battle and the prize was a trip to a tropical island. I wasn't interested, but my retainers earned a vacation.

きょうだいで南国を賭けて戦ったんだよ。 僕は乗り気じゃなかったんだけど… 臣下たちが張り切って勝ってしまってね。

Is the heat getting to you? A freshly squeezed glass of tomato juice will help with that.

あんたは暑さで参ってないか? そういう時はトマトをしぼった飲み物を 飲むと気分が良くなるよ。

I'd like to see Askran beaches after the sun has set. The nighttime sea is like a blanket of darkness.
It's a rather beautiful sight. Don't you agree?

アスク王国の海も見てみたいよ。 日が落ちてからなら尚更いいけどね。 夜の海って、一面の闇で美しいだろう?

Me? I was reading treatises on botany—summer vegetation specifically.
It seems there are many varieties of tomato plants in other lands...

書物を読んでいたんだ。 異国の夏野菜についての文献でね。 色んな種類のトマトが載っているんだよ。

Friend greeting[edit | edit source]

Fine greetings from [Friend]. I'm glad I can wait indoors.
If left outside, I might start to tan.

はい、[Friend]の挨拶。 待つ場所が室内でよかったよ。 外だと日焼けしてしまうからね。

Leveling up[edit | edit source]

+[4,5] points[edit | edit source]

Such results despite this outfit? Maybe it's not so bad after all.

これだけの成果なら 水着でいても恥じゃないね。

+[2,3] points[edit | edit source]

Pretty impressive for fighting in a swimsuit, don't you think?

水着で戦ったにしては まあ良い方なんじゃないか?

+[0,1] points[edit | edit source]

If you are disappointed by these results, then give me clothes.

この結果が不満なら 僕に服を着せてよね。

Ally Growth[edit | edit source]

Thanks for the extra power. But I would rather have extra clothes.

力をくれて嬉しいよ。 服をくれるともっと嬉しいんだけど。

5★ LV. 40 conversation[edit | edit source]

You seem to be holding up well, despite the heat. You're always wearing that hooded robe...
Are you trying to avoid the sun as well?
The sun can burn me in an instant so I avoid it at all costs. I'd rather not be colored red from head to toe.
...I beg your pardon? You say I'd look like a tomato if that happened? How in the world do you...
Come up with such amazing ideas?! How could I possibly hate looking like something I so cherish?
Maybe I'll go get some sun right now.
You think...that's a bad idea? Well, if that's your advice, I'll take it. But you have given me food for thought.

この暑いのに、いつも元気だね。 そういえばいつもマントを着込んでるけど、 あんたも日焼けが嫌なのか?
僕は日に焼けるとすぐに赤くなるから なるべく日に当たらないようにしてるんだ… 体中真っ赤になるのは嫌だからね。
…え? それってトマトみたいだって? トマトも日にあたると赤くなるから…? お前、僕に向かってなんてことを…
なんて素晴らしいことを言うんだよ! そう思うとこの体質も捨てたものじゃない。 これからは積極的に日に当たろうかな。
…それはやめた方がいいって? ま、あんたが言うなら従っておくよ。 いいことを教えてくれたし、そのお礼にね。

Attack[edit | edit source]

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Damage[edit | edit source]

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Special trigger[edit | edit source]

Audio Transcription
I'll throw your ashes to the waves!
Tr-tropical attack!
I'll sink you!
Drown in blood!
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Defeat[edit | edit source]

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Status page[edit | edit source]

Audio Transcription Rarity
Heh 1★
Tanlines. What torture! 1★
Hot beaches? Hate them. 1★
Tropical islands? Forget it. And this swimsuit! Don't even get me started! 1★
I actually like walking a beach at night. But swim? In the ocean? With my body? 4★
Now, tomato juice, that I like. There's nothing more refreshing. 4★
I guess I should get some gifts for my retainers. 5★
Hey, if you like tropical islands, that's fine. Maybe it's not as bad as I say. 5★
Audio Transcription Rarity
ふふっ 1★
日焼けはしたくないなぁ 1★
暑いところは苦手なんだけど 1★
僕は南国になんか興味ない。こ、この格好は仕方なく… 1★
海で泳ぐより、夜の浜でも散策したいよ 4★
トマトジュースはいい…あの酸味と味がクセになるんだ 4★
臣下たちに土産でも調達するべきなのかな 5★
あんたは南の島とか好きなのか? ま、ひと夏の思い出を作るなら悪い場所じゃないかもね 5★

Turn action[edit | edit source]

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Audio Transcription

Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

What?! I can't wear this! It's disgraceful!


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