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Level 1 Stats Table

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  • This table shows the 5Icon Rarity 5.png average level 1 base stat values for each hero. It does not include stat variance.
  • Stat values in this table do not include weapon or passive stats.
  • When sorting the table, any rows with identical values will keep their internal order from before the last sorting operation.
  • For more specialized charts, see here.
Icon Portrait Abel.pngAbelIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png17788646
Icon Portrait Alfonse.pngAlfonseIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png19968547
Icon Portrait Alm.pngAlmIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png21966547
Icon Portrait Amelia.pngAmeliaIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Armored.png19689446
Icon Portrait Anna.pngAnnaIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.png197105647
Icon Portrait Arden.pngArdenIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Armored.png2510313354
Icon Portrait Arthur.pngArthurIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.png19878547
Icon Portrait Arvis.pngArvisIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png18874744
Icon Portrait Athena.pngAthenaIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png177108547
Icon Portrait Ayra.pngAyraIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png197117448
Icon Portrait Azama.pngAzamaIcon Class Neutral Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.png19478644
Icon Portrait Azura.pngAzuraIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.png17574639
Icon Portrait Azura (Performing Arts).pngAzura (Performing Arts)Icon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.png16683639
Icon Portrait Barst.pngBarstIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.png20986447
Icon Portrait Bartre.pngBartreIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.png211067347
Icon Portrait Berkut.pngBerkutIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png19857746
Icon Portrait Beruka.pngBerukaIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Flying.png20769547
Icon Portrait Black Knight.pngBlack KnightIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Armored.png221089554
Icon Portrait Boey.pngBoeyIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png19758544
Icon Portrait Caeda.pngCaedaIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Flying.png176951047
Icon Portrait Caeda (Bridal Blessings).pngCaeda (Bridal Blessings)Icon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png16794844
Icon Portrait Cain.pngCainIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png18868646
Icon Portrait Camilla.pngCamillaIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Flying.png18886747
Icon Portrait Camilla (Spring Festival).pngCamilla (Spring Festival)Icon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Flying.png17968444
Icon Portrait Camus.pngCamusIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png18897446
Icon Portrait Catria.pngCatriaIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.png177107647
Icon Portrait Cecilia.pngCeciliaIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png17865743
Icon Portrait Celica.pngCelicaIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png17875744
Icon Portrait Charlotte (Bridal Blessings).pngCharlotte (Bridal Blessings)Icon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.png201085447
Icon Portrait Cherche.pngChercheIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Flying.png201068347
Icon Portrait Chrom.pngChromIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png21967447
Icon Portrait Chrom (Spring Festival).pngChrom (Spring Festival)Icon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.png19986547
Icon Portrait Clair.pngClairIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.png18785947
Icon Portrait Clarine.pngClarineIcon Class Neutral Staff.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png16695743
Icon Portrait Clarisse.pngClarisseIcon Class Neutral Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png18786544
Icon Portrait Clive.pngCliveIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png19968446
Icon Portrait Cordelia.pngCordeliaIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.png18995647
Icon Portrait Cordelia (Bridal Blessings).pngCordelia (Bridal Blessings)Icon Class Neutral Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png17994544
Icon Portrait Corrin (F).pngCorrin (F)Icon Class Blue Beast.pngIcon Move Infantry.png19868647
Icon Portrait Corrin (F) (Nohrian Summer).pngCorrin (F) (Nohrian Summer)Icon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Flying.png17785744
Icon Portrait Corrin (M).pngCorrin (M)Icon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png20886547
Icon Portrait Deirdre.pngDeirdreIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png17963944
Icon Portrait Delthea.pngDeltheaIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png161083744
Icon Portrait Donnel.pngDonnelIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.png17756439
Icon Portrait Draug.pngDraugIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Armored.png248613354
Icon Portrait Effie.pngEffieIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Armored.png2212511454
Icon Portrait Eirika.pngEirikaIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png18797647
Icon Portrait Eldigan.pngEldiganIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png19858646
Icon Portrait Elincia.pngElinciaIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Flying.png168105847
Icon Portrait Elise.pngEliseIcon Class Neutral Staff.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png15884843
Icon Portrait Elise (Nohrian Summer).pngElise (Nohrian Summer)Icon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png171083644
Icon Portrait Eliwood.pngEliwoodIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png17786846
Icon Portrait Ephraim.pngEphraimIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.png19968547
Icon Portrait Est.pngEstIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.png17985847
Icon Portrait Fae.pngFaeIcon Class Green Beast.pngIcon Move Infantry.png16546839
Icon Portrait Faye.pngFayeIcon Class Neutral Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png16634736
Icon Portrait Felicia.pngFeliciaIcon Class Neutral Shuriken.pngIcon Move Infantry.png156113944
Icon Portrait Fir.pngFirIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png196105747
Icon Portrait Florina.pngFlorinaIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.png18786847
Icon Portrait Frederick.pngFrederickIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png19968446
Icon Portrait Frederick (Ylissean Summer).pngFrederick (Ylissean Summer)Icon Class Neutral Shuriken.pngIcon Move Infantry.png18876544
Icon Portrait Gaius.pngGaiusIcon Class Neutral Shuriken.pngIcon Move Infantry.png187105444
Icon Portrait Gaius (Ylissean Summer).pngGaius (Ylissean Summer)Icon Class Neutral Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png17894644
Icon Portrait Genny.pngGennyIcon Class Neutral Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.png17964844
Icon Portrait Gordin.pngGordinIcon Class Neutral Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png19768444
Icon Portrait Gray.pngGrayIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png17766339
Icon Portrait Gunter.pngGunterIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png2110711554
Icon Portrait Gwendolyn.pngGwendolynIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Armored.png238512654
Icon Portrait Hana.pngHanaIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png189106447
Icon Portrait Hawkeye.pngHawkeyeIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.png21956647
Icon Portrait Hector.pngHectorIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Armored.png2410511454
Icon Portrait Henry.pngHenryIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png19658644
Icon Portrait Hinata.pngHinataIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png218510347
Icon Portrait Hinoka.pngHinokaIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.png19786747
Icon Portrait Ike.pngIkeIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png18978547
Icon Portrait Ike (Brave Heroes).pngIke (Brave Heroes)Icon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.png171069547
Icon Portrait Inigo (Performing Arts).pngInigo (Performing Arts)Icon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png15675336
Icon Portrait Innes.pngInnesIcon Class Neutral Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png16984744
Icon Portrait Jaffar.pngJaffarIcon Class Neutral Shuriken.pngIcon Move Infantry.png17796544
Icon Portrait Jagen.pngJagenIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png208781154
Icon Portrait Jakob.pngJakobIcon Class Neutral Shuriken.pngIcon Move Infantry.png17796544
Icon Portrait Jeorge.pngJeorgeIcon Class Neutral Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png18885544
Icon Portrait Julia.pngJuliaIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png16974844
Icon Portrait Kagero.pngKageroIcon Class Neutral Shuriken.pngIcon Move Infantry.png16985644
Icon Portrait Karel.pngKarelIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png19896547
Icon Portrait Katarina.pngKatarinaIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png17685844
Icon Portrait Klein.pngKleinIcon Class Neutral Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png18975544
Icon Portrait Lachesis.pngLachesisIcon Class Neutral Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.png17685844
Icon Portrait Laslow.pngLaslowIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png20976547
Icon Portrait Legion.pngLegionIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.png201095347
Icon Portrait Leo.pngLeoIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png17756843
Icon Portrait Leo (Nohrian Summer).pngLeo (Nohrian Summer)Icon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png18856744
Icon Portrait Leon.pngLeonIcon Class Neutral Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png17868544
Icon Portrait Lilina.pngLilinaIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png16964944
Icon Portrait Linde.pngLindeIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png169104544
Icon Portrait Lissa.pngLissaIcon Class Neutral Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.png17766844
Icon Portrait Lloyd.pngLloydIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png17895847
Icon Portrait Lon'qu.pngLon'quIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png197115547
Icon Portrait Lucina.pngLucinaIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png198106447
Icon Portrait Lucina (Brave Heroes).pngLucina (Brave Heroes)Icon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.png178108447
Icon Portrait Lucina (Spring Festival).pngLucina (Spring Festival)Icon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png167105644
Icon Portrait Lucius.pngLuciusIcon Class Neutral Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.png18683944
Icon Portrait Lukas.pngLukasIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.png199510447
Icon Portrait Luke.pngLukeIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png19868546
Icon Portrait Lyn.pngLynIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png186117547
Icon Portrait Lyn (Brave Heroes).pngLyn (Brave Heroes)Icon Class Neutral Bow.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png16795643
Icon Portrait Lyn (Bridal Blessings).pngLyn (Bridal Blessings)Icon Class Neutral Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.png176106544
Icon Portrait Mae.pngMaeIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png161073844
Icon Portrait Maria.pngMariaIcon Class Neutral Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.png175841044
Icon Portrait Marth.pngMarthIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png19787647
Icon Portrait Marth (Masked).pngMarth (Masked)Icon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png198106447
Icon Portrait Mathilda.pngMathildaIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png16787846
Icon Portrait Matthew.pngMatthewIcon Class Neutral Shuriken.pngIcon Move Infantry.png176106544
Icon Portrait Merric.pngMerricIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png19786444
Icon Portrait Michalis.pngMichalisIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Flying.png19879447
Icon Portrait Minerva.pngMinervaIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Flying.png18798547
Icon Portrait Mist.pngMistIcon Class Neutral Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.png17865844
Icon Portrait Narcian.pngNarcianIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Flying.png18778747
Icon Portrait Navarre.pngNavarreIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png187116547
Icon Portrait Nephenee.pngNepheneeIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.png18798547
Icon Portrait Niles.pngNilesIcon Class Neutral Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png18684844
Icon Portrait Ninian.pngNinianIcon Class Blue Beast.pngIcon Move Infantry.png16576539
Icon Portrait Nino.pngNinoIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png167104744
Icon Portrait Nowi.pngNowiIcon Class Blue Beast.pngIcon Move Infantry.png17656539
Icon Portrait Oboro.pngOboroIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.png18879547
Icon Portrait Odin.pngOdinIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png19586644
Icon Portrait Ogma.pngOgmaIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png217106347
Icon Portrait Olivia.pngOliviaIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png17675439
Icon Portrait Olivia (Performing Arts).pngOlivia (Performing Arts)Icon Class Neutral Shuriken.pngIcon Move Infantry.png15683436
Icon Portrait Olwen.pngOlwenIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png17785643
Icon Portrait Oscar.pngOscarIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png18787646
Icon Portrait Palla.pngPallaIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Flying.png18796747
Icon Portrait Peri.pngPeriIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png16996646
Icon Portrait Priscilla.pngPriscillaIcon Class Neutral Staff.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png17774843
Icon Portrait Raigh.pngRaighIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png17875744
Icon Portrait Raven.pngRavenIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.png19896547
Icon Portrait Rebecca.pngRebeccaIcon Class Neutral Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png18786544
Icon Portrait Reinhardt.pngReinhardtIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png16865843
Icon Portrait Robin (F).pngRobin (F)Icon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png18777544
Icon Portrait Robin (F) (Ylissean Summer).pngRobin (F) (Ylissean Summer)Icon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.png18886747
Icon Portrait Robin (M).pngRobin (M)Icon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png18777544
Icon Portrait Roderick.pngRoderickIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png18786746
Icon Portrait Roy.pngRoyIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png20896447
Icon Portrait Roy (Brave Heroes).pngRoy (Brave Heroes)Icon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png16887746
Icon Portrait Ryoma.pngRyomaIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png198115447
Icon Portrait Saber.pngSaberIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png18798547
Icon Portrait Saizo.pngSaizoIcon Class Neutral Shuriken.pngIcon Move Infantry.png17789344
Icon Portrait Sakura.pngSakuraIcon Class Neutral Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.png17685844
Icon Portrait Sanaki.pngSanakiIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png16974844
Icon Portrait Selena.pngSelenaIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png18698647
Icon Portrait Seliph.pngSeliphIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png19878547
Icon Portrait Serra.pngSerraIcon Class Neutral Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.png16694944
Icon Portrait Seth.pngSethIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png18878546
Icon Portrait Setsuna.pngSetsunaIcon Class Neutral Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png18695644
Icon Portrait Shanna.pngShannaIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.png17896747
Icon Portrait Sharena.pngSharenaIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.png19887547
Icon Portrait Sheena.pngSheenaIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Armored.png218612754
Icon Portrait Shigure (Performing Arts).pngShigure (Performing Arts)Icon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png15754536
Icon Portrait Sigurd.pngSigurdIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png19986446
Icon Portrait Sonya.pngSonyaIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png17775844
Icon Portrait Sophia.pngSophiaIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png18946744
Icon Portrait Soren.pngSorenIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png17794744
Icon Portrait Stahl.pngStahlIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png19778546
Icon Portrait Subaki.pngSubakiIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.png18699547
Icon Portrait Sully.pngSullyIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png18787646
Icon Portrait Tailtiu.pngTailtiuIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png17894644
Icon Portrait Takumi.pngTakumiIcon Class Neutral Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png18876544
Icon Portrait Tana.pngTanaIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.png178106647
Icon Portrait Tharja.pngTharjaIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png17886544
Icon Portrait Tiki (Adult).pngTiki (Adult)Icon Class Red Beast.pngIcon Move Infantry.png18769747
Icon Portrait Tiki (Adult) (Ylissean Summer).pngTiki (Adult) (Ylissean Summer)Icon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.png18868747
Icon Portrait Tiki (Young).pngTiki (Young)Icon Class Red Beast.pngIcon Move Infantry.png15548739
Icon Portrait Titania.pngTitaniaIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png18686846
Icon Portrait Tobin.pngTobinIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png18755439
Icon Portrait Ursula.pngUrsulaIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png16784843
Icon Portrait Valter.pngValterIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.png18898447
Icon Portrait Virion.pngVirionIcon Class Neutral Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png20777344
Icon Portrait Wrys.pngWrysIcon Class Neutral Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.png185651044
Icon Portrait Xander.pngXanderIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png20859446
Icon Portrait Xander (Nohrian Summer).pngXander (Nohrian Summer)Icon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.png19868647
Icon Portrait Xander (Spring Festival).pngXander (Spring Festival)Icon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png18669746
Icon Portrait Zephiel.pngZephielIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Armored.png259312554