Level 40 stats table

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  • This table shows the 5★ average max level base stat values for each hero. It does not include stat variance. Also see Level 40 unrounded stats table for what these stats would look like without rounding.
  • Stat values in this table do not include weapon or passive stats.
  • When sorting the table, any rows with identical values will keep their relative order from before the last sorting operation.
  • For more specialized charts, see here.

Abel The Panther Face FC.webpAbel: The PantherCavalryBlue Lance3933322525154
Alfonse Askran Duo Face FC.webpAlfonse: Askran DuoInfantryBlue Tome4138173530161
Alfonse Prince of Askr Face FC.webpAlfonse: Prince of AskrInfantryRed Sword4335253222157
Alfonse Spring Prince Face FC.webpAlfonse: Spring PrinceCavalryGreen Axe4135333018157
Alm Hero of Prophecy Face FC.webpAlm: Hero of ProphecyInfantryRed Sword4533302822158
Alm Imperial Ascent Face FC.webpAlm: Imperial AscentInfantryRed Sword4238353720172
Alm Lovebird Duo Face FC.webpAlm: Lovebird DuoInfantryGreen Axe4035403225172
Alm Saint-King Face FC.webpAlm: Saint-KingInfantryColorless Bow4037372622162
Altena Luminous Rider Face FC.webpAltena: Luminous RiderFlyingBlue Lance4537253920166
Altina Dawns Trueblade Face FC.webpAltina: Dawn's TruebladeFlyingRed Sword4238203036166
Amelia Rose of the War Face FC.webpAmelia: Rose of the WarArmoredGreen Axe4734343523173
Anna Commander Face FC.webpAnna: CommanderInfantryGreen Axe4129382228158
Anna Secret Seller Face FC.webpAnna: Secret SellerInfantryBlue Lance3835402831172
Anna Wealth-Wisher Face FC.webpAnna: Wealth-WisherInfantryRed Bow4034401637167
Annette Overachiever Face FC.webpAnnette: OverachieverInfantryGreen Axe4039362830173
Arden Strong and Tough Face FC.webpArden: Strong and ToughArmoredRed Sword6036164116169
Ares Black Knight Face FC.webpAres: Black KnightCavalryRed Sword4036303318157
Arthur Hapless Hero Face FC.webpArthur: Hapless HeroInfantryGreen Axe4332293024158
Arvis Emperor of Flame Face FC.webpArvis: Emperor of FlameInfantryRed Tome3334311733148
Ashnard Mad King Face FC.webpAshnard: Mad KingFlyingRed Sword4337213531167
Astram Midias Hero Face FC.webpAstram: Midia's HeroInfantryRed Sword4435363621172
Athena Borderland Sword Face FC.webpAthena: Borderland SwordInfantryRed Sword3631382724156
Aversa Dark One Face FC.webpAversa: Dark OneFlyingRed Tome4233341724150
Ayra Astras Wielder Face FC.webpAyra: Astra's WielderInfantryRed Sword4133373121163
Azama Carefree Monk Face FC.webpAzama: Carefree MonkInfantryColorless Staff4321263225147
Azura Celebratory Spirit Face FC.webpAzura: Celebratory SpiritFlyingGreen Axe3730352226150
Azura Lady of Ballads Face FC.webpAzura: Lady of BalladsInfantryGreen Axe3532342028149
Azura Lady of the Lake Face FC.webpAzura: Lady of the LakeInfantryBlue Lance3631332128149
Azura Vallite Songstress Face FC.webpAzura: Vallite SongstressFlyingBlue Tome3330351724139
Azura Young Songstress Face FC.webpAzura: Young SongstressInfantryGreen Tome3633291725140
Bantu Tikis Guardian Face FC.webpBantu: Tiki's GuardianInfantryRed Breath4534283526168
Barst The Hatchet Face FC.webpBarst: The HatchetInfantryGreen Axe4633323017158
Bartre Earsome Warrior Face FC.webpBartre: Earsome WarriorInfantryRed Sword4640263525172
Bartre Fearless Warrior Face FC.webpBartre: Fearless WarriorInfantryGreen Axe4936253313156
Berkut Debonair Noble Face FC.webpBerkut: Debonair NobleInfantryBlue Lance4136233724161
Berkut Prideful Prince Face FC.webpBerkut: Prideful PrinceCavalryBlue Lance4334223124154
Berkut Purgatorial Prince Face FC.webpBerkut: Purgatorial PrinceCavalryBlue Lance4035173530157
Bernadetta Eternal Loner Face FC.webpBernadetta: Eternal LonerCavalryColorless Bow3832382226156
Beruka Quiet Assassin Face FC.webpBeruka: Quiet AssassinFlyingGreen Axe4629233722157
Black Knight Sinister General Face FC.webpBlack Knight: Sinister GeneralArmoredRed Sword4834343518169
Boey Skillful Survivor Face FC.webpBoey: Skillful SurvivorInfantryGreen Tome4329273218149
Brady Daunting Priest Face FC.webpBrady: Daunting PriestInfantryColorless Staff4133322328157
Bramimond The Enigma Face FC.webpBramimond: The EnigmaInfantryColorless Tome3940272135162
Brigid Orgahil Pirate Face FC.webpBrigid: Orgahil PirateInfantryRed Bow4137403019167
Brunnya Devoted General Face FC.webpBrunnya: Devoted GeneralInfantryBlue Tome4235312133162
Bruno Masked Hare Face FC.webpBruno: Masked HareCavalryColorless Staff4130243514144
Byleth Fell Stars Duo Face FC.webpByleth: Fell Star's DuoFlyingRed Tome4036421621155
Byleth Proven Professor Face FC.webpByleth: Proven ProfessorInfantryRed Sword4034403321168
Byleth Tested Professor Face FC.webpByleth: Tested ProfessorInfantryRed Sword4036383420168
Caeda Princess of Talys Face FC.webpCaeda: Princess of TalysFlyingRed Sword3633422530166
Caeda Talyss Bride Face FC.webpCaeda: Talys's BrideInfantryBlue Tome3329371930148
Caeda Talyss Heart Face FC.webpCaeda: Talys's HeartFlyingRed Sword3625372434156
Cain The Bull Face FC.webpCain: The BullCavalryRed Sword4232322721154
Caineghis Gallias Lion King Face FC.webpCaineghis: Gallia's Lion KingArmoredColorless Beast4737233730174
Camilla Bewitching Beauty Face FC.webpCamilla: Bewitching BeautyFlyingGreen Axe3730322831158
Camilla Flower of Fantasy Face FC.webpCamilla: Flower of FantasyFlyingRed Tome3637301730150
Camilla Holiday Traveler Face FC.webpCamilla: Holiday TravelerFlyingRed Sword4033353123162
Camilla Light of Nohr Face FC.webpCamilla: Light of NohrFlyingColorless Staff3933372125155
Camilla Spring Princess Face FC.webpCamilla: Spring PrincessFlyingGreen Tome3935253019148
Camilla Steamy Secrets Face FC.webpCamilla: Steamy SecretsFlyingColorless Dagger3833351728151
Camilla Tropical Beauty Face FC.webpCamilla: Tropical BeautyFlyingBlue Tome3933362319150
Camus Sable Knight Face FC.webpCamus: Sable KnightCavalryBlue Lance4232333117155
Canas Wisdom Seeker Face FC.webpCanas: Wisdom SeekerInfantryRed Tome3632292133151
Catria Middle Whitewing Face FC.webpCatria: Middle WhitewingFlyingBlue Lance3931342925158
Catria Mild Middle Sister Face FC.webpCatria: Mild Middle SisterFlyingRed Sword4138362724166
Catria Spring Whitewing Face FC.webpCatria: Spring WhitewingCavalryBlue Tome3632351823144
Cecilia Etrurian General Face FC.webpCecilia: Etrurian GeneralCavalryGreen Tome3632252229144
Cecilia Festive Instructor Face FC.webpCecilia: Festive InstructorArmoredColorless Dagger4135233036165
Ced Hero on the Wind Face FC.webpCed: Hero on the WindInfantryGreen Tome3735391931161
Celica Caring Princess Face FC.webpCelica: Caring PrincessInfantryRed Tome3932332222148
Celica Imprisoned Soul Face FC.webpCelica: Imprisoned SoulInfantryRed Sword4035352726163
Celica Queen of Valentia Face FC.webpCelica: Queen of ValentiaInfantryGreen Tome4038381828162
Celica Warrior Priestess Face FC.webpCelica: Warrior PriestessInfantryRed Sword3833392924163
Chad Lycian Wildcat Face FC.webpChad: Lycian WildcatInfantryColorless Dagger4530372623161
Charlotte Money Maiden Face FC.webpCharlotte: Money MaidenInfantryBlue Lance4636322419157
Cherche Wyvern Friend Face FC.webpCherche: Wyvern FriendFlyingGreen Axe4638253216157
Chrom Crowned Exalt Face FC.webpChrom: Crowned ExaltInfantryBlue Bow4142263425168
Chrom Exalted Prince Face FC.webpChrom: Exalted PrinceInfantryRed Sword4737253117157
Chrom Gifted Leader Face FC.webpChrom: Gifted LeaderArmoredGreen Axe5140193529174
Chrom Knight Exalt Face FC.webpChrom: Knight ExaltCavalryRed Sword4137283417157
Chrom Spring Exalt Face FC.webpChrom: Spring ExaltInfantryGreen Axe4335322820158
Clair Highborn Flier Face FC.webpClair: Highborn FlierFlyingBlue Lance3726362433156
Clarine Refined Noble Face FC.webpClarine: Refined NobleCavalryColorless Staff3525332229144
Clarisse Sniper in the Dark Face FC.webpClarisse: Sniper in the DarkInfantryColorless Bow3731342520147
Claude Almyras King Face FC.webpClaude: Almyra's KingFlyingColorless Bow4236402325166
Claude The Schemer Face FC.webpClaude: The SchemerCavalryColorless Bow3933372021150
Clive Idealistic Knight Face FC.webpClive: Idealistic KnightCavalryBlue Lance4533253219154
Conrad Masked Knight Face FC.webpConrad: Masked KnightCavalryBlue Lance4031223435162
Conrad Unmasked Knight Face FC.webpConrad: Unmasked KnightCavalryRed Sword3932233335162
Cordelia Knight Paradise Face FC.webpCordelia: Knight ParadiseCavalryBlue Lance4132382818157
Cordelia Knight Paragon Face FC.webpCordelia: Knight ParagonFlyingBlue Lance4035352225157
Cordelia Perfect Bride Face FC.webpCordelia: Perfect BrideInfantryColorless Bow3635351922147
Cormag Aloof Lanceman Face FC.webpCormag: Aloof LancemanFlyingBlue Lance4236323423167
Corrin Bloodbound Beast Face FC.webpCorrin: Bloodbound BeastInfantryBlue Breath4238383326177
Corrin Child of Dusk Face FC.webpCorrin: Child of DuskInfantryColorless Breath4138403429182
Corrin Dream Prince Face FC.webpCorrin: Dream PrinceInfantryBlue Breath4235353124167
Corrin Dream Princess Face FC.webpCorrin: Dream PrincessInfantryGreen Breath4131373227168
Corrin Enjoying Tradition Face FC.webpCorrin: Enjoying TraditionInfantryColorless Bow3732303418151
Corrin Fateful Prince Face FC.webpCorrin: Fateful PrinceInfantryRed Sword4232322824158
Corrin Fateful Princess Face FC.webpCorrin: Fateful PrincessInfantryBlue Breath4127343421157
Corrin Novice Vacationer Face FC.webpCorrin: Novice VacationerFlyingBlue Tome3431342226147
Corrin Wailing Soul Face FC.webpCorrin: Wailing SoulInfantryColorless Breath4335373127173
Cynthia Hero Chaser Face FC.webpCynthia: Hero ChaserFlyingBlue Lance3832372729163
Darros Seawalker Face FC.webpDarros: SeawalkerInfantryGreen Axe4636323721172
Death Knight The Reaper Face FC.webpDeath Knight: The ReaperCavalryBlue Lance4035253027157
Deirdre Lady of the Forest Face FC.webpDeirdre: Lady of the ForestInfantryGreen Tome3633281635148
Delthea Free Spirit Face FC.webpDelthea: Free SpiritInfantryBlue Tome3336341331147
Delthea Tatarrahs Puppet Face FC.webpDelthea: Tatarrah's PuppetInfantryBlue Tome4136331928157
Dimitri King of Faerghus Face FC.webpDimitri: King of FaerghusInfantryBlue Lance4140364019176
Dimitri The Protector Face FC.webpDimitri: The ProtectorCavalryBlue Lance4036293418157
Donnel Village Hero Face FC.webpDonnel: Village HeroInfantryBlue Lance4335293223162
Dorcas Pumpkin Smasher Face FC.webpDorcas: Pumpkin SmasherArmoredGreen Axe4941253721173
Dorcas Serene Warrior Face FC.webpDorcas: Serene WarriorInfantryGreen Axe4535233524162
Dorothea Solar Songstress Face FC.webpDorothea: Solar SongstressInfantryColorless Dagger3837361630157
Dozla Harvest Attendant Face FC.webpDozla: Harvest AttendantArmoredColorless Dagger4538293527174
Draug Gentle Giant Face FC.webpDraug: Gentle GiantArmoredRed Sword5030323918169
Duma God of Strength Face FC.webpDuma: God of StrengthArmoredColorless Breath4840213431174
Echidna Unyielding Idealist Face FC.webpEchidna: Unyielding IdealistInfantryGreen Axe4534363027172
Edelgard Adrestian Emperor Face FC.webpEdelgard: Adrestian EmperorArmoredGreen Axe4645164335185
Edelgard Flame Emperor Face FC.webpEdelgard: Flame EmperorArmoredGreen Axe4542173936179
Edelgard The Future Face FC.webpEdelgard: The FutureInfantryGreen Axe4139303721168
Effie Army of One Face FC.webpEffie: Army of OneArmoredBlue Lance5040223323168
Eir Merciful Death Face FC.webpEir: Merciful DeathFlyingColorless Dagger3532371431149
Eir Renewed Life Face FC.webpEir: Renewed LifeFlyingRed Dagger3931362134161
Eirika Anamnesis Lady Face FC.webpEirika: Anamnesis LadyCavalryRed Tome3631352022144
Eirika Gentle as Snow Face FC.webpEirika: Gentle as SnowArmoredColorless Staff4236233034165
Eirika Graceful Resolve Face FC.webpEirika: Graceful ResolveCavalryRed Sword3831392721156
Eirika Restoration Lady Face FC.webpEirika: Restoration LadyInfantryRed Sword4226352628157
Eldigan Lionheart Face FC.webpEldigan: LionheartCavalryRed Sword4532243419154
Eldigan Strutting Lion Face FC.webpEldigan: Strutting LionFlyingBlue Lance4338263718162
Eleonora Shooting Starlet Face FC.webpEleonora: Shooting StarletInfantryColorless Bow4237382524166
Elincia Estival Princess Face FC.webpElincia: Estival PrincessInfantryGreen Dagger3429352021139
Elincia Lost Princess Face FC.webpElincia: Lost PrincessFlyingRed Sword3534362427156
Elise Bubbling Flower Face FC.webpElise: Bubbling FlowerCavalryRed Dagger3433371822144
Elise Budding Flower Face FC.webpElise: Budding FlowerCavalryColorless Staff3032321932145
Elise Tropical Flower Face FC.webpElise: Tropical FlowerInfantryGreen Tome3436341825147
Eliwood Blazing Knight Face FC.webpEliwood: Blazing KnightCavalryRed Sword3736343316156
Eliwood Devoted Love Face FC.webpEliwood: Devoted LoveArmoredBlue Lance4738322929175
Eliwood Knight of Lycia Face FC.webpEliwood: Knight of LyciaCavalryRed Sword3931302332155
Eliwood Marquess Pherae Face FC.webpEliwood: Marquess PheraeCavalryBlue Lance4037353218162
Emmeryn Gentle Exalt Face FC.webpEmmeryn: Gentle ExaltInfantryColorless Staff4332342330162
Ephraim Dynastic Duo Face FC.webpEphraim: Dynastic DuoInfantryBlue Lance4139303725172
Ephraim Legendary Lord Face FC.webpEphraim: Legendary LordCavalryBlue Lance4336273318157
Ephraim Restoration Lord Face FC.webpEphraim: Restoration LordInfantryBlue Lance4535253220157
Ephraim Sacred Twin Lord Face FC.webpEphraim: Sacred Twin LordArmoredGreen Axe4638273726174
Ephraim Sparkling Gallantly Face FC.webpEphraim: Sparkling GallantlyArmoredBlue Lance4541233629174
Eremiya Bishop of Woe Face FC.webpEremiya: Bishop of WoeInfantryColorless Staff4432352327161
Est Junior Whitewing Face FC.webpEst: Junior WhitewingFlyingBlue Lance3635302432157
Est Springtime Flier Face FC.webpEst: Springtime FlierFlyingBlue Tome3938351726155
Ethlyn Glimmering Lady Face FC.webpEthlyn: Glimmering LadyFlyingColorless Dagger3736411628158
Ethlyn Spirited Princess Face FC.webpEthlyn: Spirited PrincessCavalryColorless Staff3828342620146
Ewan Eager Student Face FC.webpEwan: Eager StudentInfantryRed Tome3837332335166
Eyvel Mistress of Fiana Face FC.webpEyvel: Mistress of FianaInfantryRed Sword4133353825172
Fae Divine Dragon Face FC.webpFae: Divine DragonInfantryGreen Breath4633282530162
Fae Holiday Dear Face FC.webpFae: Holiday DearArmoredGreen Breath4535263341180
Faye Devoted Heart Face FC.webpFaye: Devoted HeartInfantryColorless Bow4230252631154
Faye Drawn Heartstring Face FC.webpFaye: Drawn HeartstringArmoredColorless Bow4340233538179
Felicia Maid Mayhem Face FC.webpFelicia: Maid MayhemInfantryColorless Dagger3423371835147
Felicia Off the Menu Face FC.webpFelicia: Off the MenuArmoredGreen Axe4330373035175
Ferdinand Noblest of Nobles Face FC.webpFerdinand: Noblest of NoblesCavalryBlue Lance4132353024162
Finn Lance of Legend Face FC.webpFinn: Lance of LegendCavalryBlue Lance4034333218157
Fiora Airborne Warrior Face FC.webpFiora: Airborne WarriorFlyingBlue Lance3832382137166
Fiora Defrosted Illian Face FC.webpFiora: Defrosted IllianFlyingRed Sword4032372628163
Fir Student of Spring Face FC.webpFir: Student of SpringFlyingGreen Axe3935412824167
Fir Sword Student Face FC.webpFir: Sword StudentInfantryRed Sword4125362431157
Fjorm Bride of Rime Face FC.webpFjorm: Bride of RimeFlyingColorless Staff4234341723150
Fjorm New Traditions Face FC.webpFjorm: New TraditionsFlyingGreen Bow3935352021150
Fjorm Princess of Ice Face FC.webpFjorm: Princess of IceInfantryBlue Lance3930313034164
Flame Emperor Bringer of War Face FC.webpFlame Emperor: Bringer of WarArmoredGreen Axe5040253726178
Flora Cold as Ice Face FC.webpFlora: Cold as IceInfantryRed Dagger3834231838151
Flora Signature Dish Face FC.webpFlora: Signature DishArmoredRed Dagger4338222938170
Florina Lovely Flier Face FC.webpFlorina: Lovely FlierFlyingBlue Lance4229272534157
Forrest Fashion Forward Face FC.webpForrest: Fashion ForwardCavalryColorless Staff3932261935151
Forsyth Loyal Lieutenant Face FC.webpForsyth: Loyal LieutenantArmoredBlue Lance4740203933179
Frederick Horizon Watcher Face FC.webpFrederick: Horizon WatcherInfantryColorless Dagger4032312818149
Frederick Polite Knight Face FC.webpFrederick: Polite KnightCavalryGreen Axe4335253614153
Gaius Candy Stealer Face FC.webpGaius: Candy StealerInfantryColorless Dagger4229362219148
Gaius Thief Exposed Face FC.webpGaius: Thief ExposedInfantryColorless Bow3430371928148
Gangrel Plegias Mad King Face FC.webpGangrel: Plegia's Mad KingInfantryColorless Dagger4532382427166
Garon King of Nohr Face FC.webpGaron: King of NohrInfantryRed Breath4333223332163
Gatrie Armored Amour Face FC.webpGatrie: Armored AmourArmoredBlue Lance4742174435185
Geese A Life at Sea Face FC.webpGeese: A Life at SeaInfantryBlue Lance4638353221172
Genny Dressed with Care Face FC.webpGenny: Dressed with CareCavalryColorless Staff3536241434143
Genny Endearing Ally Face FC.webpGenny: Endearing AllyInfantryColorless Staff3235252134147
Gerik Desert Tiger Face FC.webpGerik: Desert TigerInfantryGreen Axe4737363022172
Gerome Masked Rider Face FC.webpGerome: Masked RiderFlyingGreen Axe4538253419161
Gharnef Dark Pontifex Face FC.webpGharnef: Dark PontifexInfantryRed Tome3830342723152
Gordin Altean Archer Face FC.webpGordin: Altean ArcherInfantryColorless Bow4331253217148
Gray Wry Comrade Face FC.webpGray: Wry ComradeInfantryRed Sword4335323022162
Greil Heroic Exemplar Face FC.webpGreil: Heroic ExemplarArmoredGreen Axe4741183830174
Gunnthra Beaming Smile Face FC.webpGunnthrá: Beaming SmileCavalryColorless Dagger3933371724150
Gunnthra Voice of Dreams Face FC.webpGunnthrá: Voice of DreamsCavalryGreen Tome3731331925145
Gunnthra Years First Dream Face FC.webpGunnthrá: Year's First DreamFlyingRed Sword3834372726162
Gunter Inveterate Soldier Face FC.webpGunter: Inveterate SoldierCavalryGreen Axe4332243318150
Gwendolyn Adorable Knight Face FC.webpGwendolyn: Adorable KnightArmoredBlue Lance4930243828169
Haar Black Tempest Face FC.webpHaar: Black TempestFlyingGreen Axe4537253618161
Hana Focused Samurai Face FC.webpHana: Focused SamuraiInfantryRed Sword3735362326157
Hardin Dark Emperor Face FC.webpHardin: Dark EmperorArmoredBlue Lance4534283632175
Hawkeye Desert Guardian Face FC.webpHawkeye: Desert GuardianInfantryGreen Axe4533222830158
Heath Wandering Knight Face FC.webpHeath: Wandering KnightFlyingBlue Lance4035333327168
Hector Brave Warrior Face FC.webpHector: Brave WarriorArmoredBlue Lance4837223928174
Hector Dressed-Up Duo Face FC.webpHector: Dressed-Up DuoArmoredRed Sword4741263927180
Hector General of Ostia Face FC.webpHector: General of OstiaArmoredGreen Axe5236243719168
Hector Just Here to Fight Face FC.webpHector: Just Here to FightArmoredGreen Axe5038214024173
Hector Marquess of Ostia Face FC.webpHector: Marquess of OstiaArmoredGreen Axe4740233826174
Hel Death Sovereign Face FC.webpHel: Death SovereignFlyingGreen Axe4038413018167
Helbindi Savage Scourge Face FC.webpHelbindi: Savage ScourgeInfantryGreen Axe4435183531163
Helbindi Seaside Scourge Face FC.webpHelbindi: Seaside ScourgeInfantryRed Sword4436183733168
Henry Happy Vampire Face FC.webpHenry: Happy VampireArmoredGreen Tome3633342636165
Henry Twisted Mind Face FC.webpHenry: Twisted MindInfantryRed Tome4523223225147
Hilda Idle Maiden Face FC.webpHilda: Idle MaidenInfantryGreen Axe4337372823168
Hinata Samurai Groom Face FC.webpHinata: Samurai GroomInfantryGreen Axe4737274021172
Hinata Wild Samurai Face FC.webpHinata: Wild SamuraiInfantryRed Sword4732243618157
Hinoka Blue Sky Warrior Face FC.webpHinoka: Blue Sky WarriorFlyingColorless Bow3732351729150
Hinoka Relaxed Warrior Face FC.webpHinoka: Relaxed WarriorFlyingGreen Dagger3835351626150
Hinoka Warrior Princess Face FC.webpHinoka: Warrior PrincessFlyingBlue Lance4135322524157
Hrid Icy Blade Face FC.webpHríd: Icy BladeCavalryRed Sword4137173626157
Hrid Resolute Prince Face FC.webpHríd: Resolute PrinceFlyingRed Sword4238193627162
Hubert Sinister Servant Face FC.webpHubert: Sinister ServantInfantryRed Tome4139321925156
Iago Nohrs Tactician Face FC.webpIago: Nohr's TacticianInfantryRed Tome4238272332162
Idunn Dark Priestess Face FC.webpIdunn: Dark PriestessArmoredRed Breath4535263934179
Idunn Dragonkin Duo Face FC.webpIdunn: Dragonkin DuoArmoredRed Breath4637263738184
Igrene Nabata Protector Face FC.webpIgrene: Nabata ProtectorInfantryRed Bow4237372624166
Ike Brave Mercenary Face FC.webpIke: Brave MercenaryInfantryGreen Axe4336283520162
Ike Stalwart Heart Face FC.webpIke: Stalwart HeartArmoredRed Sword4537383519174
Ike Vanguard Legend Face FC.webpIke: Vanguard LegendInfantryRed Sword4136303521163
Ike Young Mercenary Face FC.webpIke: Young MercenaryInfantryRed Sword4235313218158
Ike Zeal Unleashed Face FC.webpIke: Zeal UnleashedInfantryRed Sword4035423223172
Ilyana Hungering Mage Face FC.webpIlyana: Hungering MageInfantryBlue Tome3938321740166
Ilyana Treat Harvester Face FC.webpIlyana: Treat HarvesterArmoredBlue Tome4138233037169
Ingrid Solstice Knight Face FC.webpIngrid: Solstice KnightFlyingBlue Lance3934422526166
Inigo Indigo Dancer Face FC.webpInigo: Indigo DancerInfantryGreen Tome3728332220140
Innes Flawless Form Face FC.webpInnes: Flawless FormFlyingGreen Axe4233373020162
Innes Regal Strategician Face FC.webpInnes: Regal StrategicianInfantryColorless Bow3533341431147
Ishtar Thunder Goddess Face FC.webpIshtar: Thunder GoddessInfantryBlue Tome3834361726151
Ishtar Thunders Waltz Face FC.webpIshtar: Thunder's WaltzFlyingRed Tome3634361622144
Itsuki Finding a Path Face FC.webpItsuki: Finding a PathInfantryRed Sword4137303332173
Jaffar Angel of Death Face FC.webpJaffar: Angel of DeathInfantryColorless Dagger4126332522147
Jaffar Angel of Night Face FC.webpJaffar: Angel of NightArmoredGreen Dagger4435373127174
Jagen Veteran Knight Face FC.webpJagen: Veteran KnightCavalryBlue Lance3727242535148
Jakob Devoted Monster Face FC.webpJakob: Devoted MonsterArmoredColorless Bow4235233332165
Jakob Devoted Servant Face FC.webpJakob: Devoted ServantInfantryColorless Dagger3929312524148
Jamke Prince of Verdane Face FC.webpJamke: Prince of VerdaneInfantryColorless Bow3836322917152
Jeorge Perfect Shot Face FC.webpJeorge: Perfect ShotInfantryColorless Bow3732322422147
Jill Fiery Dracoknight Face FC.webpJill: Fiery DracoknightFlyingGreen Axe4039403617172
Jorge Traveling Peddler Face FC.webpJorge: Traveling PeddlerInfantryBlue Bow4536273529172
Joshua Tempest King Face FC.webpJoshua: Tempest KingInfantryRed Sword4031353028164
Joshua Tropical Gambler Face FC.webpJoshua: Tropical GamblerInfantryRed Bow4036392824167
Julia Crusader of Light Face FC.webpJulia: Crusader of LightInfantryBlue Tome4039281936162
Julia Heart Usurped Face FC.webpJulia: Heart UsurpedInfantryRed Tome3941241740161
Julia Nagas Blood Face FC.webpJulia: Naga's BloodInfantryGreen Tome3835261732148
Julian Tender Thief Face FC.webpJulian: Tender ThiefInfantryColorless Dagger4038383318167
Julius Scion of Darkness Face FC.webpJulius: Scion of DarknessInfantryRed Tome3835271635151
Kaden Kitsune Braggart Face FC.webpKaden: Kitsune BraggartCavalryGreen Beast3832362525156
Kagero Beverage Ninja Face FC.webpKagero: Beverage NinjaArmoredGreen Dagger4138213233165
Kagero Honorable Ninja Face FC.webpKagero: Honorable NinjaInfantryColorless Dagger3135322228148
Kagero Spring Ninja Face FC.webpKagero: Spring NinjaFlyingColorless Dagger3635341827150
Kana Dragon Princess Face FC.webpKana: Dragon PrincessInfantryGreen Breath4030343326163
Kana Dragon Spawn Face FC.webpKana: Dragon SpawnInfantryBlue Breath4031333129164
Karel Sword Demon Face FC.webpKarel: Sword DemonInfantryRed Sword4730352520157
Karla Sword Vassal Face FC.webpKarla: Sword VassalInfantryRed Sword4235402322162
Katarina Wayward One Face FC.webpKatarina: Wayward OneInfantryRed Tome3432341532147
Kaze Easygoing Ninja Face FC.webpKaze: Easygoing NinjaInfantryColorless Dagger3430361734151
Keaton Lupine Collector Face FC.webpKeaton: Lupine CollectorInfantryRed Beast4541243819167
Kempf Conniving General Face FC.webpKempf: Conniving GeneralCavalryRed Sword4233332726161
Kiria Cool Facade Face FC.webpKiria: Cool FaçadeInfantryRed Tome3841202934162
Kjelle Fair Fighter Face FC.webpKjelle: Fair FighterArmoredBlue Lance4740223728174
Klein Silver Nobleman Face FC.webpKlein: Silver NoblemanInfantryColorless Bow4031332024148
Kliff Curious Spirit Face FC.webpKliff: Curious SpiritInfantryBlue Tome3730372528157
Kris Unknown Hero Face FC.webpKris: Unknown HeroInfantryRed Sword4037403025172
Kris Unsung Hero Face FC.webpKris: Unsung HeroInfantryBlue Lance4037403025172
Kronya Gleaming Blade Face FC.webpKronya: Gleaming BladeInfantryColorless Dagger4431392226162
LArachel Harvest Princess Face FC.webpL'Arachel: Harvest PrincessCavalryGreen Tome3936342220151
LArachel Princess of Light Face FC.webpL'Arachel: Princess of LightCavalryBlue Tome3333311731145
Lachesis Ballroom Bloom Face FC.webpLachesis: Ballroom BloomFlyingGreen Dagger3737271937157
Lachesis Lionhearts Sister Face FC.webpLachesis: Lionheart's SisterInfantryColorless Staff3932252230148
Laegjarn Burning Sun Face FC.webpLaegjarn: Burning SunFlyingBlue Tome3734372021149
Laegjarn New Experiences Face FC.webpLaegjarn: New ExperiencesCavalryBlue Lance3832353517157
Laegjarn Sheathed Steel Face FC.webpLaegjarn: Sheathed SteelFlyingRed Sword4132363617162
Laevatein Bonfires Blaze Face FC.webpLaevatein: Bonfire's BlazeFlyingGreen Tome3838163126149
Laevatein Kumade Warrior Face FC.webpLaevatein: Kumade WarriorCavalryColorless Staff3336302718144
Laevatein Searing Steel Face FC.webpLaevatein: Searing SteelInfantryRed Sword3937313422163
Larcei Keen Kin Face FC.webpLarcei: Keen KinInfantryRed Sword4136403025172
Larum Sprightly Dancer Face FC.webpLarum: Sprightly DancerInfantryColorless Dagger3732391830156
Laslow Dancing Duelist Face FC.webpLaslow: Dancing DuelistInfantryRed Sword4435263022157
Leanne Forests Song Face FC.webpLeanne: Forest's SongFlyingColorless Beast3627371634150
Legault The Hurricane Face FC.webpLegault: The HurricaneInfantryColorless Dagger3931382419151
Legion Masked Maniac Face FC.webpLegion: Masked ManiacInfantryGreen Axe4636352218157
Leif Prince of Leonster Face FC.webpLeif: Prince of LeonsterInfantryRed Sword4032383023163
Leif Unifier of Thracia Face FC.webpLeif: Unifier of ThraciaCavalryColorless Bow4038222927156
Leila Rose amid Fangs Face FC.webpLeila: Rose amid FangsInfantryColorless Dagger4036412326166
Lena Tender Angel Face FC.webpLena: Tender AngelInfantryColorless Staff4032292437162
Lene Yearning Dancer Face FC.webpLene: Yearning DancerInfantryRed Sword3528352328149
Leo Extra Tomatoes Face FC.webpLeo: Extra TomatoesCavalryGreen Tome3733212728146
Leo Seashores Prince Face FC.webpLeo: Seashore's PrinceInfantryRed Tome3732271635147
Leo Sorcerous Prince Face FC.webpLeo: Sorcerous PrinceCavalryRed Tome3929222530145
Leon True of Heart Face FC.webpLeon: True of HeartInfantryColorless Bow3934303015148
Lethe Gallias Valkyrie Face FC.webpLethe: Gallia's ValkyrieCavalryRed Beast4133382619157
Lethe New Years Claw Face FC.webpLethe: New Year's ClawCavalryGreen Beast4135412718162
Lewyn Guiding Breeze Face FC.webpLewyn: Guiding BreezeInfantryGreen Tome3834371725151
Libra Fetching Friar Face FC.webpLibra: Fetching FriarInfantryGreen Axe4035322829164
Lif Lethal Swordsman Face FC.webpLíf: Lethal SwordsmanInfantryRed Sword4238303429173
Lilina Beachside Bloom Face FC.webpLilina: Beachside BloomCavalryRed Dagger3538251635149
Lilina Blush of Youth Face FC.webpLilina: Blush of YouthCavalryGreen Tome3435302026145
Lilina Delightful Noble Face FC.webpLilina: Delightful NobleInfantryRed Tome3537251931147
Lilith Astral Daughter Face FC.webpLilith: Astral DaughterFlyingBlue Breath3936412730173
Linde Light Mage Face FC.webpLinde: Light MageInfantryBlue Tome3535361427147
Linde Summer Rays Face FC.webpLinde: Summer RaysCavalryColorless Dagger3334351626144
Linus Mad Dog Face FC.webpLinus: Mad DogInfantryGreen Axe4237333219163
Lissa Pure Joy Face FC.webpLissa: Pure JoyArmoredGreen Axe4333303534175
Lissa Sprightly Cleric Face FC.webpLissa: Sprightly ClericInfantryColorless Staff3926252830148
Lloyd White Wolf Face FC.webpLloyd: White WolfInfantryRed Sword4132352030158
Loki Spring Trickster Face FC.webpLoki: Spring TricksterFlyingColorless Bow3931342725156
Loki The Trickster Face FC.webpLoki: The TricksterInfantryColorless Staff4233351625151
Lonqu Solitary Blade Face FC.webpLon'qu: Solitary BladeInfantryRed Sword4529392222157
Lorenz Highborn Heat Face FC.webpLorenz: Highborn HeatInfantryRed Tome4532312529162
Louise Eternal Devotion Face FC.webpLouise: Eternal DevotionCavalryColorless Bow3931341730151
Lucina Brave Princess Face FC.webpLucina: Brave PrincessInfantryBlue Lance4134362719157
Lucina Future Witness Face FC.webpLucina: Future WitnessInfantryRed Sword4334362519157
Lucina Glorious Archer Face FC.webpLucina: Glorious ArcherInfantryBlue Bow3634352520150
Lucina Spring Exalt Face FC.webpLucina: Spring ExaltInfantryBlue Tome3529362225147
Lucius The Light Face FC.webpLucius: The LightInfantryColorless Staff3732301335147
Lugh Anima Child Face FC.webpLugh: Anima ChildInfantryGreen Tome3735361731156
Lukas Buffet for One Face FC.webpLukas: Buffet for OneArmoredBlue Lance5137214222173
Lukas Sharp Soldier Face FC.webpLukas: Sharp SoldierInfantryBlue Lance4535223817157
Luke Rowdy Squire Face FC.webpLuke: Rowdy SquireCavalryRed Sword4334283020155
Lute Prodigy Face FC.webpLute: ProdigyInfantryBlue Tome3336321634151
Lute Summer Prodigy Face FC.webpLute: Summer ProdigyFlyingBlue Tome3735341732155
Lyn Brave Lady Face FC.webpLyn: Brave LadyCavalryColorless Bow3533351828149
Lyn Bride of the Plains Face FC.webpLyn: Bride of the PlainsInfantryColorless Staff3928342324148
Lyn Lady of the Beach Face FC.webpLyn: Lady of the BeachFlyingBlue Bow3733382027155
Lyn Lady of the Plains Face FC.webpLyn: Lady of the PlainsInfantryRed Sword3728372629157
Lyn Lady of the Wind Face FC.webpLyn: Lady of the WindInfantryGreen Bow3631362127151
Lyn Winds Embrace Face FC.webpLyn: Wind's EmbraceArmoredBlue Tome3731362734165
Lyon Demon King Face FC.webpLyon: Demon KingInfantryGreen Tome4040163235163
Lyon Shadow Prince Face FC.webpLyon: Shadow PrinceInfantryRed Tome4134212630152
Lysithea Child Prodigy Face FC.webpLysithea: Child ProdigyInfantryRed Tome3741372124160
Lysithea Earnest Seeker Face FC.webpLysithea: Earnest SeekerInfantryRed Tome4040392125165
Mae Bundle of Energy Face FC.webpMae: Bundle of EnergyInfantryBlue Tome3536311630148
Mamori Microwavin Idol Face FC.webpMamori: Microwavin' IdolArmoredGreen Axe4337244233179
Mareeta Sword of Stars Face FC.webpMareeta: Sword of StarsInfantryRed Sword4135423123172
Mareeta The Blades Pawn Face FC.webpMareeta: The Blade's PawnInfantryRed Sword4233412923168
Maria Minervas Sister Face FC.webpMaria: Minerva's SisterInfantryColorless Staff3627341932148
Maribelle Dire Damsel Face FC.webpMaribelle: Dire DamselCavalryColorless Staff3435331627145
Marisa Crimson Flash Face FC.webpMarisa: Crimson FlashInfantryRed Sword4630363021163
Marisa Crimson Rabbit Face FC.webpMarisa: Crimson RabbitFlyingBlue Lance4233382821162
Marth Altean Groom Face FC.webpMarth: Altean GroomCavalryGreen Axe4031363020157
Marth Altean Prince Face FC.webpMarth: Altean PrinceInfantryRed Sword4131342923158
Marth Enigmatic Blade Face FC.webpMarth: Enigmatic BladeInfantryRed Sword4334362519157
Marth Hero-King Face FC.webpMarth: Hero-KingInfantryRed Sword4034363221163
Marth Legacied Hero Face FC.webpMarth: Legacied HeroInfantryRed Sword4136373226172
Marth Royal Altean Duo Face FC.webpMarth: Royal Altean DuoArmoredColorless Bow4236413025174
Mathilda Legendary Knight Face FC.webpMathilda: Legendary KnightCavalryBlue Lance3529322434154
Matthew Faithful Spy Face FC.webpMatthew: Faithful SpyInfantryColorless Dagger4125343018148
Mercedes Kindly Devotee Face FC.webpMercedes: Kindly DevoteeInfantryColorless Staff3933302233157
Merric Changing Winds Face FC.webpMerric: Changing WindsInfantryGreen Tome4134412125162
Merric Wind Mage Face FC.webpMerric: Wind MageInfantryGreen Tome4326322819148
Mia Harmonic Blades Face FC.webpMia: Harmonic BladesCavalryColorless Dagger3835411725156
Mia Lady of Blades Face FC.webpMia: Lady of BladesInfantryRed Sword3832402825163
Mia Moonlit Witch Face FC.webpMia: Moonlit WitchFlyingColorless Staff3630342228150
Micaiah Dawn Winds Duo Face FC.webpMicaiah: Dawn Wind's DuoFlyingColorless Tome3939201938155
Micaiah Priestess of Dawn Face FC.webpMicaiah: Priestess of DawnInfantryBlue Tome3535281835151
Micaiah Queen of Dawn Face FC.webpMicaiah: Queen of DawnFlyingGreen Tome3637281737155
Micaiah Summers Dawn Face FC.webpMicaiah: Summer's DawnInfantryRed Tome3334201834139
Michalis Ambitious King Face FC.webpMichalis: Ambitious KingFlyingGreen Axe4334263519157
Midori Reliable Chemist Face FC.webpMidori: Reliable ChemistInfantryRed Bow4141303421167
Mikoto Caring Mother Face FC.webpMikoto: Caring MotherInfantryColorless Staff3835322026151
Mila Goddess of Love Face FC.webpMila: Goddess of LoveInfantryColorless Breath4137174037172
Minerva Princess-Knight Face FC.webpMinerva: Princess-KnightFlyingGreen Axe4036373519167
Minerva Red Dragoon Face FC.webpMinerva: Red DragoonFlyingGreen Axe4031333222158
Mirabilis Daydream Face FC.webpMirabilis: DaydreamFlyingRed Sword3834183235157
Mist Helpful Sister Face FC.webpMist: Helpful SisterInfantryColorless Staff3927282034148
Mist Purest Spirit Face FC.webpMist: Purest SpiritCavalryGreen Tome3634341723144
Mordecai Kindhearted Tiger Face FC.webpMordecai: Kindhearted TigerInfantryBlue Beast4737243920167
Morgan Lad from Afar Face FC.webpMorgan: Lad from AfarInfantryRed Tome3733342026150
Morgan Lass from Afar Face FC.webpMorgan: Lass from AfarFlyingBlue Tome3734301633150
Mustafa Plegian Champion Face FC.webpMustafa: Plegian ChampionInfantryGreen Axe4538253628172
Myrrh Great Dragon Face FC.webpMyrrh: Great DragonFlyingGreen Breath4233253631167
Myrrh Spooky Monster Face FC.webpMyrrh: Spooky MonsterArmoredRed Breath4638234032179
Naesala Skys Shadow Face FC.webpNaesala: Sky's ShadowFlyingBlue Beast3932382429162
Naga Dragon Divinity Face FC.webpNaga: Dragon DivinityFlyingBlue Breath3730363326162
Nagi Dragon Avatar Face FC.webpNagi: Dragon AvatarArmoredGreen Breath4637193641179
Nah Little Miss Face FC.webpNah: Little MissInfantryRed Breath4434253832173
Nailah Blessed Queen Face FC.webpNailah: Blessed QueenInfantryGreen Beast4035413125172
Nailah Unflinching Eye Face FC.webpNailah: Unflinching EyeInfantryBlue Beast4031373223163
Nanna Nordion Princess Face FC.webpNanna: Nordion PrincessCavalryColorless Staff3627342126144
Narcian Vernal General Face FC.webpNarcian: Vernal GeneralFlyingBlue Lance4335343718167
Narcian Wyvern General Face FC.webpNarcian: Wyvern GeneralFlyingGreen Axe4229293226158
Navarre Scarlet Sword Face FC.webpNavarre: Scarlet SwordInfantryRed Sword4231372324157
Nephenee Fierce Halberdier Face FC.webpNephenee: Fierce HalberdierInfantryBlue Lance3731353420157
Nephenee Sincere Dancer Face FC.webpNephenee: Sincere DancerInfantryColorless Bow3735362425157
Niles Cruel to Be Kind Face FC.webpNiles: Cruel to Be KindInfantryColorless Bow3725341734147
Niles Forbidden Tease Face FC.webpNiles: Forbidden TeaseArmoredBlue Bow3734392529164
Nils Bright Bard Face FC.webpNils: Bright BardInfantryBlue Breath4531352625162
Nina Eye Spy Face FC.webpNina: Eye SpyInfantryColorless Bow3532371631151
Ninian Bright-Eyed Bride Face FC.webpNinian: Bright-Eyed BrideFlyingBlue Tome3428331827140
Ninian Oracle of Destiny Face FC.webpNinian: Oracle of DestinyInfantryBlue Breath4224332327149
Nino Flower of Frost Face FC.webpNino: Flower of FrostArmoredBlue Tome4035412231169
Nino Pale Flower Face FC.webpNino: Pale FlowerFlyingGreen Tome3633381725149
Nino Pious Mage Face FC.webpNino: Pious MageInfantryGreen Tome3333361926147
Noire Shade Seeker Face FC.webpNoire: Shade SeekerInfantryColorless Bow3632362720151
Norne The Volunteer Face FC.webpNorne: The VolunteerInfantryColorless Bow4232363127168
Nowi Eternal Witch Face FC.webpNowi: Eternal WitchFlyingRed Tome3434322027147
Nowi Eternal Youth Face FC.webpNowi: Eternal YouthInfantryBlue Breath4534273027163
Oboro Fierce Bride-to-Be Face FC.webpOboro: Fierce Bride-to-BeInfantryRed Sword4239354016172
Oboro Fierce Fighter Face FC.webpOboro: Fierce FighterInfantryBlue Lance4032263524157
Odin Potent Force Face FC.webpOdin: Potent ForceInfantryBlue Tome4322322525147
Ogma Loyal Blade Face FC.webpOgma: Loyal BladeInfantryRed Sword4735342813157
Oliver Admirer of Beauty Face FC.webpOliver: Admirer of BeautyInfantryBlue Tome4232202334151
Olivia Blushing Beauty Face FC.webpOlivia: Blushing BeautyInfantryRed Sword3628332726150
Olivia Festival Dancer Face FC.webpOlivia: Festival DancerInfantryColorless Dagger3428341628140
Olivia Sky-High Dancer Face FC.webpOlivia: Sky-High DancerFlyingRed Sword3630342623149
Olwen Blue Mage Knight Face FC.webpOlwen: Blue Mage KnightCavalryBlue Tome3426342030144
Olwen Righteous Knight Face FC.webpOlwen: Righteous KnightCavalryGreen Tome3430351927145
Ophelia Dramatic Heroine Face FC.webpOphelia: Dramatic HeroineInfantryBlue Tome3837332023151
Oscar Agile Horseman Face FC.webpOscar: Agile HorsemanCavalryBlue Lance4033342621154
Osian Scolded Soldier Face FC.webpOsian: Scolded SoldierInfantryGreen Axe4235363327173
Owain Chosen One Face FC.webpOwain: Chosen OneInfantryRed Sword4132373122163
Palla Eldest Bun-Bun Face FC.webpPalla: Eldest Bun-BunFlyingRed Dagger3837341729155
Palla Eldest Whitewing Face FC.webpPalla: Eldest WhitewingFlyingRed Sword4231312826158
Palla Sisterly Trio Face FC.webpPalla: Sisterly TrioFlyingBlue Lance4039313324167
Panne Proud Taguel Face FC.webpPanne: Proud TaguelCavalryBlue Beast4129343023157
Pent Fancy Fiance Face FC.webpPent: Fancy FiancéCavalryBlue Tome3733341921144
Peony Sweet Dream Face FC.webpPeony: Sweet DreamFlyingBlue Tome3831361624145
Perceval Knightly Ideal Face FC.webpPerceval: Knightly IdealCavalryBlue Lance3832372827162
Peri Playful Slayer Face FC.webpPeri: Playful SlayerCavalryBlue Lance3533332330154
Petra Princess of Brigid Face FC.webpPetra: Princess of BrigidFlyingBlue Dagger4032382520155
Petrine Icy Flame-Lancer Face FC.webpPetrine: Icy Flame-LancerCavalryBlue Lance4235373024168
Phina Roving Dancer Face FC.webpPhina: Roving DancerInfantryRed Sword4035372623161
Priscilla Delicate Princess Face FC.webpPriscilla: Delicate PrincessCavalryColorless Staff3629291932145
Python Apathetic Archer Face FC.webpPython: Apathetic ArcherCavalryGreen Bow3832353120156
Quan Lightfoot Prince Face FC.webpQuan: Lightfoot PrinceFlyingBlue Bow4041203620157
Quan Luminous Lancer Face FC.webpQuan: Luminous LancerCavalryBlue Lance4437293116157
Rafiel Blessed Wings Face FC.webpRafiel: Blessed WingsInfantryBlue Beast3828352041162
Raigh Dark Child Face FC.webpRaigh: Dark ChildInfantryRed Tome3632292229148
Ranulf Friend of Nations Face FC.webpRanulf: Friend of NationsCavalryGreen Beast4030373317157
Rath Wolf of Sacae Face FC.webpRath: Wolf of SacaeCavalryGreen Bow4133352324156
Raven Peerless Fighter Face FC.webpRaven: Peerless FighterInfantryGreen Axe4134352522157
Rebecca Wildflower Face FC.webpRebecca: WildflowerInfantryColorless Bow3729342127148
Reinhardt Lightnings Rondo Face FC.webpReinhardt: Lightning's RondoFlyingGreen Tome3834212725145
Reinhardt Thunders Fist Face FC.webpReinhardt: Thunder's FistCavalryBlue Tome3832232725145
Reinhardt Thunders Sword Face FC.webpReinhardt: Thunder's SwordCavalryRed Sword4035233128157
Reyson White Prince Face FC.webpReyson: White PrinceFlyingGreen Beast3729342426150
Rhajat Black Magician Face FC.webpRhajat: Black MagicianInfantryGreen Tome3635342124150
Rhys Gentle Basker Face FC.webpRhys: Gentle BaskerInfantryColorless Staff4434272136162
Rinea Reminiscent Belle Face FC.webpRinea: Reminiscent BelleInfantryBlue Tome3830332328152
Rinkah Scion of Flame Face FC.webpRinkah: Scion of FlameInfantryGreen Axe4034394118172
Robin Fell Reincarnation Face FC.webpRobin: Fell ReincarnationArmoredGreen Breath4840243527174
Robin Fell Vessel Face FC.webpRobin: Fell VesselFlyingColorless Breath4032353025162
Robin Festive Tactician Face FC.webpRobin: Festive TacticianArmoredBlue Lance4535343525174
Robin High Deliverer Face FC.webpRobin: High DelivererInfantryBlue Tome4029292922149
Robin Mystery Tactician Face FC.webpRobin: Mystery TacticianInfantryGreen Tome4029292922149
Robin Seaside Tactician Face FC.webpRobin: Seaside TacticianInfantryBlue Lance3532342829158
Roderick Steady Squire Face FC.webpRoderick: Steady SquireCavalryBlue Lance4031342524154
Rolf Tricky Archer Face FC.webpRolf: Tricky ArcherCavalryColorless Bow4030362823157
Ross His Fathers Son Face FC.webpRoss: His Father's SonInfantryGreen Axe4738313224172
Roy Blazing Lion Face FC.webpRoy: Blazing LionInfantryRed Sword3934383226169
Roy Brave Lion Face FC.webpRoy: Brave LionCavalryRed Sword3832342624154
Roy Young Lion Face FC.webpRoy: Young LionInfantryRed Sword4430312528158
Roy Youthful Gifts Face FC.webpRoy: Youthful GiftsCavalryColorless Bow3435192730145
Rudolf Emperor of Rigel Face FC.webpRudolf: Emperor of RigelArmoredBlue Lance4643214129180
Rutger Lone Swordsman Face FC.webpRutger: Lone SwordsmanInfantryRed Sword4432392924168
Ryoma Dancing Samurai Face FC.webpRyoma: Dancing SamuraiInfantryBlue Dagger3632342117140
Ryoma Peerless Samurai Face FC.webpRyoma: Peerless SamuraiInfantryRed Sword4134352721158
Ryoma Samurai at Ease Face FC.webpRyoma: Samurai at EaseFlyingBlue Lance4035362823162
Ryoma Supreme Samurai Face FC.webpRyoma: Supreme SamuraiFlyingRed Sword4134392820162
Saber Driven Mercenary Face FC.webpSaber: Driven MercenaryInfantryRed Sword4031333222158
Saias Bishop of Flame Face FC.webpSaias: Bishop of FlameInfantryBlue Tome3633301834151
Saizo Angry Ninja Face FC.webpSaizo: Angry NinjaInfantryColorless Dagger3629343316148
Sakura Gentle Nekomata Face FC.webpSakura: Gentle NekomataInfantryColorless Dagger3332341434147
Sakura Hot-Spring Healer Face FC.webpSakura: Hot-Spring HealerFlyingColorless Staff3635322621150
Sakura Loving Priestess Face FC.webpSakura: Loving PriestessInfantryColorless Staff3628302430148
Sanaki Apostle in White Face FC.webpSanaki: Apostle in WhiteFlyingGreen Tome3536301633150
Sanaki Begnions Apostle Face FC.webpSanaki: Begnion's ApostleInfantryRed Tome3337261734147
Sayri Chonsins Blade Face FC.webpSay'ri: Chon'sin's BladeInfantryRed Sword4035402334172
Selena Cutting Wit Face FC.webpSelena: Cutting WitInfantryRed Sword3725353228157
Selena Sandbar Fluorspar Face FC.webpSelena: Sandbar FluorsparCavalryGreen Tome3637371723150
Seliph Heir of Light Face FC.webpSeliph: Heir of LightInfantryRed Sword4734243022157
Seliph Scion of Light Face FC.webpSeliph: Scion of LightCavalryRed Sword4141173726162
Selkie Free Spirit Face FC.webpSelkie: Free SpiritCavalryBlue Beast3529381935156
Selkie New Years Spirit Face FC.webpSelkie: New Year's SpiritCavalryColorless Beast3531391640161
Serra Outspoken Cleric Face FC.webpSerra: Outspoken ClericInfantryColorless Staff3330312133148
Seth Silver Knight Face FC.webpSeth: Silver KnightCavalryRed Sword3732313222154
Setsuna Absent Archer Face FC.webpSetsuna: Absent ArcherInfantryColorless Bow3728372223147
Shanna Sprightly Flier Face FC.webpShanna: Sprightly FlierFlyingBlue Lance3930352529158
Shannan Wielder of Astra Face FC.webpShannan: Wielder of AstraInfantryRed Sword4338363718172
Sharena Princess of Askr Face FC.webpSharena: Princess of AskrInfantryBlue Lance4332322922158
Sharena Spring Princess Face FC.webpSharena: Spring PrincessInfantryGreen Tome3732361630151
Sheena Princess of Gra Face FC.webpSheena: Princess of GraArmoredGreen Axe4530253633169
Shigure Dark Sky Singer Face FC.webpShigure: Dark Sky SingerInfantryBlue Tome3431292124139
Shigure Uplifting Artist Face FC.webpShigure: Uplifting ArtistFlyingBlue Lance4033372725162
Shinon Scathing Archer Face FC.webpShinon: Scathing ArcherInfantryColorless Bow4038422724171
Shiro Raw Talent Face FC.webpShiro: Raw TalentInfantryBlue Lance4135303522163
Siegbert Future King Face FC.webpSiegbert: Future KingCavalryRed Sword4134353116157
Sigrun Loyal Protector Face FC.webpSigrun: Loyal ProtectorFlyingBlue Lance3732362834167
Sigrun Steadfast Bride Face FC.webpSigrun: Steadfast BrideFlyingRed Sword3531382731162
Sigurd Destined Duo Face FC.webpSigurd: Destined DuoCavalryRed Tome3838181637147
Sigurd Holy Knight Face FC.webpSigurd: Holy KnightCavalryRed Sword4135323417159
Silas Loyal Knight Face FC.webpSilas: Loyal KnightCavalryBlue Lance4035243621156
Silque Adherent of Mila Face FC.webpSilque: Adherent of MilaInfantryColorless Staff3933233531161
Silque Selfless Cleric Face FC.webpSilque: Selfless ClericCavalryColorless Staff4028223229151
Silvia Traveling Dancer Face FC.webpSilvia: Traveling DancerInfantryRed Sword4027361730150
Sirius Mysterious Knight Face FC.webpSirius: Mysterious KnightCavalryBlue Lance4034373516162
Soleil Adorable Adorer Face FC.webpSoleil: Adorable AdorerInfantryRed Sword3738352824162
Sonya Vengeful Mage Face FC.webpSonya: Vengeful MageInfantryGreen Tome3633311532147
Sophia Nabata Prophet Face FC.webpSophia: Nabata ProphetInfantryRed Tome4033192829149
Soren Addled Strategist Face FC.webpSoren: Addled StrategistCavalryBlue Tome3735331425144
Soren Shrewd Strategist Face FC.webpSoren: Shrewd StrategistInfantryGreen Tome3633331729148
Sothe Zephyr Face FC.webpSothe: ZephyrInfantryColorless Dagger3936332221151
Sothis Girl on the Throne Face FC.webpSothis: Girl on the ThroneInfantryRed Breath4134393227173
Sothis Silver Specter Face FC.webpSothis: Silver SpecterArmoredGreen Breath4435413035185
Stahl Viridian Knight Face FC.webpStahl: Viridian KnightCavalryRed Sword4531263022154
Subaki Perfect Expert Face FC.webpSubaki: Perfect ExpertFlyingBlue Lance4025353522157
Sue Doe of the Plains Face FC.webpSue: Doe of the PlainsCavalryGreen Bow3632382320149
Sully Crimson Knight Face FC.webpSully: Crimson KnightCavalryBlue Lance4226342428154
Sumia Maid of Flowers Face FC.webpSumia: Maid of FlowersFlyingBlue Lance3930392925162
Surtr Ruler of Flame Face FC.webpSurtr: Ruler of FlameArmoredGreen Axe5039174033179
Sylvain Hanging with Tens Face FC.webpSylvain: Hanging with TensCavalryGreen Tome4232352716152
Tailtiu Thunder Noble Face FC.webpTailtiu: Thunder NobleInfantryBlue Tome3932351725148
Takumi Empty Vessel Face FC.webpTakumi: Empty VesselInfantryColorless Bow3731342524151
Takumi Prince at Play Face FC.webpTakumi: Prince at PlayFlyingColorless Bow4035352119150
Takumi Prince of Soup Face FC.webpTakumi: Prince of SoupInfantryColorless Dagger4034341727152
Takumi Wild Card Face FC.webpTakumi: Wild CardInfantryColorless Bow4032332518148
Tana Noble and Nimble Face FC.webpTana: Noble and NimbleFlyingRed Tome3533362025149
Tana Winged Princess Face FC.webpTana: Winged PrincessFlyingBlue Lance3634362525156
Tanith Forthright Heart Face FC.webpTanith: Forthright HeartFlyingBlue Lance3734363321161
Tanya Dagdars Kid Face FC.webpTanya: Dagdar's KidInfantryColorless Bow4130372528161
Tethys Beloved Dancer Face FC.webpTethys: Beloved DancerInfantryColorless Dagger3827352334157
Tharja Normal Girl Face FC.webpTharja: "Normal Girl"ArmoredRed Tome4334183436165
Tharja Dark Shadow Face FC.webpTharja: Dark ShadowInfantryRed Tome3932342320148
Tharja Obsessive Bride Face FC.webpTharja: Obsessive BrideInfantryRed Tome3935352121151
Thea Stormy Flier Face FC.webpThea: Stormy FlierFlyingBlue Lance3731353128162
Thrasir Omnicidal Witch Face FC.webpThrasir: Omnicidal WitchInfantryGreen Tome4033392327162
Tibarn Lord of the Air Face FC.webpTibarn: Lord of the AirFlyingRed Beast4138313418162
Tibarn Shipless Pirate Face FC.webpTibarn: Shipless PirateFlyingColorless Beast4241303618167
Tiki Beachside Scion Face FC.webpTiki: Beachside ScionFlyingRed Breath4033373226168
Tiki Dragon Scion Face FC.webpTiki: Dragon ScionInfantryRed Breath4131303229163
Tiki Legendary Dragon Face FC.webpTiki: Legendary DragonArmoredBlue Breath4534353729180
Tiki Nagas Voice Face FC.webpTiki: Naga's VoiceInfantryRed Breath4035233524157
Tiki Summering Scion Face FC.webpTiki: Summering ScionInfantryGreen Axe3536303224157
Tiki Torpid Dragon Face FC.webpTiki: Torpid DragonArmoredColorless Breath4536343728180
Titania Mighty Mercenary Face FC.webpTitania: Mighty MercenaryCavalryGreen Axe3728342530154
Titania Warm Knight Face FC.webpTitania: Warm KnightCavalryRed Tome3530331730145
Tobin The Clueless One Face FC.webpTobin: The Clueless OneInfantryRed Sword4631273326163
Travant King of Thracia Face FC.webpTravant: King of ThraciaFlyingBlue Lance4636264018166
Tsubasa Madcap Idol Face FC.webpTsubasa: Madcap IdolFlyingBlue Lance3932402630167
Ursula Blue Crow Face FC.webpUrsula: Blue CrowCavalryBlue Tome3529321930145
Ursula Clear-Blue Crow Face FC.webpUrsula: Clear-Blue CrowCavalryColorless Dagger3636341628150
Valbar Open and Honest Face FC.webpValbar: Open and HonestArmoredBlue Lance4935253826173
Valter Dark Moonstone Face FC.webpValter: Dark MoonstoneFlyingBlue Lance4232313419158
Velouria Wolf Cub Face FC.webpVelouria: Wolf CubInfantryColorless Beast4035373323168
Veronica Brave Princess Face FC.webpVeronica: Brave PrincessCavalryColorless Staff3632362119144
Veronica Harmonic Pirates Face FC.webpVeronica: Harmonic PiratesCavalryGreen Axe3839193629161
Veronica Spring Princess Face FC.webpVeronica: Spring PrincessFlyingGreen Tome3835361625150
Virion Elite Archer Face FC.webpVirion: Elite ArcherInfantryColorless Bow4631312613147
Walhart The Conqueror Face FC.webpWalhart: The ConquerorCavalryGreen Axe4137273616157
Wolt Sunbeam Archer Face FC.webpWolt: Sunbeam ArcherCavalryGreen Bow4034342517150
Wrys Kindly Priest Face FC.webpWrys: Kindly PriestInfantryColorless Staff4224232236147
Xander Dancing Knight Face FC.webpXander: Dancing KnightInfantryColorless Dagger3835173416140
Xander Paragon Knight Face FC.webpXander: Paragon KnightCavalryRed Sword4432243717154
Xander Spring Prince Face FC.webpXander: Spring PrinceCavalryBlue Lance4025283526154
Xander Student Swimmer Face FC.webpXander: Student SwimmerInfantryGreen Axe4332303616157
Yarne Timid Taguel Face FC.webpYarne: Timid TaguelCavalryGreen Beast4035333217157
Ylgr Breaking the Ice Face FC.webpYlgr: Breaking the IceInfantryGreen Axe4235363025168
Ylgr Fresh Snowfall Face FC.webpYlgr: Fresh SnowfallInfantryBlue Dagger3833382220151
Yune Chaos Goddess Face FC.webpYune: Chaos GoddessFlyingGreen Tome3833271537150
Zelgius Jet-Black General Face FC.webpZelgius: Jet-Black GeneralArmoredRed Sword4636333821174
Zephiel The Liberator Face FC.webpZephiel: The LiberatorArmoredRed Sword5535163824168
Zephiel Winters Crown Face FC.webpZephiel: Winter's CrownArmoredRed Sword4838193836179