Live for Honor

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General Builds
Type Icon Name SP Required Description
B Live for Honor.png Live for Honor 100 SP If unit survives, get 1.5x badges from a Training Tower map.
(Only highest value applied. Does not stack.)
No restrictions.

List of Heroes with Live for Honor[edit | edit source]

HeroSkill chain
Henry Happy Vampire Face FC.png
Live for Honor
Kagero Spring Ninja Face FC.png
Live for Honor
Xander Spring Prince Face FC.png
Live for Honor

In other languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name
Japanese 栄誉の喜び
German Für Ehre
Spanish (Europe) Vivir por el honor
Spanish (Latin America) Vivir por el honor
French Honneur
Italian Vita e onore
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 榮譽之喜悅

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