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Present List

Log-In Bonuses are special presents containing some valuable rewards, such as  Orbs,  Heroic Grails and even Heroes. They can be receives by visiting the Present List hold by Feh on the Home Screen.

There is two kind of log-in bonuses, daily Log-In Bonus, and one-time log-in bonuses. Daily log-in bonuses grant different rewards every day, up to a certain amount of day. That means players may not acquire the maximum amount of rewards if they do not launch the game regularly. On the contrary, one-time log-in bonuses grant all their rewards at their beginning.

Current Log-In Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Daily Log-In Bonuses

New Heroes Log-In Bonus (Goddess's Servants) –  13
Daily Log-In Bonus –  100

Temporary One-Time Log-In Bonuses

Currently no such Log-In Bonuses

Permanent One-Time Log-In Bonuses

My Nintendo Rewards –  10 3 10,000
Thanks for Playing Gift – Takumi Wild Card Face FC.webpPane 4.png 13,200 60 30 30 60 20,432 10,216 10,216 20,432
First visit to Equip Accessories – Acc 3 0005 0.webpPane 1.pngAcc 2 0004 0.webpPane 1.png
First Visit to Use Heroic Grail –  200
First visit to Aether Raids –  500
First visit to Aether Resort –  550


List of Log-In Bonuses[edit | edit source]

Gallery[edit | edit source]

In other languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name
English (US) Log-In Bonus
Japanese ログインボーナス
German Log-in-bonus
Spanish (Europe) Bonificación
Spanish (Latin America) Bonificación
French Bonus de connexion
Italian Bonus di accesso
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 登入獎勵
Portuguese Bônus diário