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Summoning Hero
  • “If you’ll allow me, I can be your strength.” (Movie)
  • “I am Marth, Prince of Altea. It is good to make your acquaintance. Like you, I desire peace above all.”
Friend Greetings
  • “Pardon the intrusion. I was asked to come say hello by [Friend].”
  • “This world is beautiful… It reminds me of my own homeland.”
  • “I am no Hero-King. I only stopped the war thanks to my many allies.”
  • “It’s strange. I feel like you are a part of me-as if we have been together forever.”
  • “Thank you for everything you do for us. If ever you find yourself in need, I want you to rely on us.”
  • “I cannot allow a single one of my friends to die. Together, you and I, with everyone else, will win this war.”
Character Page

Icon Rarity 4.png Play *Laughs*
Icon Rarity 4.png Play "What’s wrong? And how may I help?"
Icon Rarity 4.png Play "I admire how you lead your troops in battle."
Icon Rarity 4.png Play "You, too, are blessed with wonderful allies."
Icon Rarity 4.png Play "This circlet I wear? A gift from…someone dear to me."
Icon Rarity 4.png Play "It seems every world is war torn…"
Icon Rarity 5.png Play "I don’t want anyone to die. Surely you feel the same way."
Icon Rarity 5.png Play "I enjoy this time with you. My troubles seem to melt away."

Leveling Up
  • (+0, +1 Points) “My apologies. It seems I am not myself today.”
  • (+2, +3 Points) “I shall do my best to always improve.”
  • (+4, +5 Points) “Let this be a ray of hope that lights the way for others!”
Learning Skills
  • “May I help end the fighting with this ray of hope.”
Turn Action
Special Skill
  • Play "My prayers are with you."
  • Play "Forgive me."
  • Play "I must end you."
  • Play "Fate has brought us here."
  • “Over all the battles we’ve fought together, I have come to see my own powerlessness.
    As but one, I cannot accomplish anything. Together, we can face everything.
    That is why having you at my side gives me courage beyond the telling of it.
    I shall continue to fight at your side as long as you will allow me.
    I am eternally grateful that we may count on one another.”