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Overview[edit source]

Icon Portrait Marth.png

Role: Frontline Unit/Tank

Icon Skill Weapon.png Falchion
Icon Skill Assist.png Pivot
Icon Skill Special.png -
Empty Passive Icon.png
Passive Icon A.png
Escape Route 3.png
Passive Icon B.png
Escape Route 3
Spur Spd 3.png
Passive Icon C.png
Spur Spd 3

Compared to other Falchion-users, Marth can be seen as a bulkier but slower and weaker version of Lucina, a bulkier and faster version of Alm, and also a faster and more magic resistant version of Chrom. More than anything, Marth is best used as a frontline attacker who has great bulk because of his stat-spread and mobility thanks to his initial skills, Pivot and Escape Route who also has good longevity thanks to his personal weapon, the Falchion which grants him the skill Renewal. He initially lacks a special, but this can be easily fixed thanks to Skill Inheritance.

Highlights[edit source]

Pros Cons

+ Good base ATK, and SPD, decent DEF and RES.

+ Built-in Renewal into Weapon.

+ Unique weapon is effective against dragons.

+ Fury works really well because of Falchion's healing

- Low base RES which leaves him open to ORKO from powerful mages.

- Most common Dragon units are Blue thus difficult to kill (especially Nowi who usually runs Triangle Adept).

Checks & Counters[edit source]

  • Mages: Usually, powerful mages will be able to completely annihilate him because of his low RES rating. Also, some mages tend to run skills like Swordbreaker to check Red units and thus can take advantage of Marth's low RES.
  • Bulky Lance Wielders: Characters like these will be able to tank a hit from Marth with ease and deal powerful fatal blows in retaliation.

Red Units

Blue Units

Team Options[edit source]

  •  Icon Portrait Julia.png Julia: Not only Julia but green units in general like  Icon Portrait Nino.png Nino and  Icon Portrait Soren.png Soren can check troublesome Blue units like  Icon Portrait Nowi.png Nowi,  Icon Portrait Linde.png Linde,  Icon Portrait Effie.png Effie and alike but it should be worth mentioning that Julia has the best RES among the green mages and thus has an advantage in taking care of the said threats. Julia also has the capability to heal Marth with her skill, Breath of Life which helps offset the damage he takes from Fury.
  •  Icon Portrait Hector.png Hector: Like Julia, Hector will be able to check Blue Units Marth may have trouble dealing with while also providing him some cover in exchange for recovery should Marth run Reciprocal Aid.

Recommended Builds[edit source]

Recommended builds are builds that have been curated by build reviewers.
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Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Melee Bruiser
IVs: +Spd/-Res
Empty Passive Icon.png
Passive Icon C.png
Empty Passive Icon.png
Passive Icon S.png
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A description has not been written for this build yet.
Dueling Sword.png Optimal
Stamina Potion.png Chain
Empty Passive Icon.png
Passive Icon C.png
Empty Passive Icon.png
Passive Icon S.png
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Marth carves himself a niche as a healer, thanks to his weapon, B skill, and his Assist.

He wields the Icon Skill Weapon.png FalchionIcon Skill Weapon.png Falchion (16 Mt, 400 SP)

Effect: Effective against dragons. Icon Class Breath.png
At the start of every third turn, unit recovers 10 HP.
, which heals 10 HP at the start of every third turn. It's also effective against dragons, allowing him to do considerable damage to them.

His preferred Assist is Icon Skill Assist.png Reciprocal AidIcon Skill Assist.png Reciprocal Aid (150 SP)

Effect: Swap HP with adjacent ally (neither unit can go above their max HP).
, as it can be used as a way to heal his injured allies by swapping his HP with theirs, while he can then make up for the health loss through his own skills. He can help bring an injured ally on the brink of death back to proper health this way, allowing for some big heals.

His preferred is Icon Skill Special.png MoonbowIcon Skill Special.png Moonbow (2 CD, 200 SP)

Effect: Resolve combat as if foe suffered Def/Res-30%.
, thanks to its fast charge and defense piercing effect, which can help Marth break through tougher opponents.

His A skill is Fury 3.png Fury 3, as it bolsters all of his stats, improving his overall combat performance. The recoil damage from Fury is made up for through his self recovery.

His B skill is Renewal 3.png Renewal 3, which heals 10 HP at the start of every second turn. With this and the Falchion's effect, he'll be restoring HP at least every other turn, and if the battle is drawn out long enough, he can even heal 20 HP in a single turn.

His C skill is flexible, and can be whatever the player needs.

Marth is best used during game modes of endurance, as he can actually hold his own against enemies unlike most staff users. In modes like the Tempest and Chain Challenge, Marth can restore 20 HP at the start of each map, which he can then share with his injured allies. This is due to the Falchion's effect and Renewal's effect both being able to stack.

-- CV