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Battles Micaiah: Dawn Wind's Duo appears in

Availability[edit | edit source]

This unit is not in the general summoning pool.

Summoning Focus

Bonus Hero history

Arena[edit source]

  • This Hero has not been featured in any Arena season.

Aether Raids[edit source]

  • Season 82:

Tempest Trials[edit source]


Bridal Beloveds


Can weaken enemies and boost their own damage by the same amount! Effective against armored and cavalry.


結婚はまだ早い?仲睦まじくも戸惑う二人。 比翼スキルで敵弱化&弱化分ダメージ加算! 攻撃魔防が最大+18!重装騎馬にも特効!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

In other languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name
Japanese 銀の姉と緑の弟 ミカヤ
German Micaiah: Duo des Lichts
Spanish (Europe) Micaiah: Dúo verdiargento
Spanish (Latin America) Micaiah: Dúo verdiargento
French Micaiah : Zéphyr de l'Aube
Italian Micaiah, Il duo luminoso
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 銀之姐與綠之弟 米卡雅
Portuguese Micaiah: Dupla da aurora

Gallery[edit | edit source]