New Feature: Sacred Seals (Notification)

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Equip a Sacred Seal and power up!

This new feature lets you equip your Heroes with Sacred Seals to enhance their abilities further. Give Sacred Seals to your favorite Heroes, and take their power to new heights!

You can get Sacred Seals as rewards from special quests and other events in the future. There are lots of different types of seals planned, so keep your eyes peeled!

What Are Sacred Seals?
Sacred Seals are a new way to power up your Heroes. There are different types of Sacred Seals, which means that you'll get access to different types of powers. After you obtain a Sacred Seal, tap Allies and the Equip Seals. Next, select the Hero who will equip the Sacred Seal!

Sacred Seal Ownership Details
You cannot own more than one of the same Sacred Seal. However, if you do happen to obtain a duplicate, it will automatically be exchanged for Hero FeathersHero Feather.png!

How Do Sacred Seals Work?
Each Hero can equip only one Sacred Seal.

You can remove a Sacred Seal from a Hero at any time.

Anna: Commander

"We've got this great Sacred Seal, but who do we give it to...? It's so hard to decide!"