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Summoning[edit | edit source]

The name's Niles... Is it a trick you want or a treat? Whichever it is your heart desires...I'll see it done.

俺はゼロ… トリックもトリートも…お望みどおり、 たっぷりとくれてやるよ。

Castle[edit | edit source]

I'm wearing the outfit, so I might as well play the part. You're in for a treat you won't soon forget...

俺をこんな姿にしちまうなんてな… いいぜ、たっぷりと応えてやる。 忘れられない祭りにしてやるよ…

Outfits such as these can make Nohrian festivals feel quite... provocative. Don't you agree?
Don't be afraid to let your wild side take over for a bit.

暗夜の祭り…なかなか刺激的だろ? あんたも身体が火照るまま、 熱狂に身を任せてみな。

I tracked down the sweetest treat I could find, just for you. It looks delicious, no? Let me feed it to you.

アメ玉なんかより、もっと甘いモノを… あんたのクチにぶちこんでやろうか?

You want me to teach you some pranks? My, my, don't we have a naughty side.
However, I must warn you to exercise caution... One taste of my particular brand and you may become addicted.

悪い遊びを覚えたいのか? 俺のトリックはひと味もふた味も違う。 一度味わうと…クセになっちまうぜ。

A trick...or a treat... I wonder which the young prince desires?

トリックか、トリートか… あんたの王子サマは、 どっちを欲しがってるんだ?

Friend greeting[edit | edit source]

I have a message for you from [Friend].
Go on, take it. Don't keep me from my fun.

[Friend]から伝言だ。 収穫祭がアツすぎて もう我慢の限界らしいぜ…?

Leveling up[edit | edit source]

+[4,5] points[edit | edit source]

Isn't festival time simply the best?


+[2,3] points[edit | edit source]

I thought I could manage, but at this rate...I'm likely to burst.

もっとイケると思ったんだがな… このままじゃ暴発しちまいそうだ。

+[0,1] points[edit | edit source]

This is simply stifling... Don't blame me for what happens next.

お預けをくらった気分だ… 次はどうなっても知らないぜ?

Ally Growth[edit | edit source]

I can't be stopped now. I will not yield until my harvest bears fruit!

俺は誰にも止められないぜ? 徹底的に収穫してやるよ…

5★ LV. 40 conversation[edit | edit source]

There's no time of year quite like festival time. The wild enthusiasm ignites the very soul.
It allows us to show a whole new side of become entirely new people.
There's no need to hide who you are in the first place, as far as I'm concerned.
Bring out your true self, the you that truly burns deep inside. If you keep it locked up...
It can get so hot you'll feel as though it will burn you from the inside out.
You are not a truly virtuous person. Your one true wish is not for peace. Deep down, you yearn for more.
This is not the only time of the year you wear a mask...
I'm right, aren't I? It's a good thing, being true to yourself. I'll reach down deep and harvest it out of you myself.
There is no need to hide who you need to restrain yourself... when it comes to us.

祭りはイイねえ… 熱狂が魂を焦がし 普段とは違う素顔を引っ張り出す。
あんたも隠さなくてもいいんだぜ? 魂の奧でたぎってる、ヤケドしそうに アツいやつ…さらけだしてみなよ。
あんたは善人なんかじゃない。 平和なんか求めちゃいない。 皆のためにそう振舞ってるだけだ。
本当は心の奥底に、 どろどろしたものを抱えている… そうだろう?
いいぜ、あんたの本性… 俺がたっぷりと収穫してやる。 俺とあんたの仲だ、遠慮はなしだぜ。

Attack[edit | edit source]

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Damage[edit | edit source]

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Audio Transcription

Special trigger[edit | edit source]

Audio Transcription
I won't be gentle.
Trick? Or treat?
Are you scared yet?
Have some candy.
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Defeat[edit | edit source]

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I've been revealed...
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Status page[edit | edit source]

Audio Transcription Rarity
You're not going to dress up? It's nice, sometimes... Becoming someone different. 1★
Ooh! A little to the left... 1★
Always so needy. Do you really want me that badly? 1★
If you want some of my candy... You're going to have to beg. Say, "pretty please." 4★
What a naughty summoner. You must be aching for a sweet treat. Or is it a trick you want? 4★
Festivals are fine on their own, but...let's turn up the heat, shall we? 5★
For you... I have a trick, and a treat. 5★
Audio Transcription Rarity
へぇ…? 1★
あんたは着替えないのか? 普段と違う自分ってのもイイものだぜ… 1★
ん? なんだ…誘ってるのか? 1★
欲しがりだな。そんなに俺に悪戯して欲しいのか? 1★
お菓子が欲しいなら、ください…っておねだりしてみな。 4★
いやらしいな…お菓子も悪戯も欲しくて、体が疼いてるんだろう? 4★
祭りはイイねえ…もっと熱く、激しくぶつかろうぜ… 5★
あんたには特別に、大人の悪戯をしてやらないとな… 5★

Turn action[edit | edit source]

Audio Transcription
Want some?
Love a good prank...
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Oh, he wandered off mumbling
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