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Phalanx Fest Events

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Frontline Phalanx, a new event in which summoners send their support to Heroes in other worlds, has begun!

Send your Heroes to other other worlds to support Heroes who are struggling against the odds in Frontline Phalanx. Be sure to check out the details on how to play and other useful information! This is a great opportunity to quickly earn 100 Trait Fruit.pngTrait Fruit by completing quests celebrating the debut of this new event, so don't miss out!

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■ What is Frontline Phalanx?

Frontline Phalanx is a new event in which summoners send their support to Heroes in other worlds struggling against the odds. Work with other players while using support forces and Guardian Shields to protect the Heroes!

To celebrate the beginning of the event, Phalanx Fest Events from which you can obtain Trait FruitTrait Fruit.png are happening now, so don't miss out!

■ How to Play

○ Send out support forces!

Deploy support forcesIcon Frontline Phalanx support.png to Heroes surrounded by the enemy army. After an hour passes and the round is over, the Heroes will head into battle with the support forces that were sent to them. One support force is recovered per hour and up to eight forces can be sent at once.

Note: Support forces can be sent to the same Hero once per round.

A boost is displayed for each of the four Heroes. As the boost increases, so does the Hero's attack power, meaning that a higher amount of damage can be dealt to the foe's HP. Under certain conditions, a highly successful attack can take place that will deal even more damage! However, the higher the boost, the lower your chance of a successful attack, so be careful out there!

Tap the Switch Display button to check the success rates. If an attack fails, the Hero's boost will decrease and the success rate will increase.

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If you support both a Hero with a high boost and a Hero with a low boost, you can secure yourself a score!

○ Protect using the Guardian Shield!

The Guardian ShieldGuardian Shield.png is an item that protects against failed attacks. When a Guardian Shield is used, you will earn a victorious score even if you would otherwise be defeated, and a bonus will be added to your score as well. Also, if a lot of players use the Guardian Shield in the same round, the impenetrable defense of Skjaldborg will activate and guarantee a victory!

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Make sure you're using your Guardian Shields when you need them!

The Guardian Shield can be used on Heroes that you deployed support forces to that round. You will only be able to see if other summoners used Guardian Shields on Heroes that you've deployed support forces to that round as well.

Complete Frontline Phalanx quests to get Guardian Shields!

Note: Guardian Shields received do not carry over to other events. Unused Guardian Shields will disappear when the event ends.

○ Defeat three times to complete!

If you achieve victory and defeat a boss, an even stronger boss will appear. Defeat the foe that appears three times within the duration to complete the event.

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Let's work together and drive the enemy out!

■ Rewards

○ Rank Rewards

Your rank among all players will be determined by your score, and you will be rewarded with Hero Feathers according to that rank.

Your score is calculated by multiplying the support forces you deployed by the boost value. A Triumph will double your score, but a Total Loss will reduce it by half. You'll receive an additional bonus if a Guardian Shield is used, and you'll receive an even bigger bonus if Skjaldborg activates!

Earn a high score and try to get a high ranking!

○ Boss Rewards

Each time a boss is defeated, Orbs and Divine Codes (Ephemera) can be earned as rewards.

Note: Boss Rewards can be received even if you do not send out any support forces.

○ Daily Support Rewards

When support forces are deployed, Orbs and Dragonflowers can be earned as rewards once per day.

Note: Play rewards are distributed every day for five days, but if the enemy is defeated before that time is up, players that played every day will be sent the remaining rewards.

■ Optional Settings

The following items can be changed in Settings.

○ Frontline Phalanx Home Notification

Switch the notification for when a round you took part in ends on or off.

○ Frontline Phalanx Foe Marker Display

Switch the display of the red marks indicating the enemy army on or off.

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Now it's our turn to support the Heroes that are always fighting for us!