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Battles Plumeria: Lewd Dream appears in

Availability[edit | edit source]

This unit is not in the general summoning pool.

Summoning event

Bonus Hero history

Arena[edit source]

  • Season 193:  –
  • Season 194:  –

Aether Raids[edit source]

  • Season 101:  –
  • Season 102:  –

Tempest Trials[edit source]

  • This Hero has not been featured in any Tempest Trials event.


Mythic Heroes - Plumeria


Boosts allies stats and inflicts foes with penalties—and has high attack and high resistance of her own!


淫らな夢を見せる、悪夢の国の黒妖精。 味方の能力を上げ、敵の能力を下げられる! さらに自身も高い魔防と攻撃性能を持つ。

Trivia[edit | edit source]

In other languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name
Japanese 淫夢の プルメリア
German Plumeria: Liederlicher Traum
Spanish (Europe) Plumeria: Sueño impúdico
Spanish (Latin America) Plumeria: Sueño impúdico
French Plumeria: Rêve indécent
Italian Plumeria, La fantasia impura
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 淫夢的 普路梅莉亞
Portuguese Plumeria: Sonhos lascivos

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