Quests and Missions (Guide)

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A guide explaining the basics of Quests and Missions.

What Are Quests and Missions?[edit | edit source]

Quests and missions are goals you can complete in the game. Clearing quests can earn you useful or rare items. To get your quests and missions so you can begin working on them, tap the fountain icon from the Home Menu.

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There are My Nintendo missions and quests. These quests and missions update over time. Be sure to check the lists often so you don't miss out. You must accept any rewards for clearing quests while those quests are available, or else they'll disappear!

My Nintendo Missions[edit | edit source]

When on the Quests and Missions screen, tap the icon in the top right to view My Nintendo missions.

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You can get a special type of points for Fire Emblem Heroes when you complete My Nintendo missions.
These can be redeemed for My Nintendo rewards, so be sure to check out the available rewards as well.

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You must link Fire Emblem Heroes to your Nintendo Account to complete My Nintendo missions or get rewards. If you haven't linked your account already, link it now!

Special Quests[edit | edit source]

There are special limited-time quests lists that are distributed every now and then.

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Try to complete all of the quests while they are available. Some quests have varying difficulty options.

Once you clear all of the Normal difficulty quests, you can access the Hard difficulty quests. Clear those to unlock the Lunatic difficulty quests. You can get a lot of rewards by clearing all of these!
Anna: Commander "So many quests and missions... Where should we even begin? They're all worth trying!"