Regarding Revisions to Certain Offerings (Notification)

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Regarding Revisions to Certain Offerings
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Thank you for playing the Fire Emblem Heroes game!

On , certain offerings in Fire Emblem Heroes were revised as follows:

■Old Offerings
・30 Purchased Orbs + 5 Bonus Orbs
・40 Purchased Orbs + 8 Bonus Orbs
・60 Purchased Orbs + 15 Bonus Orbs
・110 Purchased Orbs + 30 Bonus Orbs

■New Offerings
・30 Purchased Orbs + 6 Bonus Orbs
・40 Purchased Orbs + 10 Bonus Orbs
・60 Purchased Orbs + 17 Bonus Orbs
・110 Purchased Orbs + 33 Bonus Orbs

Note: Only the above offerings have been revised.

Please note that the revised descriptions and amounts may take some time to come into effect on certain devices and operating systems. Due to these revisions, the offer descriptions and amounts listed in-game and in the platform's store may be temporarily mismatched. In that case, the descriptions and amounts shown on the purchase confirmation screen in the platform's store are the correct ones. Please confirm the offer descriptions and amounts in the platform's store before making your purchase.

We hope you continue to enjoy playing Fire Emblem Heroes.