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A guide explaining the basics of Rival Domains.

Overview[edit | edit source]

In Rival Domains, even if you defeat all of the enemies on-screen, you won't clear the map. You must destroy the enemy fortress or hold of a continuous stream of reinforcements for 10 turns. Receive score bonuses by attacking with certain types of Heroes and destroy the enemy fortress to earn a high score. You'll have to fight hard to earn the rewards for clearing this map!

Even if you haven't leveled your own Heroes up quite enough, you can recruit your friends' Heroes into your army! Use the Edit Brigades option in the Allies Menu to create your strongest team of up to 20 Heroes.

A new Rival Domains map is released every Saturday at 7:00 AM UTC.

Build Your Brigade[edit | edit source]

Guide Rival Domains 1.png

In the Allies menu, you can create a strong team with up to 20 Heroes.

Even if you're unsure how your own Heroes will fare in battle, it's not a problem. If you have friends, you can select Friend's Allies to add them into your army. Sometimes it's good to rely on friends!

Brigade Restrictions[edit | edit source]

  • You can include only one ally who can use Sing or Dance in your Brigade.
  • Duplicate Heroes are not allowed.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • From within the Rival Domains screen, tap Edit Brigades once to unlock the Edit Brigades option in the Allies menu.
  • The Hero who will be sent to your friends is the Hero in the leftmost position of Team 1.
  • Any empty slots in your brigade will automatically be filled with reinforcements.

A Different Kind of Map[edit | edit source]

The 10 x 8 maps in Rival Domains have different characteristics than normal maps. You must fully grasp those characteristics to be successful in battle.

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Fortresses[edit | edit source]


If your fortress is destroyed, you will lose the battle. Your goal is to try to destroy the enemy's fortress.

A fortress can be destroyed with three attacks. Whenever Heroes are defeated, reinforcements will appear from the fortress.

Camps[edit | edit source]


A camp is a useful location for your army. When you defeat a foe's camp, it will become yours–so try to capture your foe's camps!

Camps can be defeated with two attacks.

Traits That Fortresses and Camps Share[edit | edit source]

Heroes in fortresses and camps will recover 10 HP at the beginning of each turn. Fortresses and camps function as defensive terrain.

Fortresses, camps, and the spaces adjacent to them act as warp points that Heroes can instantly travel between.

If an enemy is in a fortress or camp, the fortress or camp cannot be attack. Any foe on these squares must be defeated first.

The Challenges of Rival Domains[edit | edit source]

There are two ways the battle can end:

  • If one of the fortresses is destroyed
  • If the 10th turn concludes

When the battles ends, you will earn a score based on the objectives listed below. If you reach the target score for a map, you'll earn rewards.

  • Foes Defeated: You will accumulate points for the foes you defeat.
  • Camps Held: Points will be added based on the number of camps you hold.
  • Fortress Defense: Points will be added for how well you defended your fortress
  • Fortress Offense: Points will be added for how effectively you attack the foe's fortress
  • Bonus: Bonus points will be given for using a certain type of Hero to attack foes or other specific conditions on a per-map basis.

Tips for Rival Domains[edit | edit source]

Even if you're struggling, it may be easier to clear them than you might think–with just a few helpful tips.

We'll cover the difference in tactic between the beginning and the endgame, as well as the right team composition to match these phases of play.

Tips on Tactic[edit | edit source]

The tactic you'll want to use for Rival Domains change depending on whether you're at the beginning of the battle or toward the end.

At the Start: Secure the Camp Quickly![edit | edit source]

First, concentrate on taking your foe's camp! Even if enemies are surrounding the camp, capturing it should be your first priority. If you can take the camp, the enemy's ability to advance will be restrained. You will also be able to quickly send your units to the front lines!

To meet this goal, try using Heroes with high movement (Icon Move Cavalry.pngIcon Move Flying.png) or Heroes who can attack from a distance ().

Guide Rival Domains 5.png

The Endgame: Keep Calm and Pick Off Heroes![edit | edit source]

When reinforcement appear every turn, it makes it rather hard to actually defeat the fortress. In other word, if you try too hard to destroy the fortress, you will actually be fighting against yourself, in a way. Keep calm and reduce the enemy's numbers.

If you place your Heroes on the warp points around the foe's fortress, reinforcements will not be able to appear in those spaces. When the enemy numbers are down, it's best to place robust Heroes on the warps. Approach the fortress with Heroes with high stamina (Icon Move Armored.png) and Heroes with healing skills ().

Guide Rival Domains 6.png

Tips for Creating Your Brigade[edit | edit source]

Create a Brigade That Suits the Situation[edit | edit source]

Heroes will be sent out in order, starting from the upper-left slot in the Edit Brigades menu. Create a brigade that fits your beginning and endgame strategies.

Heroes to Start With[edit | edit source]

To take the enemy camp quickly, the attack range of your starting eight Heroes is very important. Heroes with high movement (Icon Move Cavalry.pngIcon Move Flying.png) and Heroes who can attack from a distance () will be of great help. Including a Hero with a Dance or Sing skill could be useful as well.

Heroes for Later On[edit | edit source]

Near the end of the battle. not only do you want to decrease the number of foes but you also want to make sure you can keep your Heroes on the front line. Compared to the Heroes used at the beginning of the battle, more Heroes with high stamina (Icon Move Armored.png) and Heroes with healing skills () can help fill the important role of blocking warp points.

More Tips for Building Your Brigade[edit | edit source]

It's important to have a balanced force that can take on different types of enemy reinforcements.

Be sure to add Heroes with movement types that will score you bonus points for defeating enemies. This can be checked on the menu right before you head into battle. Use only as many as you think are needed.

Guide Rival Domains 7.png

This is just one example. Try thinking of another formation as you consider your own beginning and endgame strategies. If you don't have enough of the right Heroes for the job, try using some of your friends' Heroes as well.

Important Information[edit | edit source]

  • Reinforcements will not gain boosts from seasonal Legendary Effects.
  • If a Rival Domains battle is started prior to the end of the event, you may stop playing and then later resume the battle using bookmark data until two days after the event ends.
  • If a Rival Domains battle is started prior to the end of the event, but not cleared until later than three days after the event ends, the rewards for clearing the battle will no longer be available.