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These skill build pages meant to be used for general skill insight. As these pages are new and still in their infant stages, any suggestions and contributions to improve them are welcome. Feedback can be left on the Skill Build Page Feedback page.

Heroes with curated builds using this skill[edit source]

Submitted builds which use this skill[edit source]

User Submitted Builds
Below are all user-submitted builds. These builds have not been reviewed or were reviewed but deemed in need of improvements - thus the quality of these builds may vary wildly. Please use your own judgment when deciding if any of them fit your needs.
Build Icon Alternative.png Alternative
Build Icon Allpurpose.png All-purpose
Universal Crystal.png Medium investment
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While not having the best base kit in the game, Olivia can carve out a decent budget build. She will want to run '"`UNIQ--item-415--QINU`"' on any build she has, as well as '"`UNIQ--item-418--QINU`"', as they together give Olivia a ton of utility, being able to teleport across the map to give a teammate another action for the turn. '"`UNIQ--item-421--QINU`"' is a decent option to keep as well, as it also lets Olivia buff her teammates, but as always with the C slot it is highly flexible. As for special, Olivia will generally want '"`UNIQ--item-424--QINU`"', since she is decently fast, and by being able to double, you will activate Moonbow more reliably than other specials due to its low cooldown.

The main choice to make with Olivia is if to keep her standard weapon or not. '"`UNIQ--item-427--QINU`"' isn't bad, as it has decent might, but to both deal more damage and receive less damage from green units, '"`UNIQ--item-430--QINU`"' is required. Not necessarily Triangle Adept 3, as that is a highly popular skill, but even '"`UNIQ--item-433--QINU`"' can work well for a budget build. In general though, Olivia will want the '"`UNIQ--item-436--QINU`"', as it's a built in TA3, and only loses out on 4 might compared to the superior '"`UNIQ--item-439--QINU`"'. With Ruby Sword as weapon, Olivia can even run '"`UNIQ--item-442--QINU`"', which increases her stats all around, both letting her avoid more doubles as well as do more damage if needed. If you don't want to spare a Triangle Adept or Fury, {'"`UNIQ--item-445--QINU`"' is a decent option, as Olivia will mostly want to avoid doubles to increase her survivability. For this reason, the '"`UNIQ--item-448--QINU`"' seal is also recommended.

Hero Feather Darkened.png High investment
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46/64/37/29/12. All his stats are pretty bad with this build except his Attack and Speed.
Pen.png Creative
Icon Arena Defense.png Defense
Orb.png Very high investment
Stats: Neutral, +Def/-Spd
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This unconventional Soliel build is aimed at throwing off any opponents who challenge you in arena, as well as being an effective physical tank that can be effective in the player phase as well as the enemy phase with the right team synergy such as a defensive or offensive support buffer. Soliel has an incredible stat spread, especially with neutral stats, she has the best mix of attack and bulk out of nearly every sword unit in the game. This is why neutral stats are preferred.

Allies: The ally of choice for this build would be New Year Azura. She can run '"`UNIQ--item-1431--QINU`"' in her c and seal slots to grant all allies a defensive boost within two spaces with the added bonus of having a similar effect in her weapon '"`UNIQ--item-1434--QINU`"'. Another good teammate to run with her on this build is Vanguard Ike with '"`UNIQ--item-1437--QINU`"'. As this will increase her defense with a flexible range, allowing for a variety of team formations. Earth blessing is best in this case for the extra ATK and HP in the earth season.

Weapon: Her weapon of choice is '"`UNIQ--item-1440--QINU`"' as it allows for Soliel to strike back during the player phase without fear of being attacked to increase her survivability, which is useful in arena defense. However, while she can't counter attack on the enemy phase, her special helps out with that. If you want the build to be slightly more flexible, then '"`UNIQ--item-1443--QINU`"' is preferred as she can strike back during enemy phase to allow for quicker special charge while retaining the same attack as with the '"`UNIQ--item-1446--QINU`"', with the added bonus of refinement. In this case, it is better to take either the ATK refinement or the DEF refinement. The refinement will also help increase her HP which is slightly lacking.

Assist: For her Assist skill '"`UNIQ--item-1449--QINU`"' is preferred as it allows for tight and more co-ordinated movement between team members, something that is crucial to this build as she prefers to have supportive buffs from her team to increase her destructiveness and tankiness. Other team members should be running '"`UNIQ--item-1452--QINU`"' OR '"`UNIQ--item-1455--QINU`"' / '"`UNIQ--item-1458--QINU`"' for greater movement options among the team.

Special: Her only preferred special is '"`UNIQ--item-1461--QINU`"' so that her tankiness is ensured. An ally running '"`UNIQ--item-1464--QINU`"' will give her special an instant charge. (Be mindful of the HP increase from refinements and blessings)

Passive A: Depending on the weapon choice her preferred passive should be '"`UNIQ--item-1467--QINU`"' as the main utility of this build is Soliel's frontline physical tankiness. This passive is more synergistic with the '"`UNIQ--item-1470--QINU`"' as it grants her more defense than steady breath and there is no need to make the cooldown faster. With '"`UNIQ--item-1473--QINU`"' her preferred passive is '"`UNIQ--item-1476--QINU`"' because she can't counterattack. Meaning that she will need her special more often as the fight will be more drawn out.

Passive B: The absolute best B Passive for this build is '"`UNIQ--item-1479--QINU`"' because it grants her a special cool down of -2 and reduces damage when her special triggers by 5 to increase tankiness. No other passive synergises with this build so well.

Passive C: This passive is flexible, but her default passive, '"`UNIQ--item-1482--QINU`"' and '"`UNIQ--item-1485--QINU`"' are preferred depending on how you wish to support your allies with this build.

Sacred Seal: Finally, her sacred seal has two options. You can either run '"`UNIQ--item-1488--QINU`"' for that extra bulk or you can run the more situational but more effective '"`UNIQ--item-1491--QINU`"' to act as a second, more powerful Pavise for when the opponent doubles Soliel. (Such as against an Ayra).

(Side note: This untested so i don't know if it works, but if Pavise activates on the opponent's second hit with deflect melee, the effects could stack and block at least 100% of the damage providing that it is an adjacent attack. Probably not how it works though.)