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A list of skills ordered by how common they are in the summoning pool. By default, less common skills are higher up on the table.

A list of column headers and their meanings is as follows:

  • Skill: The skill in question.
  • 3★: The number of different 3★ Heroes in the regular summoning pool with this skill.
  • 4★: The number of different 4★ Heroes in the regular summoning pool with this skill.
  • 5★: The number of different 5★ Heroes in the regular summoning pool with this skill.
  • %: The chance that, given a 4 Hero summoning focus, a random summon will summon a Hero that has this skill. Calculations are done using these appearance rates:
    RarityAppearance rate
    5★ Focus3.00%
    Focus Heroes are not taken into consideration, and are treated as having no skills. Percentages are rounded to 2 decimal places.
  • 3★ Heroes: List of different 3★ Heroes in the regular summoning pool with this skill.
  • 4★ Heroes: List of different 4★ Heroes in the regular summoning pool with this skill.
  • 5★ Heroes: List of different 5★ Heroes in the regular summoning pool with this skill.
  • Limited Heroes: List of different Heroes with this skill that are limited, which are Heroes that can only be obtained a certain maximum amount of times.
  • Other Heroes: List of different Special, Legendary, or Mythic Heroes with this skill.


Skill3★4★5★%3★ Heroes4★ Heroes5★ HeroesLimited HeroesOther Heroes
Umbra BurstUnobtainable
Umbra BurstUnobtainable
Umbra BurstUnobtainable
Umbra BurstUnobtainable
Umbra BurstUnobtainable
Umbra BurstUnobtainable
Umbra BurstUnobtainable
Umbra BurstUnobtainable
Silver Goblet+0000.00%
Slaying Lance+0010.02%
Barrier Lance+0010.02%
Keen Gronnwolf+0010.02%
Firesweep Bow+0010.02%
Short Bow+0010.02%
Slaying Axe+0010.02%
Shining Bow+0010.02%
Slaying Edge+0010.02%
Reprisal Lance+0010.02%
Water Breath+0010.02%
Guard Bow+0110.53%
Assassin's Bow+1100.83%
Barb Shuriken+1100.83%
The Cleaner+1100.83%
Poison Dagger+1100.83%
Harmonic Lance+1100.83%
Wo Gùn+1100.83%
Silver Axe+1100.83%
Smoke Dagger+1100.83%
Firesweep S+1100.83%
Killer Bow+1100.83%
Slaying Spear+1100.83%
Barrier Blade+1100.83%
Firesweep L+1100.83%
Slaying Bow+1100.83%
Light Breath+1110.86%
Wo Dao+1110.86%
Silver Sword+2201.67%
Lightning Breath+2201.67%
Rogue Dagger+2201.67%
Brave Bow+2201.67%
Silver Dagger+2201.67%
Dark Breath+2201.67%
Silver Bow+2201.67%
Killing Edge+2201.67%
Emerald Axe+2201.67%
Killer Axe+3302.50%
Heavy Spear+3302.50%
Silver Lance+3302.50%
Brave Axe+3302.50%
Sapphire Lance+3312.53%
Brave Lance+3312.53%
Brave Sword+3312.53%
Ruby Sword+4403.34%
Killer Lance+5504.17%


Skill3★4★5★%3★ Heroes4★ Heroes5★ HeroesLimited HeroesOther Heroes
Rally Spd/Res+0000.00%
Harsh Command+0000.00%
Rally Def/Res+0000.00%
Rally Spd/Def+0010.02%
Rally Up Res+0010.02%
Rally Atk/Res0010.02%
Rally Up Atk+0010.02%
Rally Atk/Spd+0010.02%
Rally Atk/Def+0020.05%
Rally Atk/Spd0020.05%
Rally Atk/Def0030.07%
Rally Spd/Res1100.83%
Rally Def/Res1100.83%
Rally Spd/Def1110.86%
Rally Attack2231.74%
Ardent Sacrifice2251.78%
Harsh Command3312.53%
Rally Defense3332.57%
Reciprocal Aid4403.34%
Rally Resistance4413.36%
Draw Back4423.38%
Rally Speed4423.38%


Skill3★4★5★%3★ Heroes4★ Heroes5★ HeroesLimited HeroesOther Heroes
Umbra EruptionUnobtainable
Umbra BlastUnobtainable
Umbra CalamityUnobtainable
Earthfire Balm+0000.00%
Fireflood Balm+0000.00%
Blue Flame0010.02%
Windfire Balm+0010.02%
Earthwater Balm+0010.02%
Growing Thunder0010.02%
Ruptured Sky0020.05%
Blazing Light0040.09%
Blazing Thunder1100.83%
Blazing Flame1100.83%
Growing Flame1110.86%
Blazing Wind1120.88%
Kindled-Fire Balm1120.88%
Growing Wind2201.67%
Solid-Earth Balm2201.67%
Swift-Winds Balm2201.67%
Still-Water Balm2211.69%
Growing Light2221.71%
Sacred Cowl2221.71%
Heavenly Light2322.22%
Draconic Aura33142.82%
Dragon Fang4443.43%


Skill3★4★5★%3★ Heroes4★ Heroes5★ HeroesLimited HeroesOther Heroes
20px Atk/Spd Bond 4Unobtainable
20px Joint Hone DefUnobtainable
20px Staff Exp. 3Unobtainable
Torrent Dance 3.png Torrent Dance 30000.00%
B Tomebreaker 3.png B Tomebreaker 30000.00%
Iotes Shield.png Iote's Shield0000.00%
Water Boost 3.png Water Boost 30000.00%
Granis Shield.png Grani's Shield0000.00%
B Duel Infantry 3.png B Duel Infantry 30000.00%
Brazen Atk Spd 4.png Brazen Atk/Spd 40000.00%
R Duel Infantry 3.png R Duel Infantry 30000.00%
G Duel Flying 3.png G Duel Flying 30000.00%
B Duel Flying 3.png B Duel Flying 30000.00%
Joint Hone Spd.png Joint Hone Spd0000.00%
Darting Blow 4.png Darting Blow 40000.00%
Joint Hone Atk.png Joint Hone Atk0000.00%
Hone Atk 4.png Hone Atk 40000.00%
Def Res Ruse 3.png Def/Res Ruse 30000.00%
Warding Breath.png Warding Breath0000.00%
Caldera Dance 2.png Caldera Dance 20000.00%
Def Feint 3.png Def Feint 30000.00%
Res Feint 3.png Res Feint 30000.00%
AR-D Atk Res 3.png AR-D Atk/Res 30000.00%
Atk Def Push 3.png Atk/Def Push 30000.00%
AR-D Spd Def 3.png AR-D Spd/Def 30000.00%
AR-O Atk Spd 3.png AR-O Atk/Spd 30000.00%
Spur Spd Res 2.png Spur Spd/Res 20000.00%
Mystic Boost 3.png Mystic Boost 30000.00%
Res Smoke 3.png Res Smoke 30000.00%
Def Res Solo 3.png Def/Res Solo 30000.00%
Sabotage Def 3.png Sabotage Def 30000.00%
Panic Smoke 3.png Panic Smoke 30000.00%
Infantry Flash 3.png Infantry Flash 30000.00%
Pulse Smoke 3.png Pulse Smoke 30000.00%
AR-O Atk Def 3.png AR-O Atk/Def 30000.00%
Swift Stance 2.png Swift Stance 20000.00%
AR-D Atk Def 3.png AR-D Atk/Def 30000.00%
Fierce Breath.png Fierce Breath0000.00%
Atk Res Gap 3.png Atk/Res Gap 30000.00%
Times Pulse 3.png Time's Pulse 30000.00%
Sabotage Res 3.png Sabotage Res 30000.00%
Rockslide Dance 2.png Rockslide Dance 20000.00%
Spd Res Ruse 3.png Spd/Res Ruse 30000.00%
Def Res Bond 3.png Def/Res Bond 30000.00%
Res Opening 3.png Res Opening 30000.00%
Atk Res Oath 3.png Atk/Res Oath 30000.00%
AR-O Spd Res 3.png AR-O Spd/Res 30000.00%
Odd Follow-Up 3.png Odd Follow-Up 30000.00%
Kestrel Stance 2.png Kestrel Stance 20000.00%
Blaze Dance 3.png Blaze Dance 30000.00%
Gale Dance 3.png Gale Dance 30000.00%
Seal Atk Spd 2.png Seal Atk/Spd 20000.00%
Earth Dance 3.png Earth Dance 30000.00%
Def Res 2.png Def/Res 20000.00%
B Tome Valor 3.png B Tome Valor 30000.00%
Axe Experience 3.png Axe Experience 30000.00%
Axe Valor 3.png Axe Valor 30000.00%
R Tome Valor 3.png R Tome Valor 30000.00%
Lance Valor 3.png Lance Valor 30000.00%
Bracing Blow 2.png Bracing Blow 20000.00%
Sturdy Stance 2.png Sturdy Stance 20000.00%
Fireflood Dance 2.png Fireflood Dance 20000.00%
HP Def 2.png HP/Def 20000.00%
Attack Def Plus 2.png Attack/Def +20000.00%
Mirror Impact.png Mirror Impact0000.00%
Atk Opening 3.png Atk Opening 30000.00%
Spd Feint 3.png Spd Feint 30000.00%
Disarm Trap 3.png Disarm Trap 30000.00%
HP Atk 2.png HP/Atk 20000.00%
G Tome Valor 3.png G Tome Valor 30000.00%
Dagger Valor 3.png Dagger Valor 30000.00%
Spd Def Bond 3.png Spd/Def Bond 30000.00%
Def Res Link 3.png Def/Res Link 30000.00%
Spd Res Bond 3.png Spd/Res Bond 30000.00%
Air Orders 3.png Air Orders 30000.00%
Live for Bounty.png Live for Bounty0000.00%
Live for Honor.png Live for Honor0000.00%
Odd Def Wave 3.png Odd Def Wave 30000.00%
Atk Spd Link 3.png Atk/Spd Link 30000.00%
Hone Spd 4.png Hone Spd 40010.02%
Warding Stance 4.png Warding Stance 40010.02%
Atk Res Bond 4.png Atk/Res Bond 40010.02%
R Duel Flying 3.png R Duel Flying 30010.02%
Steady Stance 4.png Steady Stance 40010.02%
Atk Spd Push 4.png Atk/Spd Push 40010.02%
C Duel Infantry 3.png C Duel Infantry 30010.02%
Distant Def 4.png Distant Def 40010.02%
Threat. Atk Spd 3.png Threat. Atk/Spd 30010.02%
G Duel Infantry 3.png G Duel Infantry 30010.02%
Lull Atk Spd 3.png Lull Atk/Spd 30010.02%
Sorcery Blade 3.png Sorcery Blade 30010.02%
Spd Def Form 3.png Spd/Def Form 30010.02%
Inf. Hexblade 3.png Inf. Hexblade 30010.02%
AR-D Def Res 3.png AR-D Def/Res 30010.02%
Spd Def Solo 3.png Spd/Def Solo 30010.02%
Bracing Stance 2.png Bracing Stance 20010.02%
Steady Breath.png Steady Breath0010.02%
Lull Spd Def 3.png Lull Spd/Def 30010.02%
Sudden Panic 3.png Sudden Panic 30010.02%
Lull Atk Def 3.png Lull Atk/Def 30010.02%
Rouse Atk Def 3.png Rouse Atk/Def 30010.02%
Atk Spd Ruse 3.png Atk/Spd Ruse 30010.02%
Sabotage Atk 3.png Sabotage Atk 30010.02%
Firestorm Dance 2.png Firestorm Dance 20010.02%
Infantry Breath 3.png Infantry Breath 30010.02%
Null C Disrupt 3.png Null C-Disrupt 30010.02%
Atk Spd Form 3.png Atk/Spd Form 30010.02%
Goad Dragons.png Goad Dragons0010.02%
Goad Beasts.png Goad Beasts0010.02%
Spd Def 2.png Spd/Def 20010.02%
Bow Exp. 3.png Bow Exp. 30010.02%
G Tome Exp. 3.png G Tome Exp. 30010.02%
Beast Valor 3.png Beast Valor 30010.02%
R Tome Exp. 3.png R Tome Exp. 30010.02%
Staff Valor 3.png Staff Valor 30010.02%
Atk Res Link 3.png Atk/Res Link 30010.02%
Windsweep 3.png Windsweep 30010.02%
Heavy Blade 3.png Heavy Blade 30010.02%
Spd Ploy 3.png Spd Ploy 30010.02%
Brazen Def Res 3.png Brazen Def/Res 30010.02%
HP Spd 2.png HP/Spd 20010.02%
HP Res 2.png HP/Res 20010.02%
Goad Armor.png Goad Armor0010.02%
Fury 4.png Fury 40010.02%
Sturdy Impact.png Sturdy Impact0010.02%
Flashing Blade 4.png Flashing Blade 40010.02%
Geyser Dance 2.png Geyser Dance 20010.02%
Brazen Atk Res 3.png Brazen Atk/Res 30010.02%
Atk Feint 3.png Atk Feint 30010.02%
Even Spd Wave 3.png Even Spd Wave 30010.02%
Dull Close 3.png Dull Close 30010.02%
Bonus Doubler 3.png Bonus Doubler 30010.02%
Def Opening 3.png Def Opening 30010.02%
Flier Guidance 3.png Flier Guidance 30010.02%
Spur Atk Def 2.png Spur Atk/Def 20010.02%
Shield Pulse 3.png Shield Pulse 30010.02%
Spd Opening 3.png Spd Opening 30010.02%
Atk Res Solo 3.png Atk/Res Solo 30010.02%
Warding Stance 3.png Warding Stance 30010.02%
Fortress Res 3.png Fortress Res 30010.02%
Dragon Valor 3.png Dragon Valor 30010.02%
Bow Valor 3.png Bow Valor 30010.02%
Def Smoke 3.png Def Smoke 30010.02%
Def Tactic 3.png Def Tactic 30010.02%
Fire Boost 3.png Fire Boost 30010.02%
Wind Boost 3.png Wind Boost 30010.02%
Atk Spd 2.png Atk/Spd 20010.02%
Def Ploy 3.png Def Ploy 30010.02%
Swift Sparrow 3.png Swift Sparrow 30010.02%
Close Counter.png Close Counter0010.02%
Spd Tactic 3.png Spd Tactic 30010.02%
Atk Def Solo 3.png Atk/Def Solo 30010.02%
Atk Spd Push 3.png Atk/Spd Push 30010.02%
Close Guard 3.png Close Guard 30010.02%
Brazen Atk Spd 3.png Brazen Atk/Spd 30010.02%
Mirror Strike 2.png Mirror Strike 20010.02%
Dazzling Staff 3.png Dazzling Staff 30010.02%
Hone Fliers.png Hone Fliers0010.02%
Fort. Def Res 3.png Fort. Def/Res 30020.05%
Steady Blow 2.png Steady Blow 20020.05%
Special Spiral 3.png Special Spiral 30020.05%
Hone Dragons.png Hone Dragons0020.05%
Ward Beasts.png Ward Beasts0020.05%
Ward Dragons.png Ward Dragons0020.05%
Hone Beasts.png Hone Beasts0020.05%
Spd Smoke 3.png Spd Smoke 30020.05%
Spd Res Link 3.png Spd/Res Link 30020.05%
Fortify Dragons.png Fortify Dragons0020.05%
Death Blow 4.png Death Blow 40020.05%
Aerobatics 3.png Aerobatics 30020.05%
Ground Orders 3.png Ground Orders 30020.05%
Guidance 3.png Guidance 30020.05%
Even Atk Wave 3.png Even Atk Wave 30020.05%
Flashing Blade 3.png Flashing Blade 30020.05%
Infantry Pulse 3.png Infantry Pulse 30020.05%
Panic Ploy 3.png Panic Ploy 30020.05%
Atk Ploy 3.png Atk Ploy 30020.05%
Even Res Wave 3.png Even Res Wave 30020.05%
Res Ploy 3.png Res Ploy 30020.05%
Distant Guard 3.png Distant Guard 30020.05%
Chill Res 3.png Chill Res 30020.05%
Atk Def Bond 3.png Atk/Def Bond 30020.05%
Atk Res Bond 3.png Atk/Res Bond 30020.05%
Armor March 3.png Armor March 30020.05%
Sword Valor 3.png Sword Valor 30030.07%
Odd Spd Wave 3.png Odd Spd Wave 30030.07%