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Skills can be equipped by heroes to help them become more powerful and fight more effectively, such as buffing stats, using a more powerful weapon, and other various benefits.

List of Skills[edit | edit source]

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Skill Basics / Learning Skills[edit | edit source]

All units have specific skills which they can learn. To learn skills, the character needs to have enough Skill Points (SP), the "currency" for learning skills, in order to learn that skill. These points can be earned through battle by doing damage to enemies, levelling up, and successfully killing enemies. Additionally, some skills can't be learned unless the hero is at a high enough rarity to unlock that skill.

Skills are split into five categories:

  • Weapons
  • Assists
  • Specials
  • Passives
  • Sacred Seals

A character can only have one weapon, assist skill, and special skill equipped. For passives, these are split into Passive A, Passive B, and Passive C. Certain passive skills belong in certain passive slots, denoted by the letter in the skill picture.
Basics Learn Skills Passive A.png
Only one passive can be equipped in each Passive slot.

Equip Skills[edit | edit source]

Typically, a character will have multiple skills that can be equipped in a certain slot. For example, some characters have two different Special skills which they can equip, but you can only choose one to take into battle.

A player can go into the Equip Skills menu and can equip different skills with on a hero. There will be a confirmation asking a player to use the stamina to change skills; however, Nintendo indefinitely kept the current cost for changing equips using stamina to 0 as part of the Launch Celebration event.

Inherit Skills[edit | edit source]

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Skills can be passed on from one hero to another, providing extensive possibilities of customizing heroes.