Special Maps: Relay Defense! (Notification)

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Special Maps: Relay Defense!

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Relay Defense battles are here in Special Maps with an all-new set of rules!

Protect your fortress to make it through this eight-turn defensive battle by taking to the battlefield with a brigade of 20 Heroes, swapping your active group of five Heroes every two turns.

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Note: Rival Domains maps will not be available while Relay Defense maps are active.

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■ What Is Relay Defense?

Relay Defense is an eight-turn defensive battle where you must survive an enemy assault while swapping out your allies.

Every two turns, the next five Heroes from your brigade of 20 will enter the fray.

Defend your area to earn rewards!

■ Create a Brigade

You can create a brigade of 20 Heroes from the Allies menu. Every two turns, the next five Heroes will swap onto the battlefield, so make sure there are no weak links in your brigade.

Worried that your Heroes may not be up to the task? Don't be! You can select Heroes from Friends' Allies to help flesh out your brigade.

Editing Brigades:

・ From within the Rival Domains, Relay Defense, or Grand Conquests screen, tap Edit Brigades once to unlock the Edit Brigades option in the Allies menu.
・ The Hero available to friends is the Hero in the leftmost position of Team 1.
・ Any empty slots in your brigade will automatically be filled with level 40 reinforcements.

Brigade Restrictions:

・ You can include only one ally who can use Sing or Dance in your brigade.
・ Duplicate Heroes are not allowed.

■ A Different Kind of Map

The 8 × 6 maps in Relay Defense have fortresses and camps. Withstand your enemies' reinforcements to defend your fortress and camps.

・ Fortresses

If your fortress is destroyed, you will lose the battle. Defend it for eight turns.

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・ Camps

Bolster the defenses of your camps to prevent enemies from reaching your fortress. Once a camp has been destroyed by an enemy, you cannot take it back.

Guide Rival Domains 4.png

・ Traits That Fortresses and Camps Share

Fortresses and camps function as defensive terrain, and Heroes in fortresses and camps will recover 10 HP at the beginning of each turn.

Fortresses, camps, and the spaces adjacent to them act as warp points that Heroes can instantly travel between.

■ Aim for the Target Score

The battle ends when either eight turns have passed or your fortress has been destroyed. Reach the target score to earn rewards!

・ Defeated + Surviving

Points are earned based on the number of enemies you defeat and the number of Heroes in your brigade who survive during their two turns.

・ Camp Defense

Points are earned for successfully defending your camps.

・ Fortress Defense

Points are earned for successfully defending your fortress.

■ Challenge All Eight Levels

In Relay Defense, there are a total of eight map levels. Each time you clear a level, the next one will unlock.

Progress through the levels to test your skills against some extremely difficult maps!

・ If a Relay Defense battle is started prior to the end of the event, you may stop playing and then later resume the battle using bookmark data until two days after the event ends.
・ If a Relay Defense battle is started prior to the end of the event but not cleared until later than three days after the event ends, the rewards for clearing the battle will no longer be available.

・ The location where allied Heroes appear may change depending on enemy positions and whether camps have been destroyed.