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Face a devastating challenge.

Squad Assault is a very difficult game mode where Heroes will be captured by the enemy after completing a map. Once captured, they cannot be deployed again until the challenge ends. Clearing this mode will earn you Sacred Seals and Orbs Orb.png.

Basics[edit | edit source]

All maps must be completed without any heroes dying. After clearing one map, you'll immediately continue to the next map. Heroes who participate in battle may not be used again for the rest of the Squad Assault.

Each map requires four Heroes and you must have enough Heroes to complete all maps in a set. For example, for five battles, you will need 20 unique Heroes. Also, duplicates of a Hero are disallowed, meaning if Olivia: Blushing Beauty was in the first map, any duplicates of her cannot be used in the following maps. Each set of maps costs 20 stamina.

List of Assaults[edit | edit source]

Name Rewards Maps Release Dates
1st Assault Squad Ace A 1.png & 2 Orb.png Chapter 1-1: Mystery Trial,
Chapter 2-1: Conquest Trial,
Chapter 3-1: Binding Trial,
Chapter 4-1: Awakening Trial &
Chapter 5-1: Return to Mystery
July 5, 2017
2nd Assault Squad Ace B 1.png & 2 Orb.png Chapter 6-1: Birthright Trial,
Chapter 7-1: Blazing Trial,
Chapter 8-1: Sinister Shadow,
Chapter 9-1: Loyalty and Ambition &
Chapter 10-1: Radiant Mercenaries
August 7, 2017
3rd Assault Squad Ace C 1.png & 2 Orb.png Paralogue 1-1: Sacred Bond,
Paralogue 2-1: Brothers and Sisters,
Paralogue 3-1: Vengeful Mercenary,
Paralogue 4-1: Bright Blooms &
Paralogue 5-1: Legendary Hero
September 6, 2017
4th Assault Squad Ace D 1.png & 2 Orb.png Paralogue 6-1: Martial Bliss,
Paralogue 7-1: Wayward One,
Paralogue 8-1: Sunny Sneak Attack,
Paralogue 9-1: Nohr on the Shore &
Paralogue 10-1: A Lecture Fit for Royalty
October 9, 2017
5th Assault Squad Ace E 1.png & 2 Orb.png Chapter 1-2: Willful Warrior,
Chapter 2-2: Lovely Bloom,
Chapter 3-2: Two Noblewomen,
Chapter 4-2: Blade and Dancer &
Chapter 5-2: Captive Princess
November 28, 2017
6th Assault Squad Ace F 1.png & 2 Orb.png Chapter 6-2: Vain Prince,
Chapter 7-2: Two Noblemen,
Chapter 8-2: Napping Dragon,
Chapter 9-2: Nobility and Vanity &
Chapter 10-2: A Mercenary's Pride
January 10, 2018
7th Assault Squad Ace B 1.png & 2 Orb.png Paralogue 1-2: Holy War's Bond,
Paralogue 2-2: Siblings of Thunder,
Paralogue 3-2: Sword Demon,
Paralogue 4-2: Painted Eggs &
Paralogue 5-2: Into the Forest
February 8, 2018
8th Assault Squad Ace H 1.png & 2 Orb.png Paralogue 6-2: Groomed for Combat,
Paralogue 7-2: Led by the Nose,
Paralogue 8-2: Seaside Trouble,
Paralogue 9-2: Shipwrecked &
Paralogue 10-2: The Heirs of Frelia
March 8, 2018
9th Assault Squad Ace I 1.png & 2 Orb.png Chapter 1-3: Wind and Light,
Chapter 2-3: Callous Prince,
Chapter 3-3: Desert Dragons,
Chapter 4-3: Big Ambush &
Chapter 5-3: No Way Out
April 10, 2018
10th Assault Squad Ace J 1.png & 2 Orb.png Chapter 6-3: Blunt Princess,
Chapter 7-3: Baffling Labyrinth,
Chapter 8-3: Ravishing Battle,
Chapter 9-3: The Blue Crow &
Chapter 10-3: The Imperial Prince
May 9, 2018
11th Assault Squad Ace K 1.png & 2 Orb.png Paralogue 1-3: Unbreakable Bond,
Paralogue 2-3: Courage and Devotion,
Paralogue 3-3: Death and the Child,
Paralogue 4-3: Spring Stars &
Paralogue 5-3: Alm's Heroic Stand
June 7, 2018

In other languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name
Japanese 縛鎖の迷宮
German Große Eroberung
Spanish (Europe) Asalto de ejército
Spanish (Latin America) Escuadrón de asalto
French Assaut en équipes
Italian Assalto a squadre
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 縛鎖迷宮
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