Level 40 stats table

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  • This table shows the 5★ average max level base stat values for each hero. It does not include stat variance.
  • Stat values in this table do not include weapon or passive stats.
  • When sorting the table, any rows with identical values will keep their internal order from before the last sorting operation.
  • For more specialized charts, see here.
Icon Portrait Abel The Panther.pngAbel: The PantherIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png3933322525154
Icon Portrait Alfonse Prince of Askr.pngAlfonse: Prince of AskrIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4335253222157
Icon Portrait Alfonse Spring Prince.pngAlfonse: Spring PrinceIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png4135333018157
Icon Portrait Alm Hero of Prophecy.pngAlm: Hero of ProphecyIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4533302822158
Icon Portrait Amelia Rose of the War.pngAmelia: Rose of the WarIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Armored.png4734343523173
Icon Portrait Anna Commander.pngAnna: CommanderIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4129382228158
Icon Portrait Arden Strong and Tough.pngArden: Strong and ToughIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Armored.png6036164116169
Icon Portrait Ares Black Knight.pngAres: Black KnightIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png4036303318157
Icon Portrait Arthur Hapless Hero.pngArthur: Hapless HeroIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4332293024158
Icon Portrait Arvis Emperor of Flame.pngArvis: Emperor of FlameIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3334311733148
Icon Portrait Athena Borderland Sword.pngAthena: Borderland SwordIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3631382724156
Icon Portrait Ayra Astras Wielder.pngAyra: Astra's WielderIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4133373121163
Icon Portrait Azama Carefree Monk.pngAzama: Carefree MonkIcon Class Colorless Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4321263225147
Icon Portrait Azura Celebratory Spirit.pngAzura: Celebratory SpiritIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Flying.png3730352226150
Icon Portrait Azura Lady of Ballads.pngAzura: Lady of BalladsIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3532342028149
Icon Portrait Azura Lady of the Lake.pngAzura: Lady of the LakeIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3631332128149
Icon Portrait Barst The Hatchet.pngBarst: The HatchetIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4633323017158
Icon Portrait Bartre Fearless Warrior.pngBartre: Fearless WarriorIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4936253313156
Icon Portrait Berkut Prideful Prince.pngBerkut: Prideful PrinceIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png4334223124154
Icon Portrait Beruka Quiet Assassin.pngBeruka: Quiet AssassinIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Flying.png4629233722157
Icon Portrait Black Knight Sinister General.pngBlack Knight: Sinister GeneralIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Armored.png4834343518169
Icon Portrait Boey Skillful Survivor.pngBoey: Skillful SurvivorIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4329273218149
Icon Portrait Caeda Talyss Bride.pngCaeda: Talys's BrideIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3329371930148
Icon Portrait Caeda Talyss Heart.pngCaeda: Talys's HeartIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Flying.png3625372434156
Icon Portrait Cain The Bull.pngCain: The BullIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png4232322721154
Icon Portrait Camilla Bewitching Beauty.pngCamilla: Bewitching BeautyIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Flying.png3730322831158
Icon Portrait Camilla Holiday Traveler.pngCamilla: Holiday TravelerIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Flying.png4033353123162
Icon Portrait Camilla Spring Princess.pngCamilla: Spring PrincessIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Flying.png3935253019148
Icon Portrait Camus Sable Knight.pngCamus: Sable KnightIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png4232333117155
Icon Portrait Canas Wisdom Seeker.pngCanas: Wisdom SeekerIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3632292133151
Icon Portrait Catria Middle Whitewing.pngCatria: Middle WhitewingIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.png3931342925158
Icon Portrait Catria Spring Whitewing.pngCatria: Spring WhitewingIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png3632351823144
Icon Portrait Cecilia Etrurian General.pngCecilia: Etrurian GeneralIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png3632252229144
Icon Portrait Celica Caring Princess.pngCelica: Caring PrincessIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3932332222148
Icon Portrait Celica Imprisoned Soul.pngCelica: Imprisoned SoulIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4035352726163
Icon Portrait Charlotte Money Maiden.pngCharlotte: Money MaidenIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4636322419157
Icon Portrait Cherche Wyvern Friend.pngCherche: Wyvern FriendIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Flying.png4638253216157
Icon Portrait Chrom Exalted Prince.pngChrom: Exalted PrinceIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4737253117157
Icon Portrait Chrom Gifted Leader.pngChrom: Gifted LeaderIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Armored.png5140193529174
Icon Portrait Chrom Knight Exalt.pngChrom: Knight ExaltIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png4137283417157
Icon Portrait Chrom Spring Exalt.pngChrom: Spring ExaltIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4335322820158
Icon Portrait Clair Highborn Flier.pngClair: Highborn FlierIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.png3726362433156
Icon Portrait Clarine Refined Noble.pngClarine: Refined NobleIcon Class Colorless Staff.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png3525332229144
Icon Portrait Clarisse Sniper in the Dark.pngClarisse: Sniper in the DarkIcon Class Colorless Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3731342520147
Icon Portrait Clive Idealistic Knight.pngClive: Idealistic KnightIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png4533253219154
Icon Portrait Cordelia Knight Paradise.pngCordelia: Knight ParadiseIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png4132382818157
Icon Portrait Cordelia Knight Paragon.pngCordelia: Knight ParagonIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.png4035352225157
Icon Portrait Cordelia Perfect Bride.pngCordelia: Perfect BrideIcon Class Colorless Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3635351922147
Icon Portrait Corrin Enjoying Tradition.pngCorrin: Enjoying TraditionIcon Class Colorless Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3732303418151
Icon Portrait Corrin Fateful Prince.pngCorrin: Fateful PrinceIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4232322824158
Icon Portrait Corrin Fateful Princess.pngCorrin: Fateful PrincessIcon Class Blue Breath.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4127343421157
Icon Portrait Corrin Novice Vacationer.pngCorrin: Novice VacationerIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Flying.png3431342226147
Icon Portrait Deirdre Lady of the Forest.pngDeirdre: Lady of the ForestIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3633281635148
Icon Portrait Delthea Free Spirit.pngDelthea: Free SpiritIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3336341331147
Icon Portrait Donnel Village Hero.pngDonnel: Village HeroIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4335293223162
Icon Portrait Dorcas Serene Warrior.pngDorcas: Serene WarriorIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4535233524162
Icon Portrait Draug Gentle Giant.pngDraug: Gentle GiantIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Armored.png5030323918169
Icon Portrait Effie Army of One.pngEffie: Army of OneIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Armored.png5040223323168
Icon Portrait Eirika Anamnesis Lady.pngEirika: Anamnesis LadyIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png3631352022144
Icon Portrait Eirika Restoration Lady.pngEirika: Restoration LadyIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4226352628157
Icon Portrait Eldigan Lionheart.pngEldigan: LionheartIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png4532243419154
Icon Portrait Elincia Lost Princess.pngElincia: Lost PrincessIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Flying.png3534362427156
Icon Portrait Elise Budding Flower.pngElise: Budding FlowerIcon Class Colorless Staff.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png3032321932145
Icon Portrait Elise Tropical Flower.pngElise: Tropical FlowerIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3436341825147
Icon Portrait Eliwood Devoted Love.pngEliwood: Devoted LoveIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Armored.png4738322929175
Icon Portrait Eliwood Knight of Lycia.pngEliwood: Knight of LyciaIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png3931302332155
Icon Portrait Ephraim Legendary Lord.pngEphraim: Legendary LordIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png4336273318157
Icon Portrait Ephraim Restoration Lord.pngEphraim: Restoration LordIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4535253220157
Icon Portrait Est Junior Whitewing.pngEst: Junior WhitewingIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.png3635302432157
Icon Portrait Fae Divine Dragon.pngFae: Divine DragonIcon Class Green Breath.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4633282530162
Icon Portrait Faye Devoted Heart.pngFaye: Devoted HeartIcon Class Colorless Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4230252631154
Icon Portrait Felicia Maid Mayhem.pngFelicia: Maid MayhemIcon Class Colorless Dagger.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3423371835147
Icon Portrait Finn Lance of Legend.pngFinn: Lance of LegendIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png4034333218157
Icon Portrait Fir Sword Student.pngFir: Sword StudentIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4125362431157
Icon Portrait Fjorm Princess of Ice.pngFjorm: Princess of IceIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3930313034164
Icon Portrait Florina Lovely Flier.pngFlorina: Lovely FlierIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.png4229272534157
Icon Portrait Frederick Horizon Watcher.pngFrederick: Horizon WatcherIcon Class Colorless Dagger.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4032312818149
Icon Portrait Frederick Polite Knight.pngFrederick: Polite KnightIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png4335253614153
Icon Portrait Gaius Candy Stealer.pngGaius: Candy StealerIcon Class Colorless Dagger.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4229362219148
Icon Portrait Gaius Thief Exposed.pngGaius: Thief ExposedIcon Class Colorless Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3430371928148
Icon Portrait Genny Endearing Ally.pngGenny: Endearing AllyIcon Class Colorless Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3235252134147
Icon Portrait Gerome Masked Rider.pngGerome: Masked RiderIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Flying.png4538253419161
Icon Portrait Gordin Altean Archer.pngGordin: Altean ArcherIcon Class Colorless Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4331253217148
Icon Portrait Gray Wry Comrade.pngGray: Wry ComradeIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4335323022162
Icon Portrait Gunnthrá Voice of Dreams.pngGunnthrá: Voice of DreamsIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png3731331925145
Icon Portrait Gunter Inveterate Soldier.pngGunter: Inveterate SoldierIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png4332243318150
Icon Portrait Gwendolyn Adorable Knight.pngGwendolyn: Adorable KnightIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Armored.png4930243828169
Icon Portrait Hana Focused Samurai.pngHana: Focused SamuraiIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3735362326157
Icon Portrait Hardin Dark Emperor.pngHardin: Dark EmperorIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Armored.png4534283632175
Icon Portrait Hawkeye Desert Guardian.pngHawkeye: Desert GuardianIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4533222830158
Icon Portrait Hector General of Ostia.pngHector: General of OstiaIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Armored.png5236243719168
Icon Portrait Hector Just Here to Fight.pngHector: Just Here to FightIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Armored.png5038214024173
Icon Portrait Henry Happy Vampire.pngHenry: Happy VampireIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Armored.png3633342636165
Icon Portrait Henry Twisted Mind.pngHenry: Twisted MindIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4523223225147
Icon Portrait Hinata Wild Samurai.pngHinata: Wild SamuraiIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4732243618157
Icon Portrait Hinoka Blue Sky Warrior.pngHinoka: Blue Sky WarriorIcon Class Colorless Bow.pngIcon Move Flying.png3732351729150
Icon Portrait Hinoka Warrior Princess.pngHinoka: Warrior PrincessIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.png4135322524157
Icon Portrait Ike Brave Mercenary.pngIke: Brave MercenaryIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4336283520162
Icon Portrait Ike Vanguard Legend.pngIke: Vanguard LegendIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4136303521163
Icon Portrait Ike Young Mercenary.pngIke: Young MercenaryIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4235313218158
Icon Portrait Inigo Indigo Dancer.pngInigo: Indigo DancerIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3728332220140
Icon Portrait Innes Flawless Form.pngInnes: Flawless FormIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Flying.png4233373020162
Icon Portrait Innes Regal Strategician.pngInnes: Regal StrategicianIcon Class Colorless Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3533341431147
Icon Portrait Ishtar Thunder Goddess.pngIshtar: Thunder GoddessIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3834361726151
Icon Portrait Jaffar Angel of Death.pngJaffar: Angel of DeathIcon Class Colorless Dagger.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4126332522147
Icon Portrait Jagen Veteran Knight.pngJagen: Veteran KnightIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png3727242535148
Icon Portrait Jakob Devoted Monster.pngJakob: Devoted MonsterIcon Class Colorless Bow.pngIcon Move Armored.png4235233332165
Icon Portrait Jakob Devoted Servant.pngJakob: Devoted ServantIcon Class Colorless Dagger.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3929312524148
Icon Portrait Jeorge Perfect Shot.pngJeorge: Perfect ShotIcon Class Colorless Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3732322422147
Icon Portrait Joshua Tempest King.pngJoshua: Tempest KingIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4031353028164
Icon Portrait Julia Nagas Blood.pngJulia: Naga's BloodIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3835261732148
Icon Portrait Julius Scion of Darkness.pngJulius: Scion of DarknessIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3835271635151
Icon Portrait Kagero Honorable Ninja.pngKagero: Honorable NinjaIcon Class Colorless Dagger.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3135322228148
Icon Portrait Kagero Spring Ninja.pngKagero: Spring NinjaIcon Class Colorless Dagger.pngIcon Move Flying.png3635341827150
Icon Portrait Kana Dragon Princess.pngKana: Dragon PrincessIcon Class Green Breath.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4030343326163
Icon Portrait Kana Dragon Spawn.pngKana: Dragon SpawnIcon Class Blue Breath.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4031333129164
Icon Portrait Karel Sword Demon.pngKarel: Sword DemonIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4730352520157
Icon Portrait Karla Sword Vassal.pngKarla: Sword VassalIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4235402322162
Icon Portrait Katarina Wayward One.pngKatarina: Wayward OneIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3432341532147
Icon Portrait Kaze Easygoing Ninja.pngKaze: Easygoing NinjaIcon Class Colorless Dagger.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3430361734151
Icon Portrait Klein Silver Nobleman.pngKlein: Silver NoblemanIcon Class Colorless Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4031332024148
Icon Portrait LArachel Princess of Light.pngL'Arachel: Princess of LightIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png3333311731145
Icon Portrait Lachesis Lionhearts Sister.pngLachesis: Lionheart's SisterIcon Class Colorless Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3932252230148
Icon Portrait Laslow Dancing Duelist.pngLaslow: Dancing DuelistIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4435263022157
Icon Portrait Legault The Hurricane.pngLegault: The HurricaneIcon Class Colorless Dagger.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3931382419151
Icon Portrait Legion Masked Maniac.pngLegion: Masked ManiacIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4636352218157
Icon Portrait Leif Prince of Leonster.pngLeif: Prince of LeonsterIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4032383023163
Icon Portrait Lene Yearning Dancer.pngLene: Yearning DancerIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3528352328149
Icon Portrait Leo Seashores Prince.pngLeo: Seashore's PrinceIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3732271635147
Icon Portrait Leo Sorcerous Prince.pngLeo: Sorcerous PrinceIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png3929222530145
Icon Portrait Leon True of Heart.pngLeon: True of HeartIcon Class Colorless Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3934303015148
Icon Portrait Lilina Blush of Youth.pngLilina: Blush of YouthIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png3435302026145
Icon Portrait Lilina Delightful Noble.pngLilina: Delightful NobleIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3537251931147
Icon Portrait Linde Light Mage.pngLinde: Light MageIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3535361427147
Icon Portrait Linus Mad Dog.pngLinus: Mad DogIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4237333219163
Icon Portrait Lissa Pure Joy.pngLissa: Pure JoyIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Armored.png4333303534175
Icon Portrait Lissa Sprightly Cleric.pngLissa: Sprightly ClericIcon Class Colorless Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3926252830148
Icon Portrait Lloyd White Wolf.pngLloyd: White WolfIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4132352030158
Icon Portrait Lonqu Solitary Blade.pngLon'qu: Solitary BladeIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4529392222157
Icon Portrait Lucina Brave Princess.pngLucina: Brave PrincessIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4134362719157
Icon Portrait Lucina Future Witness.pngLucina: Future WitnessIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4334362519157
Icon Portrait Lucina Spring Exalt.pngLucina: Spring ExaltIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3529362225147
Icon Portrait Lucius The Light.pngLucius: The LightIcon Class Colorless Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3732301335147
Icon Portrait Lukas Sharp Soldier.pngLukas: Sharp SoldierIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4535223817157
Icon Portrait Luke Rowdy Squire.pngLuke: Rowdy SquireIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png4334283020155
Icon Portrait Lute Prodigy.pngLute: ProdigyIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3336321634151
Icon Portrait Lyn Brave Lady.pngLyn: Brave LadyIcon Class Colorless Bow.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png3533351828149
Icon Portrait Lyn Bride of the Plains.pngLyn: Bride of the PlainsIcon Class Colorless Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3928342324148
Icon Portrait Lyn Lady of the Plains.pngLyn: Lady of the PlainsIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3728372629157
Icon Portrait Lyn Lady of the Wind.pngLyn: Lady of the WindIcon Class Green Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3631362127151
Icon Portrait Lyn Winds Embrace.pngLyn: Wind's EmbraceIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Armored.png3731362734165
Icon Portrait Lyon Shadow Prince.pngLyon: Shadow PrinceIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4134212630152
Icon Portrait Mae Bundle of Energy.pngMae: Bundle of EnergyIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3536311630148
Icon Portrait Maria Minervas Sister.pngMaria: Minerva's SisterIcon Class Colorless Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3627341932148
Icon Portrait Marisa Crimson Flash.pngMarisa: Crimson FlashIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4630363021163
Icon Portrait Marth Altean Groom.pngMarth: Altean GroomIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png4031363020157
Icon Portrait Marth Altean Prince.pngMarth: Altean PrinceIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4131342923158
Icon Portrait Marth Enigmatic Blade.pngMarth: Enigmatic BladeIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4334362519157
Icon Portrait Mathilda Legendary Knight.pngMathilda: Legendary KnightIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png3529322434154
Icon Portrait Matthew Faithful Spy.pngMatthew: Faithful SpyIcon Class Colorless Dagger.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4125343018148
Icon Portrait Merric Wind Mage.pngMerric: Wind MageIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4326322819148
Icon Portrait Mia Lady of Blades.pngMia: Lady of BladesIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3832402825163
Icon Portrait Micaiah Priestess of Dawn.pngMicaiah: Priestess of DawnIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3535281835151
Icon Portrait Michalis Ambitious King.pngMichalis: Ambitious KingIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Flying.png4334263519157
Icon Portrait Minerva Red Dragoon.pngMinerva: Red DragoonIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Flying.png4031333222158
Icon Portrait Mist Helpful Sister.pngMist: Helpful SisterIcon Class Colorless Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3927282034148
Icon Portrait Morgan Lad from Afar.pngMorgan: Lad from AfarIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3733342026150
Icon Portrait Morgan Lass from Afar.pngMorgan: Lass from AfarIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Flying.png3734301633150
Icon Portrait Myrrh Great Dragon.pngMyrrh: Great DragonIcon Class Green Breath.pngIcon Move Flying.png4233253631167
Icon Portrait Nanna Nordion Princess.pngNanna: Nordion PrincessIcon Class Colorless Staff.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png3627342126144
Icon Portrait Narcian Wyvern General.pngNarcian: Wyvern GeneralIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Flying.png4229293226158
Icon Portrait Navarre Scarlet Sword.pngNavarre: Scarlet SwordIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4231372324157
Icon Portrait Nephenee Fierce Halberdier.pngNephenee: Fierce HalberdierIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3731353420157
Icon Portrait Niles Cruel to Be Kind.pngNiles: Cruel to Be KindIcon Class Colorless Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3725341734147
Icon Portrait Ninian Bright-Eyed Bride.pngNinian: Bright-Eyed BrideIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Flying.png3428331827140
Icon Portrait Ninian Oracle of Destiny.pngNinian: Oracle of DestinyIcon Class Blue Breath.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4224332327149
Icon Portrait Nino Pale Flower.pngNino: Pale FlowerIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Flying.png3633381725149
Icon Portrait Nino Pious Mage.pngNino: Pious MageIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3333361926147
Icon Portrait Noire Shade Seeker.pngNoire: Shade SeekerIcon Class Colorless Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3632362720151
Icon Portrait Nowi Eternal Witch.pngNowi: Eternal WitchIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Flying.png3434322027147
Icon Portrait Nowi Eternal Youth.pngNowi: Eternal YouthIcon Class Blue Breath.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4534273027163
Icon Portrait Oboro Fierce Fighter.pngOboro: Fierce FighterIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4032263524157
Icon Portrait Odin Potent Force.pngOdin: Potent ForceIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4322322525147
Icon Portrait Ogma Loyal Blade.pngOgma: Loyal BladeIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4735342813157
Icon Portrait Oliver Admirer of Beauty.pngOliver: Admirer of BeautyIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4232202334151
Icon Portrait Olivia Blushing Beauty.pngOlivia: Blushing BeautyIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3628332726150
Icon Portrait Olivia Festival Dancer.pngOlivia: Festival DancerIcon Class Colorless Dagger.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3428341628140
Icon Portrait Olwen Blue Mage Knight.pngOlwen: Blue Mage KnightIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png3426342030144
Icon Portrait Olwen Righteous Knight.pngOlwen: Righteous KnightIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png3430351927145
Icon Portrait Oscar Agile Horseman.pngOscar: Agile HorsemanIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png4033342621154
Icon Portrait Palla Eldest Whitewing.pngPalla: Eldest WhitewingIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Flying.png4231312826158
Icon Portrait Peri Playful Slayer.pngPeri: Playful SlayerIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png3533332330154
Icon Portrait Priscilla Delicate Princess.pngPriscilla: Delicate PrincessIcon Class Colorless Staff.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png3629291932145
Icon Portrait Raigh Dark Child.pngRaigh: Dark ChildIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3632292229148
Icon Portrait Raven Peerless Fighter.pngRaven: Peerless FighterIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4134352522157
Icon Portrait Rebecca Wildflower.pngRebecca: WildflowerIcon Class Colorless Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3729342127148
Icon Portrait Reinhardt Thunders Fist.pngReinhardt: Thunder's FistIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png3832232725145
Icon Portrait Reinhardt Thunders Sword.pngReinhardt: Thunder's SwordIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png4035233128157
Icon Portrait Rhajat Black Magician.pngRhajat: Black MagicianIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3635342124150
Icon Portrait Robin Fell Reincarnation.pngRobin: Fell ReincarnationIcon Class Green Breath.pngIcon Move Armored.png4840243527174
Icon Portrait Robin Fell Vessel.pngRobin: Fell VesselIcon Class Colorless Breath.pngIcon Move Flying.png4032353025162
Icon Portrait Robin Festive Tactician.pngRobin: Festive TacticianIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Armored.png4535343525174
Icon Portrait Robin High Deliverer.pngRobin: High DelivererIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4029292922149
Icon Portrait Robin Mystery Tactician.pngRobin: Mystery TacticianIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4029292922149
Icon Portrait Robin Seaside Tactician.pngRobin: Seaside TacticianIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3532342829158
Icon Portrait Roderick Steady Squire.pngRoderick: Steady SquireIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png4031342524154
Icon Portrait Roy Brave Lion.pngRoy: Brave LionIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png3832342624154
Icon Portrait Roy Young Lion.pngRoy: Young LionIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4430312528158
Icon Portrait Roy Youthful Gifts.pngRoy: Youthful GiftsIcon Class Colorless Bow.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png3435192730145
Icon Portrait Ryoma Peerless Samurai.pngRyoma: Peerless SamuraiIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4134352721158
Icon Portrait Ryoma Supreme Samurai.pngRyoma: Supreme SamuraiIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Flying.png4134392820162
Icon Portrait Saber Driven Mercenary.pngSaber: Driven MercenaryIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4031333222158
Icon Portrait Saias Bishop of Flame.pngSaias: Bishop of FlameIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3633301834151
Icon Portrait Saizo Angry Ninja.pngSaizo: Angry NinjaIcon Class Colorless Dagger.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3629343316148
Icon Portrait Sakura Gentle Nekomata.pngSakura: Gentle NekomataIcon Class Colorless Dagger.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3332341434147
Icon Portrait Sakura Loving Priestess.pngSakura: Loving PriestessIcon Class Colorless Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3628302430148
Icon Portrait Sanaki Apostle in White.pngSanaki: Apostle in WhiteIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Flying.png3536301633150
Icon Portrait Sanaki Begnions Apostle.pngSanaki: Begnion's ApostleIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3337261734147
Icon Portrait Selena Cutting Wit.pngSelena: Cutting WitIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3725353228157
Icon Portrait Seliph Heir of Light.pngSeliph: Heir of LightIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4734243022157
Icon Portrait Serra Outspoken Cleric.pngSerra: Outspoken ClericIcon Class Colorless Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3330312133148
Icon Portrait Seth Silver Knight.pngSeth: Silver KnightIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png3732313222154
Icon Portrait Setsuna Absent Archer.pngSetsuna: Absent ArcherIcon Class Colorless Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3728372223147
Icon Portrait Shanna Sprightly Flier.pngShanna: Sprightly FlierIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.png3930352529158
Icon Portrait Sharena Princess of Askr.pngSharena: Princess of AskrIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4332322922158
Icon Portrait Sharena Spring Princess.pngSharena: Spring PrincessIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3732361630151
Icon Portrait Sheena Princess of Gra.pngSheena: Princess of GraIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Armored.png4530253633169
Icon Portrait Shigure Dark Sky Singer.pngShigure: Dark Sky SingerIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3431292124139
Icon Portrait Shigure Uplifting Artist.pngShigure: Uplifting ArtistIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.png4033372725162
Icon Portrait Shiro Raw Talent.pngShiro: Raw TalentIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4135303522163
Icon Portrait Siegbert Future King.pngSiegbert: Future KingIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png4134353116157
Icon Portrait Sigurd Holy Knight.pngSigurd: Holy KnightIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png4135323417159
Icon Portrait Soleil Adorable Adorer.pngSoleil: Adorable AdorerIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3738352824162
Icon Portrait Sonya Vengeful Mage.pngSonya: Vengeful MageIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3633311532147
Icon Portrait Sophia Nabata Prophet.pngSophia: Nabata ProphetIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4033192829149
Icon Portrait Soren Shrewd Strategist.pngSoren: Shrewd StrategistIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3633331729148
Icon Portrait Sothe Zephyr.pngSothe: ZephyrIcon Class Colorless Dagger.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3936332221151
Icon Portrait Stahl Viridian Knight.pngStahl: Viridian KnightIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png4531263022154
Icon Portrait Subaki Perfect Expert.pngSubaki: Perfect ExpertIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.png4025353522157
Icon Portrait Sully Crimson Knight.pngSully: Crimson KnightIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png4226342428154
Icon Portrait Tailtiu Thunder Noble.pngTailtiu: Thunder NobleIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3932351725148
Icon Portrait Takumi Empty Vessel.pngTakumi: Empty VesselIcon Class Colorless Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3731342524151
Icon Portrait Takumi Prince of Soup.pngTakumi: Prince of SoupIcon Class Colorless Dagger.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4034341727152
Icon Portrait Takumi Wild Card.pngTakumi: Wild CardIcon Class Colorless Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4032332518148
Icon Portrait Tana Noble and Nimble.pngTana: Noble and NimbleIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Flying.png3533362025149
Icon Portrait Tana Winged Princess.pngTana: Winged PrincessIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.png3634362525156
Icon Portrait Tharja Normal Girl.pngTharja: "Normal Girl"Icon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Armored.png4334183436165
Icon Portrait Tharja Dark Shadow.pngTharja: Dark ShadowIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3932342320148
Icon Portrait Tharja Obsessive Bride.pngTharja: Obsessive BrideIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3935352121151
Icon Portrait Tiki Dragon Scion.pngTiki: Dragon ScionIcon Class Red Breath.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4131303229163
Icon Portrait Tiki Nagas Voice.pngTiki: Naga's VoiceIcon Class Red Breath.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4035233524157
Icon Portrait Tiki Summering Scion.pngTiki: Summering ScionIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.png3536303224157
Icon Portrait Titania Mighty Mercenary.pngTitania: Mighty MercenaryIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png3728342530154
Icon Portrait Tobin The Clueless One.pngTobin: The Clueless OneIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4631273326163
Icon Portrait Ursula Blue Crow.pngUrsula: Blue CrowIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png3529321930145
Icon Portrait Valter Dark Moonstone.pngValter: Dark MoonstoneIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Flying.png4232313419158
Icon Portrait Virion Elite Archer.pngVirion: Elite ArcherIcon Class Colorless Bow.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4631312613147
Icon Portrait Wrys Kindly Priest.pngWrys: Kindly PriestIcon Class Colorless Staff.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4224232236147
Icon Portrait Xander Paragon Knight.pngXander: Paragon KnightIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png4432243717154
Icon Portrait Xander Spring Prince.pngXander: Spring PrinceIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Move Cavalry.png4025283526154
Icon Portrait Xander Student Swimmer.pngXander: Student SwimmerIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Move Infantry.png4332303616157
Icon Portrait Zelgius Jet-Black General.pngZelgius: Jet-Black GeneralIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Armored.png4636333821174
Icon Portrait Zephiel The Liberator.pngZephiel: The LiberatorIcon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Move Armored.png5535163824168
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