Still-Water Balm

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Name Cooldown Description SP Cost Inherit Restriction Prerequirement
Still-Water Balm 1 When healing an ally with a staff, grants Res+4 to all allies for 1 turn. 150  This skill can only be equipped by staff users. None

Cannot use: Icon Class Red Sword.pngIcon Class Red Bow.pngIcon Class Red Tome.pngIcon Class Red Breath.pngIcon Class Blue Lance.pngIcon Class Blue Bow.pngIcon Class Blue Tome.pngIcon Class Blue Breath.pngIcon Class Green Axe.pngIcon Class Green Bow.pngIcon Class Green Tome.pngIcon Class Green Breath.pngIcon Class Colorless Bow.pngIcon Class Colorless Dagger.pngIcon Class Colorless Breath.png

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The stat increase applied by Still-Water Balm is considered a buff.

List of Heroes with Still-Water Balm[edit | edit source]

HeroSkill chain
Priscilla: Delicate Princess
Still-Water Balm
Sakura: Loving Priestess
Still-Water Balm

In other languages[edit | edit source]

Language Name
Japanese 静水の祝福
German Wasserbalsam
Spanish (Europe) Hidrobálsamo
Spanish (Latin America) Hidrobálsamo
French Baume Apaisant
Italian Balsamo Acqua
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 靜水的祝福

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