Summoner Support (Guide)

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A guide explaining the basics of the Summoner Support mechanic.

What is Summoner Support?[edit | edit source]

Select your favorite ally and boost their stats!

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You can choose one ally to form a bond with via Summoner Support. When this ally goes into battle, their stats will receive a boost depending on the Support Rank.

Summoner Support Boost[edit | edit source]

C - HP+3, Res+2
B - HP+4, Def/Res+2
A - HP+4, Spd/Def/Res+2
S - HP+5, Atk/Spd/Def/Res+2

Raise That Support Ranks![edit | edit source]

You can raise Support Ranks by having your chosen ally enter battle and defeat enemies that are level 35 or higher. If they defeat strong foes, their rank can rise to S!

Important Information[edit | edit source]

  • You can change the Hero selected for Summoner Support pairing at will. However, if you build the Support Rank up and then switch the Hero you have selected, the Support Rank for the initially selected Hero will be reset to C.
  • If you have multiple instances of a Hero, the other instances will be treated as different Heroes for Summoner Support!
  • Boosts from Ally Support and Summoner Support stack.