Summoning Focus: 4 Star & 5 Star Heroes (Notification)

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Banner Focus 4 Star 5 Star Heroes Jan 2018.png
Active: Jan 18, 2018 at 7:00 AM UTC to Feb 7, 2018 at 6:59 AM UTC

The summoning focus event 4★ and 5★ Heroes is here!

Twelve 4★ and 5★ Heroes with useful, inheritable skills make up this summoning focus.

For new summoning events, the first time you summon, you won't have to use Orbs File=!

List of Heroes

  • Hero banner Hinata Wild Samurai.png
  • Hero banner Roy Young Lion.png
  • Hero banner Laslow Dancing Duelist.png
  • Hero banner Abel The Panther.png
  • Hero banner Oscar Agile Horseman.png
  • Hero banner Mathilda Legendary Knight.png
  • Hero banner Fae Divine Dragon.png
  • Hero banner Frederick Polite Knight.png
  • Hero banner Barst The Hatchet.png
  • Hero banner Rebecca Wildflower.png
  • Hero banner Setsuna Absent Archer.png
  • Hero banner Klein Silver Nobleman.png

Anna: Commander

"This is the first 4★ Hero focus!"