Superboons and Superbanes

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Superboons and superbanes are colloquial terms used to refer to the stat variation resulting from an Asset or Flaw being 4 instead of 3. They exist because of the way stat growth is truncated. For more information on why this occurs, see the stat growth page.

Growth rate variation table[edit | edit source]

3★ growth rates Stat difference at 5★ Stat difference at 4★
20% 25% 3 3
25% 30% 4 3
30% 35% 3 3
35% 40% 3 3
40% 45% 3 3
45% 50% 4 3
50% 55% 3 3
55% 60% 3 3
60% 65% 3 3
65% 70% 3 3
70% 75% 4 4
75% 80% 3 3
80% 85% 3 3

List of units[edit | edit source]

The table below lists the superboon and superbane of a unit:

  • Fields marked with Best refer to a unit having a superboon at 5★, with the variation from neutral being 4 points more for an Asset instead of the usual 3.
  • Fields marked with Worst refer to a unit having a superbane at 5★, with the variation from neutral being 4 points less for a Flaw instead of the usual 3.

Abel The Panther Face FC.webpAbel: The PantherCavalryBlue LanceWorstBest
Alfonse Askran Duo Face FC.webpAlfonse: Askran DuoInfantryBlue TomeWorstBestBestBestWorst
Alfonse Prince of Askr Face FC.webpAlfonse: Prince of AskrInfantryRed SwordBest
Alfonse Spring Prince Face FC.webpAlfonse: Spring PrinceCavalryGreen AxeWorstWorst
Alm Hero of Prophecy Face FC.webpAlm: Hero of ProphecyInfantryRed SwordWorst
Alm Imperial Ascent Face FC.webpAlm: Imperial AscentInfantryRed SwordBest
Alm Lovebird Duo Face FC.webpAlm: Lovebird DuoInfantryGreen AxeWorstBestBest
Alm Saint-King Face FC.webpAlm: Saint-KingInfantryColorless BowWorstWorstBest
Altena Luminous Rider Face FC.webpAltena: Luminous RiderFlyingBlue LanceBestBestWorst
Altina Dawns Trueblade Face FC.webpAltina: Dawn's TruebladeFlyingRed SwordBestBest
Amelia Rose of the War Face FC.webpAmelia: Rose of the WarArmoredGreen AxeBest
Anna Commander Face FC.webpAnna: CommanderInfantryGreen AxeWorstWorstWorst
Anna Secret Seller Face FC.webpAnna: Secret SellerInfantryBlue LanceBestBestWorst
Anna Wealth-Wisher Face FC.webpAnna: Wealth-WisherInfantryRed BowWorstBestWorst
Annette Overachiever Face FC.webpAnnette: OverachieverInfantryGreen AxeWorstBestWorstWorst
Arden Strong and Tough Face FC.webpArden: Strong and ToughArmoredRed SwordWorstWorst
Ares Black Knight Face FC.webpAres: Black KnightCavalryRed SwordWorstWorstWorst
Arthur Hapless Hero Face FC.webpArthur: Hapless HeroInfantryGreen AxeWorstWorstBest
Arvis Emperor of Flame Face FC.webpArvis: Emperor of FlameInfantryRed TomeWorst
Ashnard Mad King Face FC.webpAshnard: Mad KingFlyingRed SwordWorst
Astram Midias Hero Face FC.webpAstram: Midia's HeroInfantryRed Sword
Athena Borderland Sword Face FC.webpAthena: Borderland SwordInfantryRed SwordBestBestBest
Aversa Dark One Face FC.webpAversa: Dark OneFlyingRed TomeWorst
Ayra Astras Wielder Face FC.webpAyra: Astra's WielderInfantryRed SwordWorst
Azama Carefree Monk Face FC.webpAzama: Carefree MonkInfantryColorless StaffBestBest
Azura Celebratory Spirit Face FC.webpAzura: Celebratory SpiritFlyingGreen AxeWorstWorst
Azura Lady of Ballads Face FC.webpAzura: Lady of BalladsInfantryGreen AxeBestWorst
Azura Lady of the Lake Face FC.webpAzura: Lady of the LakeInfantryBlue LanceBestWorst
Azura Vallite Songstress Face FC.webpAzura: Vallite SongstressFlyingBlue TomeBestWorstBest
Azura Young Songstress Face FC.webpAzura: Young SongstressInfantryGreen TomeWorstWorstBest
Bantu Tikis Guardian Face FC.webpBantu: Tiki's GuardianInfantryRed BreathWorstBest
Barst The Hatchet Face FC.webpBarst: The HatchetInfantryGreen AxeWorst
Bartre Earsome Warrior Face FC.webpBartre: Earsome WarriorInfantryRed SwordBestWorstBest
Bartre Fearless Warrior Face FC.webpBartre: Fearless WarriorInfantryGreen AxeBestBest
Berkut Debonair Noble Face FC.webpBerkut: Debonair NobleInfantryBlue LanceBestBest
Berkut Prideful Prince Face FC.webpBerkut: Prideful PrinceCavalryBlue Lance
Berkut Purgatorial Prince Face FC.webpBerkut: Purgatorial PrinceCavalryBlue LanceWorstBestWorstWorst
Bernadetta Eternal Loner Face FC.webpBernadetta: Eternal LonerCavalryColorless BowWorstBestBest
Beruka Quiet Assassin Face FC.webpBeruka: Quiet AssassinFlyingGreen AxeWorst
Black Knight Sinister General Face FC.webpBlack Knight: Sinister GeneralArmoredRed SwordWorst
Boey Skillful Survivor Face FC.webpBoey: Skillful SurvivorInfantryGreen TomeWorstWorstWorst
Brady Daunting Priest Face FC.webpBrady: Daunting PriestInfantryColorless StaffWorstBestWorst
Bramimond The Enigma Face FC.webpBramimond: The EnigmaInfantryColorless TomeWorstBestWorst
Brigid Orgahil Pirate Face FC.webpBrigid: Orgahil PirateInfantryRed BowWorstBest
Brunnya Devoted General Face FC.webpBrunnya: Devoted GeneralInfantryBlue Tome
Bruno Masked Hare Face FC.webpBruno: Masked HareCavalryColorless StaffWorstBestBest
Byleth Fell Stars Duo Face FC.webpByleth: Fell Star's DuoFlyingRed TomeWorstBestWorst
Byleth Proven Professor Face FC.webpByleth: Proven ProfessorInfantryRed SwordWorstBest
Byleth Tested Professor Face FC.webpByleth: Tested ProfessorInfantryRed SwordWorstBest
Caeda Princess of Talys Face FC.webpCaeda: Princess of TalysFlyingRed SwordBestBestBestWorst
Caeda Talyss Bride Face FC.webpCaeda: Talys's BrideInfantryBlue TomeWorstWorst
Caeda Talyss Heart Face FC.webpCaeda: Talys's HeartFlyingRed SwordBestBestBest
Cain The Bull Face FC.webpCain: The BullCavalryRed SwordBest
Caineghis Gallias Lion King Face FC.webpCaineghis: Gallia's Lion KingArmoredColorless BeastBestWorst
Camilla Bewitching Beauty Face FC.webpCamilla: Bewitching BeautyFlyingGreen AxeBestWorstWorst
Camilla Flower of Fantasy Face FC.webpCamilla: Flower of FantasyFlyingRed TomeBestWorstWorst
Camilla Holiday Traveler Face FC.webpCamilla: Holiday TravelerFlyingRed SwordWorstBest
Camilla Light of Nohr Face FC.webpCamilla: Light of NohrFlyingColorless StaffWorstBest
Camilla Spring Princess Face FC.webpCamilla: Spring PrincessFlyingGreen TomeWorstBestWorst
Camilla Steamy Secrets Face FC.webpCamilla: Steamy SecretsFlyingColorless DaggerWorstWorstWorst
Camilla Tropical Beauty Face FC.webpCamilla: Tropical BeautyFlyingBlue TomeWorst
Camus Sable Knight Face FC.webpCamus: Sable KnightCavalryBlue LanceWorst
Canas Wisdom Seeker Face FC.webpCanas: Wisdom SeekerInfantryRed TomeBestWorst
Catria Middle Whitewing Face FC.webpCatria: Middle WhitewingFlyingBlue LanceWorstWorstBest
Catria Mild Middle Sister Face FC.webpCatria: Mild Middle SisterFlyingRed SwordBestBest
Catria Spring Whitewing Face FC.webpCatria: Spring WhitewingCavalryBlue TomeBestWorst
Cecilia Etrurian General Face FC.webpCecilia: Etrurian GeneralCavalryGreen TomeBestBestWorst
Cecilia Festive Instructor Face FC.webpCecilia: Festive InstructorArmoredColorless DaggerWorst
Ced Hero on the Wind Face FC.webpCed: Hero on the WindInfantryGreen TomeBest
Celica Caring Princess Face FC.webpCelica: Caring PrincessInfantryRed TomeWorst
Celica Imprisoned Soul Face FC.webpCelica: Imprisoned SoulInfantryRed SwordWorstWorstBest
Celica Queen of Valentia Face FC.webpCelica: Queen of ValentiaInfantryGreen TomeWorstBestWorstWorst
Celica Warrior Priestess Face FC.webpCelica: Warrior PriestessInfantryRed SwordWorstWorst
Chad Lycian Wildcat Face FC.webpChad: Lycian WildcatInfantryColorless DaggerBest
Charlotte Money Maiden Face FC.webpCharlotte: Money MaidenInfantryBlue LanceBest
Cherche Wyvern Friend Face FC.webpCherche: Wyvern FriendFlyingGreen AxeBestWorst
Chrom Crowned Exalt Face FC.webpChrom: Crowned ExaltInfantryBlue BowWorstBestWorstWorst
Chrom Exalted Prince Face FC.webpChrom: Exalted PrinceInfantryRed SwordBestWorst
Chrom Gifted Leader Face FC.webpChrom: Gifted LeaderArmoredGreen Axe
Chrom Knight Exalt Face FC.webpChrom: Knight ExaltCavalryRed SwordWorstWorstWorst
Chrom Spring Exalt Face FC.webpChrom: Spring ExaltInfantryGreen AxeWorst
Clair Highborn Flier Face FC.webpClair: Highborn FlierFlyingBlue LanceBestBestBest
Clarine Refined Noble Face FC.webpClarine: Refined NobleCavalryColorless StaffBestBestWorst
Clarisse Sniper in the Dark Face FC.webpClarisse: Sniper in the DarkInfantryColorless BowBestBest
Claude The Schemer Face FC.webpClaude: The SchemerCavalryColorless BowWorst
Clive Idealistic Knight Face FC.webpClive: Idealistic KnightCavalryBlue LanceBest
Conrad Masked Knight Face FC.webpConrad: Masked KnightCavalryBlue LanceWorst
Conrad Unmasked Knight Face FC.webpConrad: Unmasked KnightCavalryRed SwordWorst
Cordelia Knight Paradise Face FC.webpCordelia: Knight ParadiseCavalryBlue LanceWorstWorst
Cordelia Knight Paragon Face FC.webpCordelia: Knight ParagonFlyingBlue LanceWorstBest
Cordelia Perfect Bride Face FC.webpCordelia: Perfect BrideInfantryColorless BowBest
Cormag Aloof Lanceman Face FC.webpCormag: Aloof LancemanFlyingBlue LanceWorstBest
Corrin Bloodbound Beast Face FC.webpCorrin: Bloodbound BeastInfantryBlue BreathBestBestWorst
Corrin Dream Prince Face FC.webpCorrin: Dream PrinceInfantryBlue BreathBest
Corrin Dream Princess Face FC.webpCorrin: Dream PrincessInfantryGreen BreathBestWorst
Corrin Enjoying Tradition Face FC.webpCorrin: Enjoying TraditionInfantryColorless BowBestWorstWorst
Corrin Fateful Prince Face FC.webpCorrin: Fateful PrinceInfantryRed SwordWorstWorstBest
Corrin Fateful Princess Face FC.webpCorrin: Fateful PrincessInfantryBlue BreathWorstBest
Corrin Novice Vacationer Face FC.webpCorrin: Novice VacationerFlyingBlue TomeBest
Corrin Wailing Soul Face FC.webpCorrin: Wailing SoulInfantryColorless BreathBestWorst
Cynthia Hero Chaser Face FC.webpCynthia: Hero ChaserFlyingBlue LanceWorstWorstWorst
Darros Seawalker Face FC.webpDarros: SeawalkerInfantryGreen Axe
Death Knight The Reaper Face FC.webpDeath Knight: The ReaperCavalryBlue LanceWorstBestWorstWorst
Deirdre Lady of the Forest Face FC.webpDeirdre: Lady of the ForestInfantryGreen TomeBestWorstWorst
Delthea Free Spirit Face FC.webpDelthea: Free SpiritInfantryBlue TomeBest
Delthea Tatarrahs Puppet Face FC.webpDelthea: Tatarrah's PuppetInfantryBlue TomeWorst
Dimitri The Protector Face FC.webpDimitri: The ProtectorCavalryBlue LanceWorst
Donnel Village Hero Face FC.webpDonnel: Village HeroInfantryBlue LanceBest
Dorcas Pumpkin Smasher Face FC.webpDorcas: Pumpkin SmasherArmoredGreen AxeBestBest
Dorcas Serene Warrior Face FC.webpDorcas: Serene WarriorInfantryGreen AxeBest
Dorothea Solar Songstress Face FC.webpDorothea: Solar SongstressInfantryColorless DaggerWorstBestWorst
Dozla Harvest Attendant Face FC.webpDozla: Harvest AttendantArmoredColorless DaggerBestWorstBest
Draug Gentle Giant Face FC.webpDraug: Gentle GiantArmoredRed SwordWorst
Duma God of Strength Face FC.webpDuma: God of StrengthArmoredColorless BreathBest
Echidna Unyielding Idealist Face FC.webpEchidna: Unyielding IdealistInfantryGreen AxeBest
Edelgard Flame Emperor Face FC.webpEdelgard: Flame EmperorArmoredGreen AxeBestWorst
Edelgard The Future Face FC.webpEdelgard: The FutureInfantryGreen AxeBestWorst
Effie Army of One Face FC.webpEffie: Army of OneArmoredBlue LanceWorstBest
Eir Merciful Death Face FC.webpEir: Merciful DeathFlyingColorless DaggerBestBest
Eir Renewed Life Face FC.webpEir: Renewed LifeFlyingRed DaggerWorstWorst
Eirika Anamnesis Lady Face FC.webpEirika: Anamnesis LadyCavalryRed TomeBest
Eirika Gentle as Snow Face FC.webpEirika: Gentle as SnowArmoredColorless StaffWorst
Eirika Graceful Resolve Face FC.webpEirika: Graceful ResolveCavalryRed SwordWorstBest
Eirika Restoration Lady Face FC.webpEirika: Restoration LadyInfantryRed SwordBestBestWorst
Eldigan Lionheart Face FC.webpEldigan: LionheartCavalryRed SwordBestWorst
Eleonora Shooting Starlet Face FC.webpEleonora: Shooting StarletInfantryColorless BowBestBest
Elincia Estival Princess Face FC.webpElincia: Estival PrincessInfantryGreen DaggerBest
Elincia Lost Princess Face FC.webpElincia: Lost PrincessFlyingRed SwordBestBestBest
Elise Bubbling Flower Face FC.webpElise: Bubbling FlowerCavalryRed DaggerBest
Elise Budding Flower Face FC.webpElise: Budding FlowerCavalryColorless Staff
Elise Tropical Flower Face FC.webpElise: Tropical FlowerInfantryGreen TomeBest
Eliwood Blazing Knight Face FC.webpEliwood: Blazing KnightCavalryRed SwordBestBestWorst
Eliwood Devoted Love Face FC.webpEliwood: Devoted LoveArmoredBlue LanceWorstWorst
Eliwood Knight of Lycia Face FC.webpEliwood: Knight of LyciaCavalryRed SwordWorstWorst
Eliwood Marquess Pherae Face FC.webpEliwood: Marquess PheraeCavalryBlue LanceWorstWorst
Emmeryn Gentle Exalt Face FC.webpEmmeryn: Gentle ExaltInfantryColorless StaffWorst
Ephraim Dynastic Duo Face FC.webpEphraim: Dynastic DuoInfantryBlue LanceWorstBestWorstBest
Ephraim Legendary Lord Face FC.webpEphraim: Legendary LordCavalryBlue LanceWorst
Ephraim Restoration Lord Face FC.webpEphraim: Restoration LordInfantryBlue LanceBest
Ephraim Sacred Twin Lord Face FC.webpEphraim: Sacred Twin LordArmoredGreen AxeWorstBest
Ephraim Sparkling Gallantly Face FC.webpEphraim: Sparkling GallantlyArmoredBlue LanceBestWorst
Eremiya Bishop of Woe Face FC.webpEremiya: Bishop of WoeInfantryColorless StaffBest
Est Junior Whitewing Face FC.webpEst: Junior WhitewingFlyingBlue LanceBestWorstBest
Est Springtime Flier Face FC.webpEst: Springtime FlierFlyingBlue TomeWorstBestWorstBest
Ethlyn Spirited Princess Face FC.webpEthlyn: Spirited PrincessCavalryColorless StaffWorstWorstWorstWorst
Ewan Eager Student Face FC.webpEwan: Eager StudentInfantryRed TomeWorstBestBestBest
Eyvel Mistress of Fiana Face FC.webpEyvel: Mistress of FianaInfantryRed SwordBestBest
Fae Divine Dragon Face FC.webpFae: Divine DragonInfantryGreen BreathBestBestWorst
Fae Holiday Dear Face FC.webpFae: Holiday DearArmoredGreen BreathWorstWorst
Faye Devoted Heart Face FC.webpFaye: Devoted HeartInfantryColorless BowWorstWorst
Faye Drawn Heartstring Face FC.webpFaye: Drawn HeartstringArmoredColorless BowWorstBestBest
Felicia Maid Mayhem Face FC.webpFelicia: Maid MayhemInfantryColorless DaggerBest
Felicia Off the Menu Face FC.webpFelicia: Off the MenuArmoredGreen AxeWorstWorstWorst
Ferdinand Noblest of Nobles Face FC.webpFerdinand: Noblest of NoblesCavalryBlue LanceWorstBest
Finn Lance of Legend Face FC.webpFinn: Lance of LegendCavalryBlue LanceWorst
Fiora Airborne Warrior Face FC.webpFiora: Airborne WarriorFlyingBlue LanceBestBest
Fiora Defrosted Illian Face FC.webpFiora: Defrosted IllianFlyingRed SwordWorstWorstWorst
Fir Student of Spring Face FC.webpFir: Student of SpringFlyingGreen AxeWorstBestWorst
Fir Sword Student Face FC.webpFir: Sword StudentInfantryRed SwordWorstBestBest
Fjorm Bride of Rime Face FC.webpFjorm: Bride of RimeFlyingColorless StaffWorstBest
Fjorm New Traditions Face FC.webpFjorm: New TraditionsFlyingGreen BowWorst
Fjorm Princess of Ice Face FC.webpFjorm: Princess of IceInfantryBlue LanceWorstWorstWorst
Flame Emperor Bringer of War Face FC.webpFlame Emperor: Bringer of WarArmoredGreen AxeBestBestBest
Flora Cold as Ice Face FC.webpFlora: Cold as IceInfantryRed DaggerWorstWorst
Flora Signature Dish Face FC.webpFlora: Signature DishArmoredRed DaggerWorst
Florina Lovely Flier Face FC.webpFlorina: Lovely FlierFlyingBlue LanceWorstBestBest
Forrest Fashion Forward Face FC.webpForrest: Fashion ForwardCavalryColorless StaffWorstBest
Forsyth Loyal Lieutenant Face FC.webpForsyth: Loyal LieutenantArmoredBlue LanceBest
Frederick Horizon Watcher Face FC.webpFrederick: Horizon WatcherInfantryColorless DaggerWorstWorstWorst
Frederick Polite Knight Face FC.webpFrederick: Polite KnightCavalryGreen AxeBestBest
Gaius Candy Stealer Face FC.webpGaius: Candy StealerInfantryColorless DaggerWorst
Gaius Thief Exposed Face FC.webpGaius: Thief ExposedInfantryColorless BowWorstWorst
Gangrel Plegias Mad King Face FC.webpGangrel: Plegia's Mad KingInfantryColorless DaggerBestBest
Garon King of Nohr Face FC.webpGaron: King of NohrInfantryRed Breath
Geese A Life at Sea Face FC.webpGeese: A Life at SeaInfantryBlue LanceBest
Genny Dressed with Care Face FC.webpGenny: Dressed with CareCavalryColorless StaffBestBestBest
Genny Endearing Ally Face FC.webpGenny: Endearing AllyInfantryColorless StaffBest
Gerik Desert Tiger Face FC.webpGerik: Desert TigerInfantryGreen AxeWorstBest
Gerome Masked Rider Face FC.webpGerome: Masked RiderFlyingGreen AxeBest
Gharnef Dark Pontifex Face FC.webpGharnef: Dark PontifexInfantryRed TomeWorstWorstWorst
Gordin Altean Archer Face FC.webpGordin: Altean ArcherInfantryColorless BowBestWorst
Gray Wry Comrade Face FC.webpGray: Wry ComradeInfantryRed SwordBest
Greil Heroic Exemplar Face FC.webpGreil: Heroic ExemplarArmoredGreen AxeBestWorst
Gunnthra Beaming Smile Face FC.webpGunnthrá: Beaming SmileCavalryColorless DaggerWorstWorstBest
Gunnthra Voice of Dreams Face FC.webpGunnthrá: Voice of DreamsCavalryGreen TomeWorstWorstBest
Gunnthra Years First Dream Face FC.webpGunnthrá: Year's First DreamFlyingRed SwordWorstBestWorst
Gunter Inveterate Soldier Face FC.webpGunter: Inveterate SoldierCavalryGreen AxeWorstWorstWorstWorst
Gwendolyn Adorable Knight Face FC.webpGwendolyn: Adorable KnightArmoredBlue LanceWorstBestWorst
Haar Black Tempest Face FC.webpHaar: Black TempestFlyingGreen AxeBestWorst
Hana Focused Samurai Face FC.webpHana: Focused SamuraiInfantryRed SwordBestWorst
Hardin Dark Emperor Face FC.webpHardin: Dark EmperorArmoredBlue LanceWorstWorst
Hawkeye Desert Guardian Face FC.webpHawkeye: Desert GuardianInfantryGreen AxeWorst
Heath Wandering Knight Face FC.webpHeath: Wandering KnightFlyingBlue LanceWorstWorstWorst
Hector Brave Warrior Face FC.webpHector: Brave WarriorArmoredBlue LanceBestWorst
Hector Dressed-Up Duo Face FC.webpHector: Dressed-Up DuoArmoredRed SwordBestWorstWorst
Hector General of Ostia Face FC.webpHector: General of OstiaArmoredGreen AxeBest
Hector Just Here to Fight Face FC.webpHector: Just Here to FightArmoredGreen AxeBest
Hector Marquess of Ostia Face FC.webpHector: Marquess of OstiaArmoredGreen AxeBestWorst
Hel Death Sovereign Face FC.webpHel: Death SovereignFlyingGreen AxeWorstBestWorst
Helbindi Savage Scourge Face FC.webpHelbindi: Savage ScourgeInfantryGreen AxeWorst
Helbindi Seaside Scourge Face FC.webpHelbindi: Seaside ScourgeInfantryRed SwordWorstBest
Henry Happy Vampire Face FC.webpHenry: Happy VampireArmoredGreen TomeBestWorst
Henry Twisted Mind Face FC.webpHenry: Twisted MindInfantryRed TomeBest
Hilda Idle Maiden Face FC.webpHilda: Idle MaidenInfantryGreen AxeBest
Hinata Samurai Groom Face FC.webpHinata: Samurai GroomInfantryGreen AxeWorst
Hinata Wild Samurai Face FC.webpHinata: Wild SamuraiInfantryRed SwordBest
Hinoka Blue Sky Warrior Face FC.webpHinoka: Blue Sky WarriorFlyingColorless BowBestWorstWorst
Hinoka Relaxed Warrior Face FC.webpHinoka: Relaxed WarriorFlyingGreen DaggerWorstWorstBest
Hinoka Warrior Princess Face FC.webpHinoka: Warrior PrincessFlyingBlue LanceWorstBest
Hrid Icy Blade Face FC.webpHríd: Icy BladeCavalryRed SwordWorstBestWorstWorst
Hrid Resolute Prince Face FC.webpHríd: Resolute PrinceFlyingRed SwordWorst
Hubert Sinister Servant Face FC.webpHubert: Sinister ServantInfantryRed TomeBest
Iago Nohrs Tactician Face FC.webpIago: Nohr's TacticianInfantryRed TomeWorst
Idunn Dark Priestess Face FC.webpIdunn: Dark PriestessArmoredRed BreathWorstBestBest
Idunn Dragonkin Duo Face FC.webpIdunn: Dragonkin DuoArmoredRed BreathWorstBestBest
Igrene Nabata Protector Face FC.webpIgrene: Nabata ProtectorInfantryRed BowBestBest
Ike Brave Mercenary Face FC.webpIke: Brave MercenaryInfantryGreen AxeWorst
Ike Stalwart Heart Face FC.webpIke: Stalwart HeartArmoredRed SwordWorst
Ike Vanguard Legend Face FC.webpIke: Vanguard LegendInfantryRed SwordWorst
Ike Young Mercenary Face FC.webpIke: Young MercenaryInfantryRed SwordWorst
Ike Zeal Unleashed Face FC.webpIke: Zeal UnleashedInfantryRed SwordWorstBest
Ilyana Treat Harvester Face FC.webpIlyana: Treat HarvesterArmoredBlue TomeWorstBestWorst
Ingrid Solstice Knight Face FC.webpIngrid: Solstice KnightFlyingBlue LanceWorstBestBest
Inigo Indigo Dancer Face FC.webpInigo: Indigo DancerInfantryGreen TomeWorstWorst
Innes Flawless Form Face FC.webpInnes: Flawless FormFlyingGreen Axe
Innes Regal Strategician Face FC.webpInnes: Regal StrategicianInfantryColorless BowBestBest
Ishtar Thunder Goddess Face FC.webpIshtar: Thunder GoddessInfantryBlue TomeWorstWorstBest
Ishtar Thunders Waltz Face FC.webpIshtar: Thunder's WaltzFlyingRed TomeBestWorstBest
Itsuki Finding a Path Face FC.webpItsuki: Finding a PathInfantryRed SwordWorstWorst
Jaffar Angel of Death Face FC.webpJaffar: Angel of DeathInfantryColorless DaggerBestBest
Jaffar Angel of Night Face FC.webpJaffar: Angel of NightArmoredGreen DaggerWorstBest
Jagen Veteran Knight Face FC.webpJagen: Veteran KnightCavalryBlue LanceBest
Jakob Devoted Monster Face FC.webpJakob: Devoted MonsterArmoredColorless BowWorst
Jakob Devoted Servant Face FC.webpJakob: Devoted ServantInfantryColorless DaggerWorstWorstWorstBestBest
Jamke Prince of Verdane Face FC.webpJamke: Prince of VerdaneInfantryColorless BowWorstWorstWorstWorst
Jeorge Perfect Shot Face FC.webpJeorge: Perfect ShotInfantryColorless BowBestBest
Joshua Tempest King Face FC.webpJoshua: Tempest KingInfantryRed SwordWorstWorstWorst
Joshua Tropical Gambler Face FC.webpJoshua: Tropical GamblerInfantryRed BowWorstBestWorstBest
Julia Crusader of Light Face FC.webpJulia: Crusader of LightInfantryBlue TomeWorstBestWorst
Julia Heart Usurped Face FC.webpJulia: Heart UsurpedInfantryRed TomeWorstBestBestWorstBest
Julia Nagas Blood Face FC.webpJulia: Naga's BloodInfantryGreen TomeWorstBestWorst
Julian Tender Thief Face FC.webpJulian: Tender ThiefInfantryColorless DaggerWorstBestWorst
Julius Scion of Darkness Face FC.webpJulius: Scion of DarknessInfantryRed TomeWorstBestWorst
Kaden Kitsune Braggart Face FC.webpKaden: Kitsune BraggartCavalryGreen BeastWorstBestBest
Kagero Beverage Ninja Face FC.webpKagero: Beverage NinjaArmoredGreen DaggerWorst
Kagero Honorable Ninja Face FC.webpKagero: Honorable NinjaInfantryColorless DaggerWorst
Kagero Spring Ninja Face FC.webpKagero: Spring NinjaFlyingColorless DaggerBestWorstWorst
Kana Dragon Princess Face FC.webpKana: Dragon PrincessInfantryGreen BreathWorstWorstBest
Kana Dragon Spawn Face FC.webpKana: Dragon SpawnInfantryBlue BreathWorstWorstWorst
Karel Sword Demon Face FC.webpKarel: Sword DemonInfantryRed SwordWorstBest
Karla Sword Vassal Face FC.webpKarla: Sword VassalInfantryRed SwordBest
Katarina Wayward One Face FC.webpKatarina: Wayward OneInfantryRed TomeBest
Kaze Easygoing Ninja Face FC.webpKaze: Easygoing NinjaInfantryColorless DaggerWorst
Keaton Lupine Collector Face FC.webpKeaton: Lupine CollectorInfantryRed BeastBestBest
Kempf Conniving General Face FC.webpKempf: Conniving GeneralCavalryRed SwordBestBest
Kiria Cool Facade Face FC.webpKiria: Cool FaçadeInfantryRed TomeWorstBestWorst
Kjelle Fair Fighter Face FC.webpKjelle: Fair FighterArmoredBlue LanceBestWorst
Klein Silver Nobleman Face FC.webpKlein: Silver NoblemanInfantryColorless BowWorstWorstBest
Kliff Curious Spirit Face FC.webpKliff: Curious SpiritInfantryBlue TomeWorstWorstWorstBest
Kris Unknown Hero Face FC.webpKris: Unknown HeroInfantryRed SwordWorstBestWorstBest
Kris Unsung Hero Face FC.webpKris: Unsung HeroInfantryBlue LanceWorstBestWorstBest
Kronya Gleaming Blade Face FC.webpKronya: Gleaming BladeInfantryColorless DaggerWorstWorst
LArachel Harvest Princess Face FC.webpL'Arachel: Harvest PrincessCavalryGreen TomeWorstBestWorst
LArachel Princess of Light Face FC.webpL'Arachel: Princess of LightCavalryBlue TomeWorst
Lachesis Lionhearts Sister Face FC.webpLachesis: Lionheart's SisterInfantryColorless StaffWorstWorst
Laegjarn Burning Sun Face FC.webpLaegjarn: Burning SunFlyingBlue TomeBest
Laegjarn New Experiences Face FC.webpLaegjarn: New ExperiencesCavalryBlue LanceWorstWorst
Laegjarn Sheathed Steel Face FC.webpLaegjarn: Sheathed SteelFlyingRed SwordWorst
Laevatein Bonfires Blaze Face FC.webpLaevatein: Bonfire's BlazeFlyingGreen TomeWorstBestBestBest
Laevatein Kumade Warrior Face FC.webpLaevatein: Kumade WarriorCavalryColorless StaffBest
Laevatein Searing Steel Face FC.webpLaevatein: Searing SteelInfantryRed SwordWorst
Larcei Keen Kin Face FC.webpLarcei: Keen KinInfantryRed SwordBestWorst
Larum Sprightly Dancer Face FC.webpLarum: Sprightly DancerInfantryColorless DaggerBestBest
Laslow Dancing Duelist Face FC.webpLaslow: Dancing DuelistInfantryRed SwordBest
Leanne Forests Song Face FC.webpLeanne: Forest's SongFlyingColorless BeastWorstWorstWorst
Legault The Hurricane Face FC.webpLegault: The HurricaneInfantryColorless DaggerWorst
Legion Masked Maniac Face FC.webpLegion: Masked ManiacInfantryGreen Axe
Leif Prince of Leonster Face FC.webpLeif: Prince of LeonsterInfantryRed SwordWorstWorst
Leif Unifier of Thracia Face FC.webpLeif: Unifier of ThraciaCavalryColorless BowWorstBestBestWorstBest
Leila Rose amid Fangs Face FC.webpLeila: Rose amid FangsInfantryColorless DaggerWorstBestBestBest
Lena Tender Angel Face FC.webpLena: Tender AngelInfantryColorless StaffWorstWorstBest
Lene Yearning Dancer Face FC.webpLene: Yearning DancerInfantryRed SwordBestWorstBestWorst
Leo Extra Tomatoes Face FC.webpLeo: Extra TomatoesCavalryGreen TomeWorstWorstWorstWorst
Leo Seashores Prince Face FC.webpLeo: Seashore's PrinceInfantryRed TomeBestWorstBest
Leo Sorcerous Prince Face FC.webpLeo: Sorcerous PrinceCavalryRed TomeWorstWorstBestWorst
Leon True of Heart Face FC.webpLeon: True of HeartInfantryColorless BowWorstWorstBest
Lethe Gallias Valkyrie Face FC.webpLethe: Gallia's ValkyrieCavalryRed BeastWorstWorst
Lethe New Years Claw Face FC.webpLethe: New Year's ClawCavalryGreen BeastBestWorstWorst
Lewyn Guiding Breeze Face FC.webpLewyn: Guiding BreezeInfantryGreen TomeWorstWorstBest
Libra Fetching Friar Face FC.webpLibra: Fetching FriarInfantryGreen AxeWorstWorstWorst
Lif Lethal Swordsman Face FC.webpLíf: Lethal SwordsmanInfantryRed SwordBestWorstWorst
Lilina Beachside Bloom Face FC.webpLilina: Beachside BloomCavalryRed DaggerBestBestWorst
Lilina Blush of Youth Face FC.webpLilina: Blush of YouthCavalryGreen TomeWorstWorst
Lilina Delightful Noble Face FC.webpLilina: Delightful NobleInfantryRed TomeBestBestWorst
Lilith Astral Daughter Face FC.webpLilith: Astral DaughterFlyingBlue BreathWorstBestWorstWorst
Linde Light Mage Face FC.webpLinde: Light MageInfantryBlue TomeBestBestWorst
Linde Summer Rays Face FC.webpLinde: Summer RaysCavalryColorless DaggerWorstBest
Linus Mad Dog Face FC.webpLinus: Mad DogInfantryGreen Axe
Lissa Pure Joy Face FC.webpLissa: Pure JoyArmoredGreen AxeWorstWorst
Lissa Sprightly Cleric Face FC.webpLissa: Sprightly ClericInfantryColorless StaffWorstBestBestWorstWorst
Lloyd White Wolf Face FC.webpLloyd: White WolfInfantryRed SwordWorst
Loki Spring Trickster Face FC.webpLoki: Spring TricksterFlyingColorless BowWorstWorst
Loki The Trickster Face FC.webpLoki: The TricksterInfantryColorless StaffWorstBest
Lonqu Solitary Blade Face FC.webpLon'qu: Solitary BladeInfantryRed SwordWorst
Lorenz Highborn Heat Face FC.webpLorenz: Highborn HeatInfantryRed TomeBestWorst
Louise Eternal Devotion Face FC.webpLouise: Eternal DevotionCavalryColorless BowWorstWorstWorst
Lucina Brave Princess Face FC.webpLucina: Brave PrincessInfantryBlue LanceBest
Lucina Future Witness Face FC.webpLucina: Future WitnessInfantryRed SwordBest
Lucina Glorious Archer Face FC.webpLucina: Glorious ArcherInfantryBlue BowBestBest
Lucina Spring Exalt Face FC.webpLucina: Spring ExaltInfantryBlue TomeBestWorstBest
Lucius The Light Face FC.webpLucius: The LightInfantryColorless StaffBestWorstBest
Lugh Anima Child Face FC.webpLugh: Anima ChildInfantryGreen TomeBestBestWorst
Lukas Buffet for One Face FC.webpLukas: Buffet for OneArmoredBlue LanceBestBest
Lukas Sharp Soldier Face FC.webpLukas: Sharp SoldierInfantryBlue LanceWorst
Luke Rowdy Squire Face FC.webpLuke: Rowdy SquireCavalryRed SwordWorstWorst
Lute Prodigy Face FC.webpLute: ProdigyInfantryBlue TomeWorst
Lute Summer Prodigy Face FC.webpLute: Summer ProdigyFlyingBlue TomeBestWorst
Lyn Brave Lady Face FC.webpLyn: Brave LadyCavalryColorless BowBestWorstWorst
Lyn Bride of the Plains Face FC.webpLyn: Bride of the PlainsInfantryColorless StaffWorstWorstBest
Lyn Lady of the Beach Face FC.webpLyn: Lady of the BeachFlyingBlue BowBestWorst
Lyn Lady of the Plains Face FC.webpLyn: Lady of the PlainsInfantryRed SwordBestWorstBest
Lyn Lady of the Wind Face FC.webpLyn: Lady of the WindInfantryGreen BowBestWorstWorst
Lyn Winds Embrace Face FC.webpLyn: Wind's EmbraceArmoredBlue TomeBestWorstWorst
Lyon Demon King Face FC.webpLyon: Demon KingInfantryGreen TomeWorstWorstWorst
Lyon Shadow Prince Face FC.webpLyon: Shadow PrinceInfantryRed TomeWorstWorstWorst
Lysithea Child Prodigy Face FC.webpLysithea: Child ProdigyInfantryRed TomeBestBestBest
Mae Bundle of Energy Face FC.webpMae: Bundle of EnergyInfantryBlue TomeBestWorstWorst
Mamori Microwavin Idol Face FC.webpMamori: Microwavin' IdolArmoredGreen AxeBestBest
Mareeta Sword of Stars Face FC.webpMareeta: Sword of StarsInfantryRed SwordBestWorstBest
Mareeta The Blades Pawn Face FC.webpMareeta: The Blade's PawnInfantryRed SwordBestWorstBest
Maria Minervas Sister Face FC.webpMaria: Minerva's SisterInfantryColorless StaffBestWorstWorst
Maribelle Dire Damsel Face FC.webpMaribelle: Dire DamselCavalryColorless StaffWorstWorst
Marisa Crimson Flash Face FC.webpMarisa: Crimson FlashInfantryRed SwordWorst
Marisa Crimson Rabbit Face FC.webpMarisa: Crimson RabbitFlyingBlue LanceBestWorst
Marth Altean Groom Face FC.webpMarth: Altean GroomCavalryGreen AxeWorst
Marth Altean Prince Face FC.webpMarth: Altean PrinceInfantryRed SwordWorstWorst
Marth Enigmatic Blade Face FC.webpMarth: Enigmatic BladeInfantryRed SwordBest
Marth Hero-King Face FC.webpMarth: Hero-KingInfantryRed SwordWorst
Marth Legacied Hero Face FC.webpMarth: Legacied HeroInfantryRed SwordWorstBest
Marth Royal Altean Duo Face FC.webpMarth: Royal Altean DuoArmoredColorless BowBestWorstBest
Mathilda Legendary Knight Face FC.webpMathilda: Legendary KnightCavalryBlue LanceBestWorst
Matthew Faithful Spy Face FC.webpMatthew: Faithful SpyInfantryColorless DaggerBestWorst
Mercedes Kindly Devotee Face FC.webpMercedes: Kindly DevoteeInfantryColorless StaffWorst
Merric Changing Winds Face FC.webpMerric: Changing WindsInfantryGreen TomeWorstBestWorst
Merric Wind Mage Face FC.webpMerric: Wind MageInfantryGreen TomeBestWorst
Mia Harmonic Blades Face FC.webpMia: Harmonic BladesCavalryColorless DaggerWorstBestWorstBest
Mia Lady of Blades Face FC.webpMia: Lady of BladesInfantryRed SwordWorstWorstBest
Mia Moonlit Witch Face FC.webpMia: Moonlit WitchFlyingColorless StaffBestWorst
Micaiah Dawn Winds Duo Face FC.webpMicaiah: Dawn Wind's DuoFlyingColorless TomeWorstBest
Micaiah Priestess of Dawn Face FC.webpMicaiah: Priestess of DawnInfantryBlue TomeBestWorstWorst
Micaiah Queen of Dawn Face FC.webpMicaiah: Queen of DawnFlyingGreen TomeBestBestWorstWorst
Micaiah Summers Dawn Face FC.webpMicaiah: Summer's DawnInfantryRed TomeBest
Michalis Ambitious King Face FC.webpMichalis: Ambitious KingFlyingGreen AxeBest
Midori Reliable Chemist Face FC.webpMidori: Reliable ChemistInfantryRed BowBest
Mikoto Caring Mother Face FC.webpMikoto: Caring MotherInfantryColorless StaffWorstBest
Mila Goddess of Love Face FC.webpMila: Goddess of LoveInfantryColorless BreathWorstWorstBestBest
Minerva Princess-Knight Face FC.webpMinerva: Princess-KnightFlyingGreen AxeWorst
Minerva Red Dragoon Face FC.webpMinerva: Red DragoonFlyingGreen AxeWorst
Mirabilis Daydream Face FC.webpMirabilis: DaydreamFlyingRed SwordWorstWorst
Mist Helpful Sister Face FC.webpMist: Helpful SisterInfantryColorless StaffWorstBestWorst
Mist Purest Spirit Face FC.webpMist: Purest SpiritCavalryGreen TomeBestWorstBest
Mordecai Kindhearted Tiger Face FC.webpMordecai: Kindhearted TigerInfantryBlue BeastBestBest
Morgan Lad from Afar Face FC.webpMorgan: Lad from AfarInfantryRed TomeBestBest
Morgan Lass from Afar Face FC.webpMorgan: Lass from AfarFlyingBlue TomeBestWorst
Mustafa Plegian Champion Face FC.webpMustafa: Plegian ChampionInfantryGreen AxeBestWorst
Myrrh Great Dragon Face FC.webpMyrrh: Great DragonFlyingGreen BreathBestWorst
Myrrh Spooky Monster Face FC.webpMyrrh: Spooky MonsterArmoredRed BreathBestBestWorst
Naesala Skys Shadow Face FC.webpNaesala: Sky's ShadowFlyingBlue BeastWorstBestWorst
Naga Dragon Divinity Face FC.webpNaga: Dragon DivinityFlyingBlue BreathBestWorst
Nagi Dragon Avatar Face FC.webpNagi: Dragon AvatarArmoredGreen BreathWorstBestBest
Nah Little Miss Face FC.webpNah: Little MissInfantryRed BreathBestWorst
Nailah Blessed Queen Face FC.webpNailah: Blessed QueenInfantryGreen BeastWorstBestBest
Nailah Unflinching Eye Face FC.webpNailah: Unflinching EyeInfantryBlue BeastWorstBest
Nanna Nordion Princess Face FC.webpNanna: Nordion PrincessCavalryColorless StaffBestWorstBest
Narcian Vernal General Face FC.webpNarcian: Vernal GeneralFlyingBlue LanceBest
Narcian Wyvern General Face FC.webpNarcian: Wyvern GeneralFlyingGreen AxeWorstWorstBest
Navarre Scarlet Sword Face FC.webpNavarre: Scarlet SwordInfantryRed SwordBest
Nephenee Fierce Halberdier Face FC.webpNephenee: Fierce HalberdierInfantryBlue LanceBest
Nephenee Sincere Dancer Face FC.webpNephenee: Sincere DancerInfantryColorless BowWorstBestWorst
Niles Cruel to Be Kind Face FC.webpNiles: Cruel to Be KindInfantryColorless BowBestBestWorst
Niles Forbidden Tease Face FC.webpNiles: Forbidden TeaseArmoredBlue BowBestBestWorst
Nils Bright Bard Face FC.webpNils: Bright BardInfantryBlue BreathWorstBest
Nina Eye Spy Face FC.webpNina: Eye SpyInfantryColorless BowBestWorst
Ninian Bright-Eyed Bride Face FC.webpNinian: Bright-Eyed BrideFlyingBlue TomeBestWorstWorst
Ninian Oracle of Destiny Face FC.webpNinian: Oracle of DestinyInfantryBlue BreathBestWorst
Nino Flower of Frost Face FC.webpNino: Flower of FrostArmoredBlue TomeWorstBestBestWorst
Nino Pale Flower Face FC.webpNino: Pale FlowerFlyingGreen TomeBestWorstBest
Nino Pious Mage Face FC.webpNino: Pious MageInfantryGreen TomeBest
Noire Shade Seeker Face FC.webpNoire: Shade SeekerInfantryColorless BowBestWorst
Norne The Volunteer Face FC.webpNorne: The VolunteerInfantryColorless BowWorst
Nowi Eternal Witch Face FC.webpNowi: Eternal WitchFlyingRed TomeBest
Nowi Eternal Youth Face FC.webpNowi: Eternal YouthInfantryBlue BreathWorstWorst
Oboro Fierce Bride-to-Be Face FC.webpOboro: Fierce Bride-to-BeInfantryRed SwordBestBestWorst
Oboro Fierce Fighter Face FC.webpOboro: Fierce FighterInfantryBlue LanceWorstBestBest
Odin Potent Force Face FC.webpOdin: Potent ForceInfantryBlue TomeBestBest
Ogma Loyal Blade Face FC.webpOgma: Loyal BladeInfantryRed SwordWorstBest
Oliver Admirer of Beauty Face FC.webpOliver: Admirer of BeautyInfantryBlue Tome
Olivia Blushing Beauty Face FC.webpOlivia: Blushing BeautyInfantryRed SwordBestWorstWorstWorst
Olivia Festival Dancer Face FC.webpOlivia: Festival DancerInfantryColorless DaggerBestWorstWorst
Olivia Sky-High Dancer Face FC.webpOlivia: Sky-High DancerFlyingRed SwordBestWorstBest
Olwen Blue Mage Knight Face FC.webpOlwen: Blue Mage KnightCavalryBlue TomeBest
Olwen Righteous Knight Face FC.webpOlwen: Righteous KnightCavalryGreen TomeWorstWorst
Ophelia Dramatic Heroine Face FC.webpOphelia: Dramatic HeroineInfantryBlue TomeWorstBest
Oscar Agile Horseman Face FC.webpOscar: Agile HorsemanCavalryBlue LanceWorstBest
Osian Scolded Soldier Face FC.webpOsian: Scolded SoldierInfantryGreen AxeWorst
Owain Chosen One Face FC.webpOwain: Chosen OneInfantryRed Sword
Palla Eldest Bun-Bun Face FC.webpPalla: Eldest Bun-BunFlyingRed DaggerBestBestWorst
Palla Eldest Whitewing Face FC.webpPalla: Eldest WhitewingFlyingRed SwordWorstWorstBest
Palla Sisterly Trio Face FC.webpPalla: Sisterly TrioFlyingBlue LanceWorstBestWorst
Panne Proud Taguel Face FC.webpPanne: Proud TaguelCavalryBlue BeastWorstWorstBest
Pent Fancy Fiance Face FC.webpPent: Fancy FiancéCavalryBlue TomeBest
Peony Sweet Dream Face FC.webpPeony: Sweet DreamFlyingBlue TomeWorstWorstBest
Perceval Knightly Ideal Face FC.webpPerceval: Knightly IdealCavalryBlue LanceWorstBestWorst
Peri Playful Slayer Face FC.webpPeri: Playful SlayerCavalryBlue LanceBest
Petra Princess of Brigid Face FC.webpPetra: Princess of BrigidFlyingBlue DaggerWorstBest
Phina Roving Dancer Face FC.webpPhina: Roving DancerInfantryRed SwordBestBest
Priscilla Delicate Princess Face FC.webpPriscilla: Delicate PrincessCavalryColorless StaffBestWorstWorst
Python Apathetic Archer Face FC.webpPython: Apathetic ArcherCavalryGreen BowBest
Quan Luminous Lancer Face FC.webpQuan: Luminous LancerCavalryBlue LanceWorst
Rafiel Blessed Wings Face FC.webpRafiel: Blessed WingsInfantryBlue BeastWorstBest
Raigh Dark Child Face FC.webpRaigh: Dark ChildInfantryRed TomeBestWorstWorst
Ranulf Friend of Nations Face FC.webpRanulf: Friend of NationsCavalryGreen BeastWorstWorst
Rath Wolf of Sacae Face FC.webpRath: Wolf of SacaeCavalryGreen BowBest
Raven Peerless Fighter Face FC.webpRaven: Peerless FighterInfantryGreen AxeWorstBest
Rebecca Wildflower Face FC.webpRebecca: WildflowerInfantryColorless BowBestWorstWorst
Reinhardt Lightnings Rondo Face FC.webpReinhardt: Lightning's RondoFlyingGreen TomeWorstBest
Reinhardt Thunders Fist Face FC.webpReinhardt: Thunder's FistCavalryBlue TomeWorstWorst
Reinhardt Thunders Sword Face FC.webpReinhardt: Thunder's SwordCavalryRed SwordWorstWorst
Reyson White Prince Face FC.webpReyson: White PrinceFlyingGreen BeastWorstWorstBestWorst
Rhajat Black Magician Face FC.webpRhajat: Black MagicianInfantryGreen TomeBest
Rhys Gentle Basker Face FC.webpRhys: Gentle BaskerInfantryColorless StaffWorst
Rinea Reminiscent Belle Face FC.webpRinea: Reminiscent BelleInfantryBlue TomeWorstBestWorst
Rinkah Scion of Flame Face FC.webpRinkah: Scion of FlameInfantryGreen AxeWorstBestBestWorst
Robin Fell Reincarnation Face FC.webpRobin: Fell ReincarnationArmoredGreen BreathBestWorst
Robin Fell Vessel Face FC.webpRobin: Fell VesselFlyingColorless BreathWorstBest
Robin Festive Tactician Face FC.webpRobin: Festive TacticianArmoredBlue LanceWorstBest
Robin High Deliverer Face FC.webpRobin: High DelivererInfantryBlue TomeWorstWorstWorstWorst
Robin Mystery Tactician Face FC.webpRobin: Mystery TacticianInfantryGreen TomeWorstWorstWorstWorst
Robin Seaside Tactician Face FC.webpRobin: Seaside TacticianInfantryBlue LanceWorstWorst
Roderick Steady Squire Face FC.webpRoderick: Steady SquireCavalryBlue LanceWorstBest
Rolf Tricky Archer Face FC.webpRolf: Tricky ArcherCavalryColorless BowWorstWorstBest
Ross His Fathers Son Face FC.webpRoss: His Father's SonInfantryGreen AxeBestBestBest
Roy Blazing Lion Face FC.webpRoy: Blazing LionInfantryRed SwordWorstWorst
Roy Brave Lion Face FC.webpRoy: Brave LionCavalryRed SwordWorstBest
Roy Young Lion Face FC.webpRoy: Young LionInfantryRed SwordWorstWorstBest
Roy Youthful Gifts Face FC.webpRoy: Youthful GiftsCavalryColorless BowWorstWorst
Rudolf Emperor of Rigel Face FC.webpRudolf: Emperor of RigelArmoredBlue LanceWorstWorstBestWorst
Rutger Lone Swordsman Face FC.webpRutger: Lone SwordsmanInfantryRed SwordBestWorstBest
Ryoma Dancing Samurai Face FC.webpRyoma: Dancing SamuraiInfantryBlue DaggerWorstWorst
Ryoma Peerless Samurai Face FC.webpRyoma: Peerless SamuraiInfantryRed SwordWorstWorst
Ryoma Samurai at Ease Face FC.webpRyoma: Samurai at EaseFlyingBlue LanceWorstBest
Ryoma Supreme Samurai Face FC.webpRyoma: Supreme SamuraiFlyingRed SwordWorst
Saber Driven Mercenary Face FC.webpSaber: Driven MercenaryInfantryRed SwordWorst
Saias Bishop of Flame Face FC.webpSaias: Bishop of FlameInfantryBlue TomeBestWorstWorst
Saizo Angry Ninja Face FC.webpSaizo: Angry NinjaInfantryColorless DaggerBestWorstWorst