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Happy New Year. I'm Takumi, Prince of Hoshido. Are we...exchanging new-year gifts?

あけましておめでとう。 僕はタクミ…白夜王国の王子だよ。 お年玉でもくれるつもりなのか?


I must admit, I feel somewhat out of place here. There aren't many other Heroes wearing a kimono...
And I'm the only one carrying mochi around.

着物の英雄はあまりいないし、 鏡餅を持ってるのなんて僕だけだし、 なんだか場違いな気がしてきた…

I was celebrating the new year at Castle Shirasagi, unprepared to be summoned out of the blue.
Normally I'd have my Fujin Yumi with me, but...

シラサギ城で新年を祝っていたのに、 急に呼び出すなんて困るよ。 おかげで【風神弓】も置いてきてしまった。

It's always so cold at the turn of a new year. Are you warm enough? I wish I had some warm ozoni with me...

年明けの季節は冷えるね… あんたは大丈夫か? お雑煮ぐらい持ってくればよかったかな。

Huh? You want to make up some New Year's fortunes? Fine...
You'll have good luck if there are at least three Hoshidan Heroes in the plaza.

はあ? おみくじってやつがしたい? 仕方ないなあ…じゃあ白夜王国の英雄が この広間に三人以上いたら大吉だよ。

It's a new year, so I'll try to be a little more forthright. I wanted you to know that I respect your tactical capabilities.

新しい年だからね…今日ぐらいは素直に 振る舞ってみてもいいかもしれない。 あんたの戦術…僕は認めてるからね。

Friend greetingEdit

Happy New Year. I was instructed by [Friend] to deliver new-year greetings.

あけましておめでとう。 [Friend]から、 新年のあいさつを言付かってるよ。

Leveling upEdit

+[4,5] pointsEdit

As amazing as the first sunrise of the new year.

初日の出を見た時と同じ 素晴らしい気分だ。

+[2,3] pointsEdit

This year, I'll become even stronger.

去年の僕よりも 強くなってみせるさ。

+[0,1] pointsEdit

I hope the entire year doesn't go this way...

来年はこんな風に ならないようにしないと…

Ally GrowthEdit

A new power for a new year, huh? Thanks.

新年だから、新しい力をくれたのか? …ありがとう。

5★ LV. 40 conversationEdit

I've been here since the new year's start. Do you celebrate New Year's where you're from?
We have all sorts of traditions in Hoshido.
For instance, we'll hang decorations resembling the Dawn Dragon facing the sunrise to ward off evil.
We also have many delicious soups we'll prepare— Hm? Why are you looking at me like that?
Oh, you'd like to learn more about Hoshidan New Year's traditions?
Well, they're pretty involved, and explaining them thoroughly will likely take some time...
But as long as you're OK with that, I'd be glad to tell you whatever you want to know.
I can't say whether it's good fortune or bad, but there's no way of knowing if I'll ever be able to return home...
So, for as long as I'm here, I'll continue to chat with you like this. After all, I don't...dislike you.
So let's keep working together. Sound good?

年が明けてからずっとここにいるけど、 あんたたちは新年を祝わないのか? 白夜王国では色んな風習があるんだよ。
例えば光竜の姿を象った飾り物を 日の出の方向に置いて魔を祓う…とかね。 他にも特別な料理を作ったり…
…何だよ、その目は。もっと聞きたいって? 言っておくけど白夜の風習は奥が深いんだ。 そんなにすぐには語りつくせないよ。
まあ、それでもいいなら教えるけどさ。 幸か不幸か、僕はいつになったら 白夜王国に戻れるかわからないし…
ここにいる間は、話し相手になってあげる。 あんたのこと、僕は別に嫌いじゃないし。 今年も…いや、これからもよろしく頼むよ。



Special triggerEdit


Status pageEdit

Audio Transcription Rarity
Heh 1 
This is just something I wear for the New Year! 1 
I always have bad dreams. But they seem even worse at the start of a new year. 1 
What? Men wear kimonos like this for the New Year in Hoshido! 1 
It's Hoshidan tradition to give money to children on New Year's Day. That's...nice, I guess. 4 
Hoping for good luck this year? Yeah, me too. 4 
I never expected to go into battle wearing this. 5 
Sorry if I can be...prickly. Truth is, I'm glad to be with you for the New Year. 5 
Audio Transcription Rarity
ふふっ 1 
なんだよ、じろじろ見て…ただの袴だよ 1 
僕は夢見が悪いから、初夢は嫌な予感がするなあ 1 
白夜の男性はこういう着物で新年を祝うんだ 1 
お年玉が欲しい? なんで白夜の風習を知ってるんだよ 4 
あんたは今年、どんな一年にしたい? 4 
この服で戦いに駆り出されるとは思わなかったよ 5 
そんなに僕が必要なら仕方ないね。 このまま次の年を越すまで、一緒にいてあげてもいいけど? 5 

Turn actionEdit


The year's barely started and busy already?


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I can't believe our luck. The year's
barely started and we're already
being made to fight!

Takumi: Prince of Soup,
Wishes for the New Year