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Dragonflower potential[edit source]

Should this page list differences in dragonflower potential as well? Imxtrabored25324 (talk) 18:20, 21 September 2019 (UTC)

How to add heroes into the page? What's the purpose of this page?[edit source]

I found out that this page just a template with a tag. F!Grima out got beat out by Fallen Female Corrin. I also think its wrong to not include bonus stats from the weapons themselves, like when it says +3 attack or something. Using this to illustrate powercreep is fine, but if the point is to illustrate it more accurately, and still being honest enough to note technical distinctions, then perhaps a second page is needed to include the rouse, oath, solo, bond skills? (Maybe blow and stance and similar from the built in weapons?) I was amazed to find that in terms of pure bst, L!Ephraim, Perceval, Dimitri, and Sirius all have the same/similar total BST's, yet they are not all of proximate power levels. I like this as a more objective version than tier lists. Maybe somehow create a separate toggle? Trying to edit and add information with the visual editor is atrociously hard for some pages, because then you just get templates and what's on screen doesn't match the information presented, and then you find the template, don't understand how it works, gets scared, and don't contribute to anything. (Looking at you map data for Mythic/Legendary hero battles). Given the whole stay at home situation, I'd like to contribute, but damn is it very difficult. Also, in order for me not to trigger the bot/spam filter, I should a bit more here, and now that I'm done stalling, I should mention who I am. I don't have an account here, because I don't want to create one and forget about it and with complicated TOS to read, new skill to obtain, among other reasons. But just as an identifier, I'll stick t his here and indicate that on reddit, I'm u/ilikedota5.