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Hmm...[edit source]

I think that characters that appear in multiple games and characters that share a name but aren't the same person should have separate pages, with the general page linking to each of them (for example, Tiki would have Tiki (Mystery of the Emblem) and Tiki (Awakening), both of which would be linked to here).

  • So after trying to edit Robin and testing the code on Robin (Male) and Robin (Female), I decided to test the code here as well, and what I found is that on this page, the Hero List doesn't load properly, but the CYL section does, while on Tiki (Mystery of the Emblem) and Tiki (Awakening), the Hero List loads properly, but the CYL section included the Tiki from the other game. So whether we make separate pages or not, either the Hero List code or the CYL code will have to be altered to work properly.