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Table should be vertical[edit source]

In table design, what I think is that everything that is variable should be vertical, while everything that is fixed should be horizontal. This is done for a lot of the tables around the wiki. Looking at our regular non-LL enemy tables in FEH, the amount of enemies may scale, but the amount of their attributes (Level, HP, Atk, Spd, etc.) are fixed and will always be the same. Since webpage scrolls vertically, even if there are 900 enemies, vertical layout allows displaying all enemies with few problems. Although Lost Lore enemies are only 4, I think this same philosophy should be applied. Even though both lengths are always the same, I feel properties like HP, Atk, etc. is more 'fixed' since it is always the same for every strike compared to different units appearing.

Other miscellaneous notes:

  • Fixed width in px is bad design because the text/table will not adjust its width for small screens and may extend too far. For aesthetics, max-width can be used, but padding or similar is probably the best solution for making good-looking spacing.
  • If using horizontal headers, scope="row" will need to be applied as the default when unspecified for a header is scope="col".
  • Strike on Grust does not need to be specified as a table header since there is only one strike area. If future LL events have more than one strike area, subsections would be more suitable than a table header.
  • Using "foe" vs "unit" is better because it is more specific, and is also the term used in-game.

I will revert to the previous table design if there are no objections. Endilyn (talk) 04:01, 1 September 2019 (UTC)