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Summoning[edit | edit source]

My name is Tana, and I'm a pegasus knight.
Oh, and I'm also the princess of Frelia. I hope you won't let that get in the way of us being friends, though!

わたしは天馬騎士のターナよ。 いちおうフレリア王国の王女だけど… そんなの気にしないで仲良くしてね。

Castle[edit | edit source]

My brother is nobody's fool. But when it comes to Ephraim...well, that's the exception. He sees him as a rival.

お兄さまはとっても賢い人だけど、 エフラムのことになると意地っ張りなの。 ライバルだと思ってるのね。

I left the castle without my father's permission. I wonder if he'll be angry with me...

わたしったら、お父様に無断で お城を出てきちゃったの… お父様…怒ってらっしゃるかしら?

How are you doing? Just let me know if you need something. That's what friends are for, right?

あなた、大丈夫? 困ったときはなんでも言ってね。 ふふっ、だってわたしたち友達でしょ?

Come on! Let's get out of here! Show me a good time. After all, taking time out is important—even in war.
If you don't relax now and again, you'll suffer for it.

ねえねえ、どこかに遊びに行かない? 戦いの最中だって気晴らしは必要だわ。 息もつまっちゃうでしょ!

Outside of training? I spend my time making friends, I suppose...
I just want to meet people who have the same aspirations I do!

訓練以外だと…友達作りかな? ふふっ、やっぱり同じ目的を持つ者同士 仲良くしたいもの!

Friend greeting[edit | edit source]

Hello, [Summoner]!
Thank you for being such a good friend to [Friend]!

あっ、あなたが[Summoner]ね! [Friend]といつも 仲良くしてくれてありがとう!

Leveling up[edit | edit source]

+[4,5] points[edit | edit source]

My brother will have no choice but to acknowledge my skill now!

これなら、きっとお兄さまも 認めてくださるわ!

+[2,3] points[edit | edit source]

I wish we could be more like Eirika and Ephraim. Maybe now...

エイリークやエフラムみたいに なれるかしら?

+[0,1] points[edit | edit source]

I can just imagine what my brother would say about this...

これじゃあお兄さまに 怒られちゃう…

Ally Growth[edit | edit source]

I can hold my head high and fight alongside everyone! Thank you!

みんなと肩を並べて戦えるわ! 嬉しい…!

5★ LV. 40 conversation[edit | edit source]

I had seen so little of the world. But somehow, when I left the castle, I thought I was ready...
But no. Coming here has simply shown me that there is so much that I don't yet understand.
Traveling with you has opened my eyes, though. I am sure of it.
Eirika is my best friend. Of that, I have no doubt. But you've become just as important to me.
I love Eirika, Ephraim, and my brother with all of my heart. And I feel the same about you!

わたしが見て来た世界はとても狭いって、 王宮を旅立ったときに 理解してたつもりだったけど…
ここに来て、 まだまだ知らないことが たくさんあるんだってわかったわ。
うん、あなたと一緒に旅ができて わたし、また一つ 成長できた気がしてるの。
わたしの一番の友達はエイリーク。 でも、あなたも 同じくらい大切な人…
エイリークもエフラムも、 お兄さまも…そしてあなたも、 みんな大好きよ!

Attack[edit | edit source]

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Damage[edit | edit source]

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Special trigger[edit | edit source]

Audio Transcription
I will help!
This is awful.
You beast!
I am a knight of Frelia!
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Defeat[edit | edit source]

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I've long been prepared...
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Status page[edit | edit source]

Audio Transcription Rarity
Heehee 1★
Shall we chat? Yes? Lovely! 1★
Aah! Please don't tease me like that. 1★
My brother is so cruel. You should hear what he said to me. 1★
I'm afraid I haven't been very much help to you. 4★
I feel I should apologize. I'm still in training and not quite battle-ready. 4★
Am I a little bit stronger now? I hope so... 5★
Thank you—truly, thank you—for making an effort to understand how I feel. 5★
Audio Transcription Rarity
ふふふっ 1★
いっしょにお話しましょう? 良いの? 嬉しい! 1★
きゃあっ!? も、もう。からかわないで。 1★
お兄様ったらひどいの。わたしのこと、子供だって言うのよ。 1★
ほんとはね、もっと、あなたのこと助けたいの。 4★
わたし、まだ未熟で…うまくできなくて、ごめんなさい。 4★
わたし、ちょっとだけ強くなれたかな…? 5★
あなたはわたしの気持ちをわかってくれてる…うれしいわ。 5★

Turn action[edit | edit source]

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Tell me.
All right.
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