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A guide explaining the basics of the Tap Battle.

What Is The Illusory Dungeon?[edit | edit source]

March on and defeat your enemies in Tap Battle! It's an easy-to-play battle game where you time your taps to the on-screen action and explore a 100-floor dungeon.

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Four Heroes Go Exploring[edit | edit source]

Get to the end of a stage with HP remaining to clear the stage. Even Heroes who have not yet been leveled up can fight at full power, so choose your favorite Heroes and aim for the darkest depth!

Carefully time your taps when the enemies draw near to attack them!

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Stages Are Added Every Day![edit | edit source]

Each stage lets you explore 5 floors of the 100-floor dungeon. Bosses will appear at floors 20, 40, 60, 80, and 100.

When the event starts, there will be eight stages available, making it possible to reach floor 40. Every day until Day 4, four stages (a total of 20 floors) will be added.

Play every day to earn rewards! Strive to reach the deepest floor when it opens on Day 4.

Challenge Yourself on the Hard Difficulty![edit | edit source]

If you choose the Hard difficulty, the challenge will increase-along with the number of enemies!

If there is a stage you like, try challenging it on Hard.

Note: All rewards for clearing stages can be earned on Normal difficulty.

Try Expert Mode[edit | edit source]

In Expert mode, you'll tap each Hero's row to attack your foes.

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Your record for each mode will be saved, so once you master one mode, try switching things up!

Note: All rewards for clearing stages can be earned in Casual mode.

Tap Battle Settings[edit | edit source]

If you are finding Tap Battle a little challenging, try adjusting the settings.