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A guide explaining the basics of Tempest Trials.

What Are Tempest Trials?[edit | edit source]

This is a special event where you challenge a series of high-difficulty maps. Clear them repeatedly and you can increase your score. You can get special rewards based on your total score during the event period.

Play by going to Battle → Events → Tempest Trials.

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How to Play Tempest Trials[edit | edit source]

Choose Your Difficulty Level[edit | edit source]

In Tempest Trials, there are several difficulties to select from. Each difficulty not only changes the strength of enemies but also offers a different number of maps. Select the difficulty level that best suits your allies.

For those who are unsure about which difficulty to choose, there is a function that displays a recommendation.

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Clear Maps, Earn Points[edit | edit source]

If you can clear the final map, you will receive a score based on your overall completion.

The score will increase for the number of maps cleared, your speed, and ally survival.

Even if all of your teams are defeated, you can earn a score based on the number of maps cleared up to that point.

The first two times you fight each day, you have a chance to triple your score!

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Get Rewards![edit | edit source]

Continue to clear maps and your score will increase! You can receive rewards based on your cumulative score.

You can also receive a ranking based on your cumulative score! Even more rewards will be given out based on score, so aim for the highest ranks.

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Bonus Allies[edit | edit source]

You'll earn a score bonus if your bonus ally goes into battle at least once.

Also, the bonus allies you use will receive a boost to their HP and stats, making them even better! Their earned experience and SP will also double, so it's a great chance to build them up

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Twice-a-Day Bonus[edit | edit source]

You can triple your score twice a day!

Heroes other than bonus allies will also receive a boost to their HP and stats! Their earned experience and SP will also double, so it's a great chance to build them up as well!

Tempest Trials Rules[edit | edit source]

Defeated Allies Can't Be Be Revived[edit | edit source]

If all of the allies on your team are defeated, you can immediately make a new team of allies and try the map again. However, be aware that the allies that were defeated will not be able to be used again until either the last map is cleared or all your teams have been defeated and you try again.

Try your best to come up with strategies that will allow you to advance without sacrificing your allies. Be aware that your allies will continue to the next map in the set with the same HP and cooldown as when they finished the previous map. You may need to switch up the tactics you've been using up till now!

It's a Battle of Attrition![edit | edit source]

If you attempt a map again with a different team, the enemies defeated by your previous team will not reappear.

Any surviving enemies will carry over HP they had before, and their Special cooldown will reset. This make it a little bit easier to defeat them.

Even if you don't have the advantage, try to whittle the enemy down as much as possible and make things easier for the next team!

Suggested settings for Tempest Trials[edit | edit source]

Here are some suggestions on how to change your settings to get through Tempest Trial efficiently. When you're busy, these auto settings make it easy to proceed.

Setting Explanation
Auto-Battle Text: Auto-Advance Text for level-ups will advance automatically.
Continuous Auto: On Your team will battle automatically until they win...or everyone on your team is defeated.
Auto: No
Animation: On
When Combat Animations are turned off, the battle scenes will not be displayed.

Important Information[edit | edit source]

  • If an enemy's HP was reduced in a previous battle, the enemy's HP will be the lower of these two options: max HP reduced by 20% or the amount of HP remaining after the end of the previous battle.
  • Rank rewards can be claimed by selecting Battle and then Tempest trials after the event.
  • It will be a few hours after the event is completed before rewards can be claimed.