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Description[edit source]

Used to add text to Special Maps banners.

Usage[edit source]

{{Banner Event

Parameters[edit source]

  • bannerType - The file name of the banner to be used. Typically files are called Banner <Type>.png. You want only the <Type> portion.
  • text1 - Text line 1 - Usually the name of the event.
  • text2 - Text line 2 - Usually optional.
  • fontSize - Denotes the size of bannerType, on a scale from 1 to 5. (Standard size should be 4).

Examples[edit source]

{{Banner Event
|bannerType=Tap Battle
|text1=Labyrinth of Mists
|text2=Optional Text
Banner Tap Battle.png
Empty Space GHB.png
{{Banner Event
|bannerType=Voting Gauntlet
|text1=Short-Haired Ladies vs. Long-Haired Gents
|text2=Optional Text
Banner Voting Gauntlet.png
Empty Space GHB.png

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