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Description[edit source]

Used to add text to Special Maps banners.

Parameters[edit source]

  • link - The link to the Hero Battle.
  • optionalText - Optional text.

Can be used without parameters name. In this case, (map) and : Bound Hero Battle can be ignore.

Examples[edit source]

Code Result
{{Banner HB
|link=Xander: Paragon Knight (map)
|optionalText=Optional Text
Banner T0006.webp
Empty Space GHB.png
Xander: Paragon Knight
{{Banner HB|Virion: Elite Archer (map)|Optional Text}}
Banner U0006.webp
Empty Space GHB.png
Virion: Elite Archer
{{Banner HB|Naga: Dragon Divinity}}
Banner L0015.webp
Empty Space GHB.png
Naga: Dragon Divinity
{{Banner HB
|link=Marth & Caeda: Bound Hero Battle
|optionalText=Optional Text
Banner T0058.webp
Empty Space GHB.png
M & C: Bound Hero Battle
{{Banner HB|Ephraim & Eirika: Bound Hero Battle|Optional Text}}
Banner T0016.webp
Empty Space GHB.png
E & E: Bound Hero Battle
{{Banner HB|Alm & Celica}}
Banner T0013.webp
Empty Space GHB.png
A & C: Bound Hero Battle