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Partial sort values for characters associated with Heroes, used on the Catalog of Heroes. Multiple uses of this template can be placed on the same page.

{{Character Sort Values|title=|value2=}}

Parameters[edit source]

  • name: Name of the character. Defaults to the page name.
  • title: The game the character originates from, according to in-game Hero descriptions.
  • value2: The value used to sort Heroes within the same series in the Catalog.

Name field[edit source]

Discriminators should be used if and only if multiple Heroes bearing the same name and belonging to the same title use different sort values, e.g.:

  • Tiki does not need a discriminator, because there is only one value2 for Tiki in each series:
{{Character Sort Values|title=Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem|value2=1000100}}
{{Character Sort Values|title=Fire Emblem Awakening|value2=900100}}
  • Lucina does not need a discriminator, because there is only one value2 for Marth in Fire Emblem Awakening:
{{Character Sort Values|title=Fire Emblem Awakening|value2=6900100}}
{{Character Sort Values|name=Marth|title=Fire Emblem Awakening|value2=6900100}}
  • If Selena from Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones joins, neither Selena needs a discriminator, because there is only one value2 for Selena in either series.
  • Corrin needs a discriminator, because there are two value2's for Corrin:
{{Character Sort Values|name=Corrin M|title=Fire Emblem Fates|value2=100100}}
{{Character Sort Values|name=Corrin F|title=Fire Emblem Fates|value2=100200}}

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