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Usage[edit source]

{{Enemy Infobox
|Name=The unit's name as seen in-game.
|Title=Epithet. Generics only have the name field.
|Origin=The game the unit originates from. Leave empty for generics.
|WeaponType=Check below for a list of available weapon types.
|MoveType=Check below for a list of available move types.
|Gender=The unit's gender.

Weapon Type[edit source]

  • Red Sword
  • Blue Lance
  • Green Axe
  • Red Bow
  • Blue Bow
  • Green Bow
  • Colorless Bow
  • Red Dagger
  • Blue Dagger
  • Green Dagger
  • Colorless Dagger
  • Red Tome
  • Blue Tome
  • Green Tome
  • Colorless Tome
  • Colorless Staff
  • Red Breath
  • Blue Breath
  • Green Breath
  • Colorless Breath
  • Red Beast
  • Blue Beast
  • Green Beast
  • Colorless Beast

Move Type[edit source]

  • Infantry
  • Armored
  • Cavalry
  • Flying

Gender[edit source]

Leave empty for N/A.

  • Male
  • Female

Properties[edit source]

Currently used:

  • generic: For generic enemy units.
  • hair, hat, mask, tiara: For Enemies that cannot equip certain types of accessories.