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This template has been superseded by Module:FocusTable.

This template is no longer supported, and exists solely to maintain integrity of previous page revisions that used this template. New content should not use this template anymore, as it might be moved, deleted, or broken without prior notice.

Template-info.svg Documentation

This template is deprecated. Use {{#invoke:FocusTable|table}} instead.

Generates a Summoning Focus table to be used on the List of Summoning Focuses page.


name=Focus Name

image=Filename of Summoning Focus Image

start=Start Date of Focus

end=End Date of Focus



{{Focus|name=Deep Devotion|image=Banner Focus Deep Devotion.png|start=February 1, 2017|end=February 14, 2017|Lyn: Lady of the Plains|Camilla: Bewitching Beauty|Roy: Young Lion|Takumi: Wild Card}}
{{Focus|name=Gunnthrá Voice of Dreams|image=Banner Focus Gunnthrá Voice of Dreams.png|start=December 28, 2017|end=January 2, 2018|Gunnthrá: Voice of Dreams|Chrom: Spring Exalt|Amelia: Rose of the War|Lyn: Bride of the Plains|Innes: Regal Strategician|Elise: Budding Flower|Roy: Brave Lion|Sigurd: Holy Knight|Ryoma: Peerless Samurai|Fjorm: Princess of Ice|Lucina: Spring Exalt|Charlotte: Money Maiden}}