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Template-info.svg Documentation

This template is deprecated. Use {{#invoke:FocusTable|table}} instead.

Generates a Summoning Focus table to be used on the List of Summoning Focuses page.


name=Focus Name

image=Filename of Summoning Focus Image

start=Start Date of Focus

end=End Date of Focus



{{Focus|name=Deep Devotion|image=Banner Focus Deep Devotion.png|start=February 1, 2017|end=February 14, 2017|Lyn: Lady of the Plains|Camilla: Bewitching Beauty|Roy: Young Lion|Takumi: Wild Card}}

Deep Devotion
Banner Focus Focus Deep Devotion.png Featured Units
Start Date 2017-02-01
End Date 2017-02-14
{{Focus|name=Gunnthrá Voice of Dreams|image=Banner Focus Gunnthrá Voice of Dreams.png|start=December 28, 2017|end=January 2, 2018|Gunnthrá: Voice of Dreams|Chrom: Spring Exalt|Amelia: Rose of the War|Lyn: Bride of the Plains|Innes: Regal Strategician|Elise: Budding Flower|Roy: Brave Lion|Sigurd: Holy Knight|Ryoma: Peerless Samurai|Fjorm: Princess of Ice|Lucina: Spring Exalt|Charlotte: Money Maiden}}

Gunnthrá Voice of Dreams
Banner Focus Legendary Heroes - Gunnthra.png Featured Units
Start Date 2017-12-28
End Date 2018-01-02