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This template has been superseded by Module:FocusTable.

This template is no longer supported, and exists solely to maintain integrity of previous page revisions that used this template. New content should not use this template anymore, as it might be moved, deleted, or broken without prior notice.

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Description[edit source]

Used for displaying Summoning Focuses for New Heroes (Event), with hero banners. Slightly different implementation to accept cargo.

Usage[edit source]

{{Focus Table|Banner Name|Note(Optional)|Detail(Optional)}}

Parameters[edit source]

  • 1: Name - Name of Banner
  • 2: Note - Note
  • 3: Detail - Note Details

Examples[edit source]

Basic Usage

{{Focus Table|Winter's Envoy|Notes|This Template Supports Notes!}}
Winter's Envoy
Banner Focus Winters Envoy.png
Winter's Envoy
Featured units
Start date2017-12-18
End date2018-01-01
NotesThis Template Supports Notes!

Used as a cargo output

|group by=Name
|more results text=
|template=Focus Table
New Heroes: Alm's Army
Banner Focus New Heroes Alms Army.png
New Heroes: Alm's Army
Featured units
Start date2017-07-13
End date2017-07-28
New Heroes: Celica's Army
Banner Focus New Heroes Celicas Army.png
New Heroes: Celica's Army
Featured units
Start date2017-07-13
End date2017-07-28