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This template generates Grand Hero Battle revival quests, to be used on the Quests and Missions page and quest archive pages.

Usage[edit source]

{{Grand Hero Battle quest


  • from: Time when the quest starts availability.
  • to: Time when the quest expires (optional).
  • archive: If empty or unspecified, the quest table will not be displayed when the quests are not active (optional).
  • notification: Notification article that announce the quests (optional).
  • ally: The "starter" unit used to defeat the GHB's boss. Can be one of the following: Alfonse/Sharena/Anna/Fjorm.
  • boss: Boss hero of the GHB. Must contain name and epithet. For example, Kana: Dragon Spawn.
  • movetype: The movement type used in the "only use one movement type" quest. Can be one of the following: infantry/cavalry/flying/armored.

Example[edit source]

September 2018 Saias GHB revival quests

{{Grand Hero Battle quest
|boss=Saias: Bishop of Flame

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