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This template has been deprecated. Reason: "Use of this template within other templates is usually a sign that those templates aren't optimized and perform more queries than necessary."

This template is no longer supported, and exists solely to maintain integrity of previous page revisions that used this template. New content should not use this template anymore, as it might be moved, deleted, or broken without prior notice.

Template-info.svg Documentation

This template retrieves the page name of a Hero from its unique identifier, name and epithet, (for use in templates, queries, etc.). This template will be useful in the rare event that a Hero's page name differs from the Hero's name. For example these characters would be problematic to include in a page name: [ ] { } | # < > % + ? / = This template has an alias at Template:htp.

Parameters[edit source]

{{htP|Hero name}}

Examples[edit source]

{{htP|Corrin: Enjoying Tradition}}
Error: Table Heroes not found.
[[{{htP|Lon'qu: Solitary Blade}}]]
Error: Table Heroes not found.
|where=_pageName='{{EscQ|1={{HtP|Corrin: Enjoying Tradition}}}}'
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