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Name Icon Rating Notes
Hana: Focused Samurai
  • Hana has a solid offensive stat spread of 35/36 but comparatively weaker defenses, making her the definition of a glass cannon.
  • Offensive builds like Firesweep Sword set with Life and Death, are her bread and butter, leveraging her offensive stats and completely mitigates her terrible durability. She can also make use out of the Brave Sword set for strong burst damage, or rely on a Wo Dao+/Slaying Edge-based builds to raise her statline a bit.
  • She has mediocre bulk in comparison to other similar Red Swords and is slightly outmatched by newer generation sword units, who have comparable offensive stats but have far more durability.

Hawkeye: Desert Guardian
  • Hawkeye's stat spread, sporting fairly high resistance compared ti his other axe counterparts, has aged well into a metagame full of dragons.
  • He forgoes speed for his other stats, giving him a strong enemy phase set utilizing Distant Counter, Guard, Quick Riposte, and a defense scaling special
  • Hawkeye will inevitably get doubled by the initiatin enemy, but his defenses are strong enough to mostly shrug them off, while protecting himself from enemy specials utilizing Guard
  • While he has extremely strong enemy phase, his only decent attack and low speed confines him to that one phase unless he has a special charged.

Hector: General of Ostia
  • Hector boasts exceptional Attack, Defense and HP, mediocre Spd and very low Res.
  • He has been a dominant force in the metagame since the very beginning, owing much to fantastic coverage in the form of Distant Counter and Armds
  • Hector is extremely flexible as a unit, making use out of skills like Bold Fighter to blow through most units or opting for a lethal enemy phase by using Berserker Armads, Wrath and Quicken Pulse to decimate anything the engages with him.
  • He can even make use out of a special "omnibreaker" set by utilizing Wary Fighter and Quick Riposte, which allows him to nullify doubles, but still double enemies on enemy phase. This set is particularly effective at letting Hector beat enemies outside of his color.
  • Hector's below average Resistance and poor Speed are his only weaknesses, but they're mostly superficial. He is a top class unit in every sense of the word, albeit slightly outclassed by his Valentine's Day counterpart (not that this really matters in practice)
Hector: Just Here to Fight
  • Hector is definitely just here to fight, and boy does he bring it. With top class HP, Attack and Defense, Hector is an extremely durable, hard hitting badass of a unit.
  • His weapon manages to match his incredible statline, with a built in cooldown reduction and Wrath Effect. This synergizes extremely well with Wrath itself, giving Hector +20 damage to all specials when Wrath is active, which is just nasty. With Quickened Pulse and Bonfire, Hector can crush nearly any enemy that engages him, potentially even foes who have a Weapon Type Advantage over him.
  • He's not just limited to being a dominant enemy phase tank either; Bold Fighter gives him a terrifying player phase presence as well.
  • As far as weaknesses go, Hector's below average Resistance and poor Speed are it, but these are typically superficial; struggle to engage him, and he has skills to work around his Speed.

Hector: Marquess of Ostia
  • Look upon his might, ye wicked, and despair. Legendary Hector is a monster in every sense of the word, with top class Attack and Defense, decent Resistance, and perfectly optimized Speed stat, he stands at the very top of the Armor unit pecking order.
  • Hector would be amazing if we were just going by his stats alone, but he's been blessed with two very powerful tools. The Thunder Armads effectively prevents enemies from doubling Hector, provided it's (very simple to achieve) conditional requirement is met. It pairs off extremely well with Vengeful Fighter, letting Hector take on all manner of units. With the proper support, he can be built to obliterate Green, Blue, and Red melee units. Hector doesn't discriminate.
  • Ostian Pulse, Hector's 2nd trump card grants his teammates a universal infantry pulse, provided the mixed team requirements are met. This effect is straight up deadly on teams that utilize units with game-changing specials such as Zelgius and Ayra, making Hector an incredible supporting unit as well.
  • Hector's default kit is terrific, but he can still opt the tried and true Bold Fighter + Quick Riposte combo. This weakens his phenomenal enemy phase, but in exchange, gives him a stronger mixed phase presence.
  • As far as downsides go… there's nothing. Just about every stat is perfectly allocated, and his low speed is mitigated by his weapon. In other words, you're looking at the single best unit in the game right now.
Hector: Brave Warrior
  • Let's not beat around the bush—Hector has never been anything short of phenomenal, and Brave Hector doesn't break the trend. Hector being top tier is about as consistent as death and taxes.
  • Starting from the very top, Maltet is a powerful weapon; cooldown reduction is a coveted skill, but guaranteed Quick Riposte is even more impressive, solidifying Hector's enemy phase. Ostian Counter is a powercrept Distant Counter, with the additional Sturdy Stance effect completely overriding Distant Counter's tradeoff.
  • His B-slot is non-negotiable—Bold Fighter is an established powerhouse skill and Hector is perfectly suited to using it. With it, he has both the Player and Enemy Phase on lock.
  • He can also make use out of the Omnibreaker build, with Quick Riposte and Wary Fighter. It weakens his player phase but gives him a nearly unbreakable enemy phase

Henry: Twisted Mind
  • With the meta, especially for green units, shifting towards higher bulk, Henry is surprisingly one of the mages better equipped to deal with it
  • By running a defensive build with Candelabra+ or Raudrowl+, Close Counter, and Quick Riposte, he is able to tank a lot of targets, regardless of color.
  • Using Guard and Atk Ploy further boosts his defensive potential, denying opponents their special abilities and further lowering their attack. Despite his low Attack, he can then rely on Bonfire to be able to take out units.
  • He's slow, and reliant on specials in order to actually kill enemies.
Henry: Happy Vampire
  • As a unit, Happy Vampire Henry is as unusual as it gets. He's an armored mage unit with below average Defense (for an Armored unit) but extremely high Resistance, impressive Speed and decent Attack.
  • Gronnblade+ for nuking ability. His viable skills range from defensive skills such as Quick Riposte and Distant to more offensive skills like Swift Sparrow and Desperation. The choice of skill is entirely dependant on the build.
  • As far as weaknesses go, his sketchy physical defense is the big one. On top of leaving him vulnerable to physical attackers, he struggles to break through Berkut's Lance Effie, Fjorm, and Dragon units.

Hinata: Wild Samurai
  • Hinata is crazy durable, boasting some of the highest physical Defense in the game, and good Attack to along with it.
  • He was born to use Steady Breath, along with Quick Riposte, Bonfire/Ignis and the Slaying Edge for a powerful enemy phase build.
  • While his physical tanking is great, his low Res is a serious weak point, as it leaves him especially vulnerable to dragon units, and his low Speed makes him vulnerable to doubling.

Hinoka: Warrior Princess
  • Hinoka is a part of the triumvirate of 35 Attack lance fliers (Alongside Cordelia and Est), and while she might not be as effective as they are, she's still more than capable as a unit.
  • She can run the same Brave Lance+ and Firesweep Lance+ sets as the other 35 Attack Lance Fliers, though not as well.
  • Her signature weapon gives her a bit of uniqueness and is fairly handy; the self Goad gives her a nice boost to her offensive statline, and she gains a nice Guidance effect as well.
  • She's limited by her merely average Speed stat, making her reliant on buffs and spurs to maximize her effectiveness.

Hinoka: Blue Sky Warrior
  • The Blue Sky Warrior manages to impress with her solid offensive statline of 32/35, good Resistance, and flight mobility.
  • Warrior princess is an interesting weapon, with effective damage against armored units letting her pierce through some of the metagame's sturdier threats. Unfortunately, the sheer sturdiness of most armors prevents her from reliably OHKOing them, and these units tend to have little trouble OHKOing Hinoka in return.
  • Fortunately, Hinoka the Firesweep Bow is the perfect weapon for Hinoka, giving her ample opportunity to dish out damage from multiple ranges due to her flight mobility, without fearing the counterattack. The Firesweep Bow set naturally makes great use out of Swift Sparrow, but Hinoka's good Resistance stat makes her effective at using ploys as well; of the ones available in the game, Speed ploy and Def Ploy stand out the most.
  • Hinoka's physical defense is atrocious, and her Attack isn't high enough to bust through armored units with Warrior Princess without significant buff stacking.

Ike: Young Mercenary
  • Ike is unfortunately outclassed by his Vanguard Legend counterpart, only holding insignificant HP and Speed advantages over him. Anything Ike can do, Ike: Vanguard Legend can do better -- and it shows in that Ike has a worse special. However, he can generally run the same builds to a similar but lesser effect.
  • Ragnell's built-in Distant Counter effect gives him coverage against ranged units, specifically Green tome users, with Steady Breath / Quick Riposte reinforcing his tanking ability, allowing him to take hits and dish them back out.
  • Ike's Resistance is abysmal, and his Speed is lacking compared to those above him.
  • The current meta has seen Ike fall from grace, as the deluge of faster units with superior mixed phase combat have rendered him obsolete.

Ike: Brave Mercenary
  • The strengthening of the metagame has been harsh towards Ike, as despite having great Attack and Defense and coupled with Urvan's damage reduction capabilities, he is nowhere near the metagame dominant threat he used to be.
  • Steady Breath in conjunction with Urvan makes Ike a good duelist, with particular effectiveness against heroes that utilize brave weapons. Quick Riposte is more useful here, as the guaranteed counter attack is more consistent than Beorce's blessing.
  • With his low Speed and poor Resistance, Ike is relatively easy to pick off from magical attackers, such as tome and dragons.

Ike: Vanguard Legend
  • Ike functions similarly to his standard counterpart, but with a superior stat spread. His stats make him a solid physical tank, with Ragnell giving him coverage against ranged units and a signature special that makes him a powerful enemy phase unit.
  • Warding Breath helps mitigate Ike's comparatively weaker Resistance stat, improving his matchups against mages and dragon units. It pairs extremely well with his Radiant Aether, allowing Ike to unleash it on enemy phase, provided he can attack twice.
  • Ike works well with Quick Riposte (which has terrific synergy with Radiant Aether) and Wrath (which gives his specials a lot more oomph). He can also make use out of Steady Breath and reinforce his already stellar Defense stat. He's also a great user of Special Spiral 3 due to how it synergizes with a Breath skill and Radiant Aether.
  • His low Speed and Resistance are his shortcomings. Even with Warding Breath, Ike will struggle to tank heavier magical attacks.
  • Similar to his regular counterpart, Ike's lack of good player phase combat hurts him when compared to the other swords above him, as his substandard Speed cripples him even on enemy phase.
Inigo: Indigo Dancer
  • With the ability to provide dancing utility and decent green mage offense, Inigo stands out as a unique unit the metagame.
  • Gronnraven+ and Triangle Adept give him immense coverage, giving him the ability to counter both Reinhardt and Brave Lyn. In cases where his defensive utility is not needed, he can act as a supporting dancer unit to double your team's offense, or aid in moving units out of enemy range.
  • His stats are on the whole rather unimpressive, but they're just enough to let him get by.

Innes: Regal Strategician
  • Innes's offensive statline of 33/34 makes him a solid offensive archer. His impressive Resistance makes him difficult to KO with magic attacks as well.
  • With Nidhogg's new refine, his defensive options have opened up a bit more. Its special skill is not even worth considering, but by going the Defense refine route and leveraging Nidhogg's base ability well, Innes can be a surprisingly competent Close Counter user -- so long as you're willing to stack Defense on him.
  • Otherwise, his bottom class Defense is a serious shortcoming, as it makes him struggle mightily against dragons and distant counter units.

Innes: Flawless Form
  • With his stellar 33/37 offensive stat spread and respectable physical Defense, Innes manages to stand out from other flying Green Axe staples such as Camilla, Minerva and Cherche,
  • His stat spread makes him well suited to running a variety of builds, such as Slaying Axe/Giant Spoon for a mixed phase presence, Brave Axe for pure offense, and of course, his default weapon which pairs quite well with skills like Darting Blow and Swift Sparrow.
  • His subpar Resistance is his biggest shortcoming, putting him at risk to dragons and mages alike.

Ishtar: Thunder Goddess
  • The Goddess of Thunder has a terrific offensive statline that is even further boosted by her legendary weapon.
  • Mjolnir gives her 6 more Speed and a cooldown reduction for specials. Although it's ultimately not as powerful as a bladetome, it's more flexible, giving Ishtar an easier time doubling extremely fast units.
  • Skills that boost her offensive stat lines are a must, making Fury, Life and Death and Swift Sparrow the goto for her A-slot. Desperation is an easy fit, letting her bypass counterattacks altogether, which is particularly crucial in some of her harder matchups.
  • Ishtar is a powerful unit, but she's not flawless. She struggles to break through blue Res tanks like Effie and Fjorm, and has a poor matchup against Nowi.

Jaffar: Angel of Death
  • Jaffar’s best option is an Enemy Phase build due to his exceptionally low Attack stat.
  • Like most all dagger units, he prefers taking the Cloud Maiougi+ and specializing against dragons specifically in the current Arena climate; while the Deathly Dagger can see good use in certain circumstances, it is not suited for the purpose of outright killing targets, and so isn’t considered for this tier list.
  • Low Resistance prevents him from ploying targets with above 30 base Resistance, but Jaffar’s more balanced Defense and Resistance stats (25 and 22 at base respectively) suits taking on dragons, compared to other dagger units who dump one stat in favor of the other.
  • Essentially in the same boat as Jakob; his stats are very similar overall and simply prevent him from really exceeding at Enemy or Player Phase combat even when specializing against dragons.
  • Because of his issues securing kills even with dragon effectiveness as outlined above, Jaffar is not suited for general use in the Arena.
Jagen: Veteran Knight
  • He has best-in-class Resistance for a cavalry unit, giving him extra high magical bulk. His Attack, Speed, and Defense on the other hand are all lackluster.
  • Ploy let's Jagen leverage his mighty Resistance stat, debuffing enemies from afar to support his teammates or make it easier to take down enemies himself. As a cavalry unit, his increased movement means he has more flexibility to position for a ploy and also to flank enemy units.
  • He's limited to enemy phasing due to his underwhelming offensive statline. He's vulnerable to physical attackers as well

Jakob: Devoted Servant
  • Jakob's stats don't really impress, as he has below average Attack, serviceable Speed and mediocre defenses.
  • He can perform decently with the Poison Dagger, Kitty Paddle or Barbed Shuriken, but is outclassed by most dagger users in the game.
  • Just underwhelming all around, sadly.

Jakob: Devoted Servant
  • Jakob’s best option is an Enemy Phase build due to his low Attack stat.
  • Like most all dagger units, he prefers taking the Cloud Maiougi+ and specializing against dragons specifically in the current Arena climate.
  • Low Resistance prevents Jakob from ploying targets with above 30 base Resistance, but his balanced Defense and Resistance stats (25 and 24 at base respectively) suits taking on dragons, compared to other dagger units who dump one stat in favor of the other.
  • His stats are too even across the board to particularly stand out though; he’s slightly more capable at taking hits compared to most dagger units, but his lack of raw Attack power and middling speed prevent him from performing amazingly in either Enemy or Player Phase even when specializing against dragons.
  • Because of his issues securing kills even with dragon effectiveness as outlined above, Jakob is not the best choice for general use in the Arena.
Jeorge: Perfect Shot
  • With serviceable offensive stats, Jeorge functions as a decent Brave Bow user.
  • Brave Bow+ significantly improves his offense, giving him a strong player phase, while Parthea's effect gives him mage checking potential; sadly, opting to use it really hurts his player phase.
  • His enemy phase is poor and his stat distributionmakes him worse than a couple of other archers who perform his exact niche.

Joshua: Tempest King
  • Good offenses and surprisingly sturdy defensive stats make Joshua into an overly well-rounded unit sword unit, for better or for worse.
  • Audhulma is a solid personal weapon, and when paired with tools such as Distant Counter, Quick Riposte and a Distant Defense seal, Joshua can function as a terrific check to mage units. He isn't too shabby as a duelist either, and can make great use out of Defense Ploy to soften up opposing enemies.
  • Due to his well-rounded nature and lack of boons, Joshua is lacking in terms of raw stats. He struggles to measure up against the better optimized red sword units, such as Mia, Leif and Ayra.

Julia: Naga's Blood
  • Julia functions as a magical tank, sporting impressive Attack and Resistance, which is further boosted by Naga's passive ability.
  • Divine Naga gives her dragon slaying functionality (which is incredibly valuable

In the current metagame) and the ability to bypass enemy buffs, making it easier for to tank hits or deal damage to foes.

  • Julia has a couple of different skills at her disposal. Death Blow maximizes her player phase and ensures she can kill even the sturdiest of Nowi's in one blow. Fury on the other hand gives a tremendous boost to Julia's statline, making her deceptively difficult to kill and improves her ability to double. She makes excellent use out of Green Tomebreaker, a skill that allows her to serve as an excellent check to opposing Green mage units, and can ruin Lancebreaker to check to ORKO lance units.
  • Her Speed and low defense are her weak points. She struggles against Berkut's Lance Effie and Fjorm, and although she has effective damage against dragon units, red and even green dragon units rip her apart.

Julius: Scion of Darkness
  • Julius is a strange, and lopsided unit with great Attack and substantial Resistance, but critically low Defense and subpar Speed.
  • Loptuous is an interesting weapon, granting Julius a weakness to dragonslayer weapons, but in exchange, reducing the opponent's damage by 6 during combat. There are some interesting applications here (such as letting him power through Reinhardt of all characters), but it falls short of spectacular due to Julius's defense.
  • He benefits from Distant Defense and Quick Riposte, which further shores up his meager physically Defense and gives him a stronger enemy phase respectively.
  • Overall, his critically low physical Defense stat, and utterly wasted Speed hold him back greatly.

Kagero: Honorable Ninja
  • Like most all dagger units, she prefers taking the Cloud Maiougi+ and specialising against dragons specifically in the current Arena climate.
  • Kagero’s high Attack stat (35 at base) is sufficient to one-hit KO all dragons with Death Blow 4, an Attack +3 Sacred Seal, and an attack-refined Cloud Maiougi.
  • Because of this, she can run Chill Speed 3 in her B slot to improve her matchups against non-dragon opponents, and offer some measure of support for her teammates as well.
  • Since she is able to one-shot all dragons reliably, her low bulk isn’t an issue. However, her Resistance stat is not high enough to reliably ploy targets, preventing her from offering further support to her teammates.
  • With all of this in account, Kagero is a solid choice for a dragon-killing specialist, and is capable of taking on non-dragon foes as well.
Kagero: Spring Ninja
  • Like most all dagger units, she prefers taking the Cloud Maiougi+ and specialising against dragons specifically in the current Arena climate.
  • Kagero’s high Attack stat (35 at base) is sufficient to one-hit KO all dragons with Death Blow 4, an Attack +3 Sacred Seal, and an attack-refined Cloud Maiougi.
  • Because of this, she can run Chill Speed 3 in her B slot to improve her matchups against non-dragon opponents, and offer some measure of support for her teammates as well. She can also instead run Flier Formation or Aerobatics to further extend her mobility.
  • Since she is able to one-shot all dragons reliably, her low bulk isn’t an issue. However, her Resistance stat is not high enough to reliably ploy targets, preventing her from offering further support to her teammates.
  • What sets Kagero: Spring Ninja apart from Kagero: Honorable Ninja is the 2 additional points of speed she has at base and her flier mobility, which makes her significantly more flexible to use in the player’s hands (having access to such skills as Guidance and Flier Guidance to help allies with positioning) and puts her above all other pure-combat colorless dagger units.
Kana: Dragon Princess
  • Kana is a capable dragon unit, with a well-rounded stat spread that fortunately doesn't let her down.
  • LightningBreath+ is the goto for most Dragon units and Kana isn't really an exception; with Steady Breath, Quick Riposte and a special of your choice, she functions similarly to Female Corrin as a fast enemy phase specialist.
  • Her default kit should suffice as well, with Waterbreath and Fierce Stance giving her a balanced enemy phase build that's particularly effective against melee units. Goad Dragons naturally makes her well suited to Dragon spam teams as well.
  • Relative to Fae, Kana has greater Speed and Defense, but lower HP, Attack and Resistance. Kana's greater Speed lets her avoid getting doubled by faster units, which, when coupled with her higher Defense stat makes her much better at taking on physical attackers. That said, her higher Speed is less essential in practice, due to a scarcity of fast blue units in the metagame. Overall, they're relatively on par with each other.
  • Her Resistance is a bit of a weak point, and she's reliant on buffs to make the most out of her due to her well-rounded nature.
Kana: Dragon Spawn
  • Male Kana is also a capable unit, with a well-rounded statline that gives him a fair amount of flexibility as a unit, with a few caveats.
  • As a unit, Kana performs almost identically as his mother, Corrin, using LightningBreath+ to grant him important coverage against ranged units, and making use out of skills like Steady Breath and Quick Riposte further reinforce his solid enemy phase. Alternatively, Guard and the Quick Riposte seal may be used to hamper powerful offensive units.
  • Kana's base kit can be put to great use as well, with Brazen Def/Res 3 and Waterbreath giving him an especially strong enemy phase against melee units, while Fortify Dragon makes him particularly capable on Dragon teams.
  • His stats are overly well-rounded, making reliant on buffs to excel. His inability to have boons limits his overall potential as a unit as well.

Karel: Sword Demon
  • Karel fits into the typical swift Red Sword archetype, having good Speed and serviceable Attack, and would have been completely forgettable were it not for his signature weapon.
  • His serviceable attack gets bumped up to extremely powerful by utilizing Nameless Blade's combined Wo Dao+ and Slaying Edge effect. Utilizing his high HP and mixed defenses, he is more than capable of tanking one hit. Then, utilizing Distant Counter, Wrath, and Moonbow or Reprisal, he can then instantly slay most enemies attacking him
  • He then has the speed to usually prevent himself from getting doubled, and against slower and bulkier targets double them back if the first hit wasn't enough to secure the kill. Wrath will let him always have his special up during the player phase, increasing his player phase burst potential.
  • His high HP pool also lets him run Panic Ploy well, supporting his team before first combat.
  • He's somewhat vulnerable on the Resistance side, and is completely reliant on the Nameless Blade for damage.
Karla: Sword Vassal
  • Karla has a dominant offensive stat spread with 35 Attack and 40 Speed which is a combination that isn't matched by any other unit in the game.
  • Her stats alone would make her a huge threat but her signature weapon effectively gives her a 23 might slaying weapon at max power, which is completely ridiculous.
  • Karla is a fairly flexible unit. To start, a typical Distant Counter build with Wrath grants her coverage against ranged units while super-charging her offense after she takes damage. Alternatively, she can opt for a faster, melee-oriented build with Fury/Swift Sparrow, Desperation and Galeforce to make her a fearsome duelist that can potentially sweep through teams.
  • Karla's Defense and Resistance are below par, but classifying these as genuine weaknesses would be highly disingenuous (especially since her Speed and HP mitigate her poor defenses somewhat). Karla is currently about as good as it's going to get for offensive infantry sword units, being on par if not arguably surpassing the previous gold standard, Ayra.

Katarina: Wayward One
  • Katarina has solid offensive statline and impressive Resistance stat, making her a capable Red tome user.
  • She makes excellent use out of the Rauðrblade+, and with it, the ability to inflict considerable damage after receiving buffs. She's free to make use out of any, though she can make great use out of Chill Res to soften Resistant walls.
  • Her defense is bottom class, and she really struggles against dragon units as result.

Kaze: Easygoing Ninja
  • Kaze’s best option is an Enemy Phase build due to his middling Attack stat.
  • Like most all dagger units, he prefers taking the Cloud Maiougi+ and specializing against dragons specifically in the current Arena climate; the Barb Shuriken+ he comes with is not a bad choice of weapon, but it doesn’t allow Kaze as many one-round matchups as the Cloud Maiougi does.
  • Kaze’s good Resistance stat (34 at base) allows him to ploy most dragons with ease; Attack Ploy increases his survivability and offsets his poor Defense stat, while Defense Ploy increases his KO potential.
  • Kaze’s high Speed stat (36 at base) allows more flexibility compared to lower-tiered dagger units; while primarily Enemy Phase focused, he can net some kills on Player Phase if the situation warrants it.
  • Kaze is still not the best choice for an anti-dragon specialist in the arena; however, since he can see some successes on Player Phase without assistance and ploy to improve his matchups, he is more useful than Saizo, Matthew, Jakob, and Jaffar in most every situation.
Klein: Silver Nobleman
  • Klein boasts well-rounded offensive stats that have not aged well, putting him below other similarly well-rounded archer units (such as Takumi and Jeorge) who have also not aged well.
  • Regardless, he functions wonderfully with his default kit, enabling him to ORKO decent portions of the metagame. His B slot is flexible, and he can be outfitted with whatevr you want to suit your teams needs (such as Bowbreaker, Swordbreakert, etc).
  • His enemy phase is poor and his stat arrangement makes him decidedly worse than other archers who perform his exact niche.

L'Arachel: Princess of Light
  • The beautiful princess of peerless beauty comes across as a fairly typical Cavalry unit... which is entirely the case. She has decent offensive stats and a fairly great Resistance stat, but nothing mindblowing.
  • Predictably she's a great blade tome user, leveraging her movement and offense to attack from multiple ranges. She can also stick with her default weapon for the helpful +3 boost to Attack and Speed (which pairs off well with Fury and Desperation).
  • Her physical Defense is really bad, which puts her at risk of physical attackers and also makes her struggle against Dragon units.

Lachesis: Lionheart's Sister
  • Lackluster has passable Attack, impressive resistance and not much else going for her.
  • Wrathful Staff makes her put her Attack stat to good use, giving her decent offensive. She is too slow to double, however.
  • Refinery upgrades give her a new lease on life, with letting her make use out of Pain, Gravity and Dazzle builds to great effect.
  • Her awful physical defense aside, her stat arrangement leaves her directly outclassed by most healers.

Laslow: Dancing Duelist
  • A red sword unit with strong Attack and Defense, making him a tank unit.
  • Steady Breath, Quick Riposte and Slaying Edge are almost mandatory to get the most of out of him; he can also opt for a Brave Sword set, but is outmatched in that regard.
  • Unfortunately for Laslow, he's outclassed by a number of similarly bulky Red sword units, such as Chrom and Gray.

Legault: The Hurricane
  • Legault’s best option is an Enemy Phase build due to his middling Attack stat.
  • Like most all dagger units, he prefers taking the Cloud Maiougi+ and specializing against dragons specifically in the current Arena climate; The Cleaner+ he comes with is a very unreliable choice of weapon, as its power fluctuates based on a factor that the player has virtually no control over.
  • Legault’s high Speed stat (38 at base) allows more flexibility compared to lower-tiered dagger units; while primarily Enemy Phase focused, he can net some kills on Player Phase if the situation warrants it.
  • He is slightly better than Gaius in terms of offence, but has a bit less bulk thanks to a lower HP stat. There’s not enough of a statistical difference between the two to see an appreciable gap in performance because of this.
  • Legault is still not the best choice for an anti-dragon specialist in the arena; however, since he can see some successes on Player Phase without assistance, he is more useful than Saizo, Matthew, Jakob, and Jaffar for general team compositions.

Legion: Masked Maniac
  • Legion is entirely focused on offense, with an impressive 36 Attack/35 Speed stat spread. His defenses are quite lacking in comparison, however.
  • Legion is built for making use out of Brave Axe+ builds, with skills like Death Blow giving him the ability to cut down opponents of all kinds. Legion can also make use out of a standard Slaying Axe set in order to pick up a statline boost.
  • Legion's terrible defenses result in him having a terrible enemy phase.
  • Legion can't have beneficial IVs, but his strong offensive statline nearly makes up for it.

Leif: Prince of Leonster
  • Leif's statline is nothing short of fantastic for an infantry sword unit, with terrific Speed and good Attack giving him solid offense, in addition to having respectable Defense.
  • His statline gives him plenty of flexibility, but by far his most notable aspect as a unit is his signature skill, S drink. S-drink lowers his special charge by one, and it stacks with Quicken pulse and Slaying Edge; this allows him to make terrific use out of powerful specials immediately, such as Luna.
  • His mediocre Resistance is exploitable.

Leo: Sorcerous Prince
  • The Sorcerous Prince is an odd unit, sporting good, well-rounded defenses, but mediocre Attack and poor Speed.
  • The Rauðrblade+ is his goto offensive weapon, as it mitigates his lackluster offense. Paired with a breaker skill and Quick Riposte, Leo ends up having surprisingly good coverage against most of the metagame.
  • Quick Riposte specifically lets him leverage the significant boost from his blade tome to deal great damage to ranged units.
  • The refinement pushes Leo as a ranged counter unit, giving him near immunity to doubles from ranged units, allowing him to serve as a good general check to them. Unfortunately, Leo's mediocre attack, paired with the general high magical bulk mages tend to have can cause him to have problems securing kills against them, so it's sadly a lesser option.
  • His poor Speed is his biggest weakness, and he's reliant on buffs to shine on player phase.
Leo: Seashore's Prince
  • Sporting average attack, and great Resistance, Leo is basically a mage Tank, with little going for him.
  • His Resistance when paired with Quick Riposte turns him into a decent enemy phase duelist, though despite this he still struggles against stronger mages.
  • A lack of good player phase due to below average speed hinders Leo greatly. His average attack also means he won’t one-shot much.
  • His awful defense means he does poorly against physical Distant Counter users, and it prevents him from functioning as a mixed tank like Sophia and Henry.

Leon: True of Heart
  • Leon is one of the strongest bow users in the game with 34 attack with serviceable Speed and above average Defense to go along with it.
  • His attack stat makes him the perfect candidate for aBrave Bow+ build. His B slot is entirely flexible, but a breaker gives him good coverage while Chill Defense can potentially make it easier for him to punch through tanks.
  • His Res does leave something to be desired and is somewhat exploitable, though he should shred through pretty much all mages on initiation.

Lene: Yearning Dancer
  • As a dancer unit, Lene's statline is more or less what you'd expect; weak all around, with solid Speed stat that gives her workable offensive utility.
  • The Ruby Sword should let her contribute somewhat reliably when it comes to dealing with Green units, though she can opt for a weapon that gives refine bonuses to improve her statline.
  • Skillwise, it's hard to go wrong with dancer staples like Triangle Adept and Wings of Mercy,though Firestorm Dance has its appeal as well.
  • Her Attack is mediocre (though she's not particularly reliant on it) and her defenses are lacking. The bigger problem is that she doesn't dance for gross men… which means most of our readers are out of luck!
Libra: Fetching Friar
  • Libra has a well-rounded statline, with great Attack and even defenses, but an awkward Speed stat.
  • Fury works perfectly on him, boosting his offensive and defensive presence while also giving him a crucial boost to Speed, improving his mixed phase presence. Alternatively, Steady Breath can be used to specialize as an enemy phase unit, as well as Distant Counter to deal with pesky mages. Regardless of what set you choose to run, Quick Riposte is a staple.
  • The aforementioned Speed stat is his biggest flaw. It's too low for faster metagame threats, preventing Libra from doubling them even with Chill Speed. It's simultaneously too high for enemy phase sets that rely on targets doubling him to reach peak effectiveness. While still a capable unit, he's largely outdone by other defensive axe users that have more bulk at the cost of speed.

Lilina: Delightful Noble
  • Armed with Forblaze, Lilina fulfills her destiny as an extremely powerful one hit obliterator.
  • Forblaze allows Lilina to forgoe Raudrblade by having the same attack as a +4/+4 buff, while being more resilient towards Panic Ploy and offering support with the Chill Res effect of Forblaze.
  • The Death Blow effect, stacked with the skill and Lilina's high attack allows Lilina to OHKO every green and many red threats, and those that are res tanks get hit by the Chill Res effect of Forblaze
  • Because of Lilina's propensity to just kill units in one hit, her B slot is super open for other support skills like Chill Spd or whatever other skills you want her to have. Lilina also has solid resistance and semi decent speed, allowing her to tank magic if she has to.
  • However, her dismal defense stat makes her weak if trying to use Swordbreaker against sword units she can't OHKO, as well as requiring her to be shielded from other physical attacks.
Lilina: Blush of Youth
  • Lilina is a strong a unit due to her great Attack, but her other stats aren't particularly noteworthy.
  • Set wise, she has a few options at her disposal, such as a blade tome build or a gronnraven build, utilizing skills that benefit each of those such as Fury and Triangle Adept respectively.
  • Her mediocre defensive stats and Speed don't make her a particularly difficult unit to kill.

Linde: Light Mage
  • With her highly optimized stat spread, Linde is a strong offensive unit. Her high Attack and Speed still lets her run circles around most of the metagame, and her Resistance is good enough to make her a decent check to most mages.
  • Blárblade+ supercharges her offense, effectively allowing Linde to obliterate all but the sturdiest of units after receiving buffs. Desperation is a pretty typical, but good choice here as it allows Linde to power through would be counters once active.
  • Dark Aura gives her exceptional supporting ability without really compromising her offensive capabilities.
  • Her Defense is bottom class and she really struggles against sturdy mage tanks and dragon units.

Linde: Summer Rays
  • Like most all dagger units, she prefers taking the Cloud Maiougi+ and specialising against dragons specifically in the current Arena climate.
  • Linde has a good attack stat (34 at base). This allows her to one-hit KO every dragon, so long as she runs Chill Defence 3 in her B slot.
  • She has a statline similar to Takumi: Prince of Soup, with both killing essentially the same units despite Linde’s one-point higher speed (35 at base, compared to Takumi’s 34).
  • Since she is forced to run Chill Defence to secure dragon KOs, Linde’s combat against other foes is not as good as Sothe or Kagero.
  • However, Linde reaps the benefits of being a mounted unit; buffs are easier for her to receive and her range is high, even in spite of trenches. This puts her above Takumi: Prince of Soup and more on level with Sothe and Kagero despite her lesser killing potential.
Linus: Mad Dog
  • Despite his status as a free unit, Linus manages to impress with his decidedly solid stat spread. 37 Attack is stellar, and it's backed up by his solid Defense, workable Speed and Basilikos.
  • Ordinarily, his Speed would be completely wasted on him, but Basilikos and the Life and Death refine change things in a big way, boosting his Speed to the point where it becomes competitive. In short, his offensive power gets a major boost with Basilikos.
  • Sticking with Brazen Atk/Speed makes him a pretty potent player phase unit, especially if it's paired with Desperation. Alternatively, the standard Distant Counter/Wrath build works wonders on him.
  • His Res is poor, and Basilikos only makes it worse. His low merge potential and a lack of boons limits him somewhat, but Basilikos mitigates this weakness somewhat.

Lissa: Sprightly Cleric
  • Lissa suffers from a mediocre stat arrangement; her Resistance and Defense are good, but they're undermined by her poor Speed.
  • As a healer, there is little to no reason to use her over other healers, though she can still be put to good use with the various staves such as Pain, Gravity or Candleight staff paired with either refine ability..
  • Her low Speed makes it very easy to kill her.

Lissa: Pure Joy
  • Lissa's an extremely balanced stat spread with no major shortcomings, but she doesn't really dominate in any particular stat either.
  • Fortunately, her stats are just high enough to the point where they can be abused and she makes particularly good use out of Bold Fighter and Death Blow.
  • On the enemy phase side of things, she can predictably make good use out of Vengeful Fighter and Wrath to mercilessly take down foes that engage her.
  • Her Speed is low enough for most Red units to run circles around her, though they need to be wary of Bold and Vengeful Fighter respective, which can complicate the matchup. Ranged units don't face too much difficulty against her.

Lloyd: White Wolf
  • Lloyd is yet another Speedy Red sword unit with serviceable Attack, though his Resistance is impressive.
  • His lack of IVs limits his offensive potential somewhat, but his signature weapon makes up for this, as it is powerful and effectively gives him 34/37 offensive stats.
  • His Defense is very low, and he still has to compete for the highly contested Red Sword position.
  • Regal Blade's refine offers him additional stats, but requires specific team building as it is otherwise still fairly lackluster.

Lon'qu: Solitary Blade
  • Lon'qu's new prf, the Solitary Blade, allows him to finally showcase his true skills. Not only does it grant him special cooldown -1, but its special skill is Life and Death 3, allowing him to increase his low Attack without sacrificing his A slot.
  • With 45 base HP, he is able to take a hit despite lowered defenses, pairing well with Desperation 3 or Wrath 3 to nuke an enemy with first strike Moonbow or Glimmer activations.
  • His high base Speed combined with his refine makes him an excellent user of the Flashing Blade 3 seal. With it, he can pair it with Luna and have it activate in one round of combat.
  • Fury 3 is a great choice for his A slot to mitigate the defense loss from his weapon. Distant Counter also remains an option if he has some form of healing support, but be wary when dealing with mages.
  • He's only really at full effectiveness after he takes a hit in combat, but his first round combat is still very good.
Lucina: Future Witness
  • Lucina used to set the standard for red Sword units, as her exceptional Speed and great Attack made her a top notch offensive pick. The metagame has introduced a slew of powerful red swords since then, though fortunately, Lucina has still managed to keep up with them due to her stable statline and trusty Falchion.
  • Her Falchion refine allows her an additional option in having a powerful enemy phase by having the quad bond effect. This turns her into an effective mixed phase unit, able to be a fairly good tank while also having the speed and attack to initiate successfully when required.
  • Lucina has a number of options at her disposal such as Steady Breath, Fury and Swordbreaker, making her an excellent duelist and essentially allowing her to cover Green and Red sword units by herself. With Falchion, Renewal and Reciprocal Aid, she can turn into an off-healer, perfect for sustain in chain modes without sacrificing a spot for a healer.
  • Her Resistance is a bit on the low side, and although she can tear through Dragon units, she still needs to be wary of blue dragons that initiate her.

Lucina: Brave Princess
  • Just like Sword Lucina, she has exceptional speed with attack to back it up with decent physical defense. Her physical defense is heightened even further due to her unique lance.
  • Lucina is an excellent melee duelist, particularly against red and lance units. Running Fury allows her to reach 42 Speed for excellent bulk, but she still needs Lancebreaker to double fast Firesweep Lance users. Her personal weapon Geirskögul provides physical allies within 2 range +3 Attack and Speed in combat, which synergizes sensationally well with her innate C slot skill Drive Speed and increases their combat prowess and bulk significantly.
  • Her Resistance is a bit on the low side, though her Speed typically prevent her from being doubled by mage units.

Lucina: Spring Exalt
  • Spring Lucina is an exclusive speedy blue mage with below average Attack and meager defenses.
  • Her Attack is more than usable in practice however, due to Blárblade+ tome and Fury, which significantly improve her offensive potential.
  • Outside of suffering from standard mage weaknesses, she faces heavy competition from mages like Linde, Delthea and Lute, who has a superior stat spread.

Lucina: Glorious Archer
  • In a metagame where archers are increasingly being rendered obsolete due to rise of Armor and Dragon units Lucina manages to stand out and stay her ground, due to her great statline, terrific weapon and Weapon Triangle Advantage due to being a colored archer
  • Her status as a blue bow user gives a considerably easier time taking on red dragons and red armor, in contrast to colorless bow users.
  • Thogn is a great weapon; the offensive boosts make it easier for Lucina to double fast units, while the defensive boost allows her to better tank a counter attack
  • While her base kit of Swift Sparrow is pretty good, she also the statline to run a mixed phase Close Counter Quick Riposte set. In addition, her unique assist Future Vision opens up interesting possibilities with Link skills, granting Lucina a semi-consistent method of buffing her and her allie’s stats while also allowing her to immediately take advantage of them.
  • Her exploitable Resistance is her biggest shortcoming and it's particularly relevant in the dragon matchup. Fortunately, Thogn and proper support should let Lucina overcome Red and even blue dragons with the proper support
Lucius: The Light
  • Lucius has a rather typical healer stat spread; he's exceptional as far Resistance is concerned, has serviceable Attack and Speed, but his Defense is terrible (the worst in the game, in fact).
  • While generally outclassed by healers with better stat arrangements, Lucius can still make use out of many of the staves for reliable support, depending on your needs.
  • Unfortunately, his bottom class Defense and inability to stand out from other, better staff users makes him a fairly forgettable unit.

Lute: Prodigy
  • Lute is yet another mage with excellent Attack and Resistance stats that are complemented with adequate Speed.
  • Her personal tome helps her stand out a little, as +3 Speed boost and built in Speed Ploy are definitely worthwhile.
  • She can also make use out of the blade tome build operates with the usual suspects; Fury/Swift Sparrow, Desperation and a ploy or buff of your choice, though she's slightly outmatched here, and is better of sticking to her strengths.
  • She suffers from weaknesses typical to glass cannon mage units; melee attacks hurts a lot, and she struggles against dragon units.

Lukas: Sharp Soldier
  • Lukas is an absolute tank, with an impressive Attack stat of 35 and an exceptional Defense stat of 38.
  • Steady Breath, Slaying Lance and Quick Riposte are a must for him on an enemy phase build, as it allows him to tear through physical attackers. He thrashes Red units and has a good matchup against most blue physical attackers.
  • While Lukas performs well against physical attackers, he struggles mightily against magical attackers. His low Resistance means he takes extreme damage from mages and dragons.

Luke: Rowdy Squire
  • With good Attack stat and solid physical Defense, Luke is a decent mounted Sword unit.
  • His base kit (with Death Blow over Fire Boost) works well with him, as the Brave Sword and horse give him decent assassination utility.
  • Unfortunately, he's reliant on cavalry buffs to shine as a unit, otherwise he simply isn't strong / fast enough.

Lyn: Lady of the Plains
  • Lyn has lackluster attack, speed that still rates favorably, and decent defensive stats. While she's aged poorly as a unit, Sol Katti still provides a unique effect of allowing her to always double opponents before they can get a hit in if they can counter attack.
  • However, Lyn must already be damaged in order to gain this effect, meaning she will have to engage her first combat without Sol Katti's effect. She can either use a skill like Fury to help get there while padding her first combat, or go all in on the subsequent combats and use a Brazen skill.
  • She's the perfect candidate for Wrath, as its threshold corresponds to Sol Katti's, allowing Lyn to always 2 charge special an enemy she's initiating against.
  • With her fairly decent res, Lyn can use Def Ploy to good effect against most high defense, low res units, helping to mitigate her low attack.

Lyn: Brave Lady
  • Brave Lyn's offensive stat line of 33/35 combined with cavalry movement and bow range make her a metagame threat.
  • She can run multiple builds ranging from her unique bow Mulagir, Brave bow, and Firesweep Bow. All builds are potent in their own manner from Mulagir ignoring bonuses on tome users and high weapon might, having doubles and quads that can't be countered by physical melee enemies when combined with her unique B skill Sacae's Blessing, and having the Speed to use Firesweep Bow allowing her to negate counterattacks by all units including Dragons and Mages that her B skill does not cover.
  • Her above average Resistance allows her easily survive magical counterattacks and opens up build options including Atk and Def Ploy.
  • The metagame has strengthened, and with the rise of Dragon and Armor units Lyn simply isn't as effective as she used to be.

Lyn: Bride of the Plains
  • Lyn is a fast healer, with a below average Attack stat and mediocre defenses.
  • Lyn functions as a dedicated healer, providing Attack support when necessary. She makes for a good candidate for pretty much any of the staff + refine combos (Dazzling+ Wrathful, Gravity + Dazzling, etc), and more importantly, her impressive Speed makes it difficult for opponents to double her, somewhat mitigating her low durability.
  • The skill limitations on healers and limits what she can do offensively.

Lyn: Wind's Embrace
  • She's got notably great Speed and Resistance, with good Attack and decent physical defense to back it up.
  • Offensive builds that utilize a bladetome alongside skills like Swift Sparrow and Fury worth best with her. She can also leverage her defenses with an owl tome build and close combat, giving her a strong enemy phase.
  • She's weaker on the physical defense side of things, but not to a significant degree; her Speed makes it challenging for physical attackers to double her.

Lyn: Lady of the Wind
  • Legendary Hero Lyn darts onto the battlefield with competent offensive stats, decent Resistance and two signature skills.
  • Swift Mulagir grants her a hefty boost to Attack and Speed, provided the number of allies near her exceeds the number of allies near her foe. To put it simply, it's a weapon that rewards aggressive turtling with your entire party, instead of on relying on 1-2 characters to deal with specific threats. Its effects are strong, but not consistent enough to be dominant.
  • Law of Sacae is a strictly enemy phase focus skill with a far more lenient activation requirement in comparison to Swift Mulagir. Unfortunately, it's a skill for a highly contested skill slot, and it's generally outmatched by other skills, such as Swift Sparrow, Death Blow and Fury.
  • Lyn works best by foregoing her default entirely and opting for specialized builds, such as a Firesweep Bow or Brave Bow build.
  • While seemingly promising, Lyn suffers from several key weaknesses that hold her back. Her default kit ultimately fails to shine in the current metagame, as the strict requirements on Swift Mulagir make it unwieldy, and Law of Sacae being a strictly enemy phase skill doesn't quite work with Lyn's offensive stat spread. She's also in an unfortunate color, which causes her to struggle against common blue tanks (Effie, Fjorm) and blue dragons (Nowi, Corrin).