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Returns a link to a given keyword with its description on a tooltip. Has shorthand template {{Kp}}. Use this template only when specifically talking about the keyword. (For example, 【Penalty】 is not the same as  Penalty; this template does not support the latter interpretation.)


  • 1: Name of the keyword, case-insensitive. The name is used on the displayed link as is.

Supported parameters

* {{KeywordPage|Bonus}}
* {{KeywordPage|Penalty}}
* {{KeywordPage|Dagger 5}}
* {{KeywordPage|Dagger 6}}
* {{KeywordPage|Dagger 7}}
* {{KeywordPage|Beast (Cavalry)}}
* {{KeywordPage|Gravity}}
* {{KeywordPage|Panic}}
* {{KeywordPage|Guard}}
* {{KeywordPage|Isolation}}
* {{KeywordPage|Bonus Doubler}}
* {{KeywordPage|Dominance}}
* {{KeywordPage|Resonance: Blades}}
* {{KeywordPage|Desperation}}
* {{KeywordPage|Resonance: Shields}}
* {{KeywordPage|Special Blade}}
* {{KeywordPage|Lightning Charm}}
* {{KeywordPage|Elixir}}
* {{KeywordPage|Infantry Boots}}
* {{KeywordPage|Dancer's Veil}}
* {{KeywordPage|Fortifying Horn}}