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Template-info.svg Documentation

Description[edit source]

This template, meant to be used in the News Archives, adds styling to content to match in-game announcements more closely. This template uses some CSS from the game's announcement pages. The imitation is located at Template:NewsStyling/wiki.css.

Here is a list of known CSS versions:

First known date Link Archive link (Prettyprinted) Diff
2018-03-06 Archive link -
2018-07-31 Archive link Diff
2018-08-08 Archive link Diff
2018-08-22 Archive link Diff
2018-09-04 No changes
2018-09-14 Archive link Diff
2018-10-01 No changes
2018-10-31 No changes
2018-12-01 No changes
2018-12-11 Archive link Diff
2018-12-30 No changes
2019-01-10 Archive link Diff
2019-01-30 No changes
2019-02-07 No changes
2019-02-20 Archive link Diff
2019-02-22 No changes
2019-02-27 Archive link Diff
2019-03-29 Archive link Diff
2019-04-27 Archive link Diff
2019-06-02 Archive link Diff
2019-06-28 No changes
2019-07-26 Archive link Diff
2019-08-01 No changes
2019-08-29 No changes
2019-10-01 No changes
2019-10-09 Archive link Diff
2019-10-29 No changes
2019-10-30 Archive link Diff
2019-11-29 No changes
2019-12-18 No changes
2019-12-28 No changes
2020-01-30 No changes
2020-02-27 No changes
2020-03-31 Archive link Diff
2020-04-30 No changes

Parameters[edit source]


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