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Usage[edit source]

This template is for localized strings from other language versions of the game. Do not use your own translations or use this template for unofficial terminology!

With notes:

Parameters[edit source]

  • type - Indicates the type of the subject, currently has no use.
  • english - English name, if different from page name (using this template more than once for multiple objects a single page for example)
  • japanese - Japanese name
  • german - German name
  • spanishEU - Spanish (Europe) name
  • spanishLA - Spanish (Latin America) name
  • french - French name
  • italian - Italian name
  • chineseTW - Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) name
  • portuguese

You can set a language parameter to not specified to indicate that a string does not exist in that language (For example, if a language was introduced after an event and that language does not contain any strings for the event.)

Example[edit source]

|english=Fir: Sword Student
|japanese=剣聖をつぐ者 フィル
|german=Fir: Schwertnovizin
|spanishEU=Fir: Heredera de Karel
|spanishLA=Fir: Filo Aprendiz
|french=Fir: Héritière de Karel
|italian=Fir: La Spadaccina
|chineseTW=劍聖的繼承者 菲爾
|portuguese=Fir: A espadachim
Language Name
English (US) Fir: Sword Student
Japanese 剣聖をつぐ者 フィル
German Fir: Schwertnovizin
Spanish (Europe) Fir: Heredera de Karel
Spanish (Latin America) Fir: Filo Aprendiz
French Fir: Héritière de Karel
Italian Fir: La Spadaccina
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 劍聖的繼承者 菲爾
Portuguese Fir: A espadachim
|japaneseNotes=''Heaven Blessing'', related to [[fireemblemwiki:Heaven (affinity)|the Heaven affinity]]
|spanishEU=Bendición cosmos
|spanishLA=Bendic. cosmos
|french=Bénédiction (astra)
|italian=Dono dello spirito
|portuguese=Dádiva de astro
Language Name Notes
Japanese 天の祝福 Heaven Blessing, related to the Heaven affinity
German Astrasegen
Spanish (Europe) Bendición cosmos
Spanish (Latin America) Bendic. cosmos
French Bénédiction (astra)
Italian Dono dello spirito
Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) 天之祝福
Portuguese Dádiva de astro
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